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Application for FIFA World Cup 2010 Tickets are now open on’s web page. The sale of the 1st phase of tickets runs from today 20 February 2009 till 31 March 2009. With regards to the applications, all applications are taken and put into a random draw on the 15th of April 2009, so therefore it is not a first come first serve basis. This will only occur if certain matches or packages are oversubscribed for. There are two ways to apply for tickets, through’s Web Page and the 2nd method is to go to any FNB Branch and fill in the application form and submit it. Also note that there will be 4 further sales period running from 4 May 2009 till 16 November 2009. However in these 4 phases tickets are sold on a 1st come 1st serve basis as well as being restricted to availability.
There are 4 price categories for ticket sales as described below but as South African Citizens Price Category 4 is limited to South Africans only and is the cheapest. The Seats are directly behind the goal posts. Prices for Category 4 are as follows:

Opening Ceremony Match 1
Category 4 (South African Citizens only) ZAR 490-00
Group Games (Match 2 to Match 48)
Category 4 (South African Citizens only) ZAR 140-00
Round 2 Last 16 (Match 49-56)
Category 4 (South African Citizens only) ZAR 350-00
Quarterfinals (Match 57-60)
Category 4 (South African Citizens only) ZAR 525-00
Semi-Finals (Match 61 & 62)
Category 4 (South African Citizens only) ZAR 700-00
Third Place Playoff (Match 63)
Category 4 (South African Citizens only) ZAR 525-00
Finals (Match 64)
Category 4 (South African Citizens only) ZAR 1050-00
There are 2 categories of tickets one can purchase.

Each applicant is allowed to take up to a maximum of 4 tickets per match and up to a maximum of 7 individual matches. Please note ID numbers are required for all applicants and their 3 guests in order for the application to be valid.

In this form of ticket a person can apply for tickets to follow the Nation of Their Choice. This form of Ticket can vary from 3 to 7 matches depending on the success of the Nation followed at the FIFA World Cup. If your team is eliminated and your TST tickets will still be valid for further rounds following the team that eliminated your choice. Each person is allowed a maximum of 4 TST’s each.

After all applications are received FIFA will notify each applicant of the result in April after which you must confirm and pay for your application if you are successful.
The link to obtain tickets online on FIFA’s web page is as follows:

Please note you need all ID numbers for you and your 3 guests in order to successfully apply online. You also need a credit card and need to supply the details of the credit card online. The credit Card also needs to be on the same name of the main applicant. An email is required to register your details with FIFA.

If you are applying for tickets through an FNB Branch, you need to fill in a Ticket Application Form provided by the Branch and submitted the completed form to the teller as well as pay the amount in Rands of the value of your application. You will then receive your Official VISA Mascot Prepaid Card. You will then receive a sms on the outcome of your application and using your card you can collect your tickets if successful or refund.


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