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Polokwane is the land of the upside down tree, The Baobab, which is the biggest tree in Africa.
Polokwane is the capital of the Limpopo Province. Attractions in Polokwane include The Bakone Malapa Northern-Sotho Open-Air Museum, The Polokwane Museum which contains artifacts from the Stone and Iron Ages of the Area, and the Polokwane Game Reserve which have 4 x 4 Adventure Excursions and Hiking Trails. Polokwane was previously known as Pietersburg. The city was recently renamed Polokwane which means “Place of Safety”.
Polokwane plays host to 4 Group Games at the 2010 World Cup.

2010 PROJECTSPolokwane’s proposed development projects for the 2010 World Cup include the following:

PETER MOKABA COMPLEXThe Peter Mokaba Stadium needs to be upgraded to seat 45 000 spectators. It was decided to build a new Peter Mokaba Stadium called the Peter Mokaba Complex (Design Impression Below) adjacent to the existing stadium in order to achieve the above. The budget for the Peter Mokaba Complex is expected to be just over R 900 million. According to Polokwane’s 2010 director the new stadium is about 60% complete and will be finished by July this year. (3rd Photo Below of Stadium Construction at the moment).

The stadium precinct (Area around the stadium) needs to be developed to cater for the following facilities: Volunteer Facilities, TV Compound, Ticketing Facilities, Merchandising, Commercial Display Facilities, Landscaping, Parking, Access Roads and Walkways. Here is a sketch of the extent and layout of the Stadium Precinct.

Transportation needs to be provided between the following areas: Airport and Hotels, Hotels and Stadiums/Fan Parks, Prescribed Parking Areas and Fan Parks, In & Around the city. In order to achieve the above the following areas have been targeted: Upgrading & Extension to various roads including Magazyne Street & Nelson Mandela Drive, Implementation of one way system around the CBD as well as Internal walkways and bicycle lanes within the 1km radius of Peter Mokaba Stadium and within 0.5 km radius of the Seshego Stadium, 2010 Traffic Management Plan needs to be implemented as well which includes Traffic Equipment and Personal.

The existing Peter Mokaba Stadium (First Photo) as well as the Seshego Stadium (2nd Photo) are the two primary training venues for Polokwane.

There were initially 6 locations identified for the development of a Fan Park. It was finally decided that the Area along the N1, which is located towards the North East of the Stadium, opposite the Tom Naude High School, was the recommended area due to it’s accessibility from all major entrances, walking distance from the CBD, it is in the opposite direction of the stadium thereby decreasing traffic volumes and sufficient vacant land for park & ride facilities. The following developments are to take place: Ablution Facilities, Temporary Kiosks, Water & Electricity, Info Kiosks, Security and Surveillance.

The areas identified with regards to accommodation for 2010 are: Refurbish existing accommodation, Provide additional accommodation at Polokwane Game Reserve, Identify temporary Accommodation sites such as schools, churches & private dwellings.
There are a number of other targeted development areas for Polokwane such as tourism, Volunteer Requirements and IT Solutions. Swoosh0018 is looking for someone to follow up on the developments taking place in Polokwane with regards to 2010 and give first hand views & photos. Anyone interested kindly contact Swoosh at


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