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stage is being set

In the words of Jacob Zuma the 2009 Confederations Cup is now open. And was there. We went in a full antorage. All the lads…so it was awesome. First I want some comments on the following. Will really appreciate the input.

How was the PARK AND RIDE FACILITY?. Was it efficient. Does it need refining. Did people make it to the ground on time. Which is the best Park and Ride facility that our owes from Lenz and Fordsburg should use. Is the PARK AND RIDE A good thing?Please some structured comments here will be appreciated?

For us.The Park and Ride was ok. We sat a bit in traffic at Wits,parked and made it through the que. The ride to Ellis Park was lekker and traffic Free, A bit of a bottle neck at first Check point and I think they should open up more ailes or guys should get there early. Im worried about the Loftus game,Italy vs Brazil. Hope all goes well.
But the one fortunate aspect was that the seating was sublime, Security was tight and this ensued no s@3t in the stadium. We missed the Opening Ceremony but it was a good guide of what to expect.

The atmosphere was awesome,the football not so. Bafana struggled against minnows Iraq who put on a good show. The fans were passionate but I thought Santana didnt attack enough. Tico Modise was relied upon too much and how much could the man do. SA didnt use the width and there were two clear cut chances that they had to take, Also Bernard Parker blocked a header which was surely 1-0 to Bafana Bafana.

The Fans and atmosphere was awesome.

Fans were understandably upset with Bafanas showing and many we spoke too were calling for Santanas head. A draw with Iraq was unaccaptable. They must beat New Zealand now and they put themselves in a tricky situation.

Overall though was great to be at the ground and incident free.

In the other game Spain and Torres were rampant. They destroyed New Zealand and were clinical. They look favourites. Some comments from the Rustenburg owes that were there will be appreciated. Swoosh0018’s Cisse was at the game and got us some pics. How was the game Cisse.Can you give us some feedback?

And to Italy vs USA we go. I wont be there, but Forza Azurri and I hope we beat the YANKS. The other game is Brazil vs Egypt.

So a great week lies ahead. The Swoosh0018 crew are off to Italy vs Egypt at Ellis Park next,Spain vs Bafana Bafana in Bloemfontein and then the Big one ,Italy vs Brazil in Loftus. Cant wait and gotta conserve the energy


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