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Yesterday Tuesday June 16 2009 was Zakumi’s 15th birthday.
Zakumi is the official mascot for the South Africa 2010 FIFA football World Cup. He is a Leopard with green hair. The name Zakumi was created from “ZA” which is the international code for South Africa and “Kumi” a word that means 10 in various African Languages.
Zakumi was officially presented as the 2010 Mascot on September 22 2008.

Zakumi was born on the 16th of June 1994, being both Youth Day in South Africa and the year in which South Africa gained it’s democratic independence. Zakumi will officially turn 16 in 2010 during the World cup.
Zakumi’s colours are green & gold which matches the colours of all South African national sporting kits as well as the South African National Football Team Kit.
The original creator of the design of Zakumi is Andries Odendaal. Zakumi represents the spirit and the people of South Africa with regards to the 2010 World Cup.
Zakumi is the First On The Dance Floor & Last Off It. Zakumi is Jolly, self-confident, Spontaneous & Adventurous as well as very shrewd. He Loves to Perform & Entertain for People. He Loves To Play Football and Actually Died his Hair Green as he felt it would be the perfect camouflage against the green of the pitch as well as for hunting. Zakumi is the Spirit of the 2010 World Cup, full of energy and excitement. Zakumi’s main priority is to turn the 2010 World Cup into a huge and unforgettable African Spirit Party.


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