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Rea Vaya is new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system that is to be implemented in the City of Johannesburg. It is designed to alleviate the major traffic problems that Johannesburg is currently facing.

The BRT system has dedicated lanes created in the centre of the roads for all its routes throughout Johannesburg. Smaller feeder buses will bring people from outer areas not on the main trunk routes. Buses will run every 3 minutes during peak time and every 10 minutes in off peak times. The pricing for the Reya Vaya travel is as follows:

Yellow Ticket = R 8-00 per ticket – Full Trip any amount of transfers for up to 2 hours.

Red Ticket = R 5-00 per ticket for Trunk Routes Only

Blue Ticket = R 3-00 per ticket for an Inner-City Trip

The Reya Vaya is being developed in 3 phases:

Phase 1A to be completed in 2009 (Currently in Implementation)

Phase 1A which is currently in implementation has 20 Stations and currently spans 25.5 kms as shown below.

Bus times during Phase 1A currently in implementation are as follows:

Phase 1 B to completed for the 2010 FIFA World Cup
Phase 1B to be completed for the 2010 FIFA World Cup will span 86.6 kms and have 102 stations.

Full Phase 1 to be completed in 2013
The Full Phase 1 Rea Vaya Bus Rapid System that will be developed by 2013 will have a total of 150 stations and span over 122kms.

The entire Phase 1 of the Reya Vaya will have 7 routes as displayed below.
Yellow Route: From Lenasia to Sunninghill
Grey Route: From Jabulani to Alexander
Red Route: From Baragwanath to Ellis Park
Maroon Route: From Orlando to Sandton
Green Route: From the CBD to Randburg
Blue Route: From Dobsonville to Eastgate
Orange Route: From Sandton to Alexander

The Reya Vaya stations being developed are for the ease of use of its passengers. Below is an artists impression of the station:

There will also terminals at the end of each route which will be the final station where buses can turn around and drivers can change shifts. Feeder services will also link terminals to other outer areas not on the trunk routes.

Depots are larger buildings for buses and drivers only and not for use to passengers. Depots will be used for parking for buses as well as maintenance.

There are 2 types of buses currently offered by Rea Vaya:


The Trunk Bus which has a capacity of 112 passengers which will travel on the dedicated lane trunk routes and have doors only on the right side as they will pick up passengers from the Rea Vaya Stations on the Trunk Route.


Complementary Buses will be able to pick passengers on both the Trunk Route and Reya Vaya Stations as well as on the kerbside. The buses have a capacity of 75 passengers and will have doors on the left side in order to pick up passengers on the kerbside as well as Reya Vaya Stations.


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