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FIFA World Cup 2010’s Match Hospitality Services has been contracted to MATCH AG till the 2014 World Cup. MATCH is based in Zurich, Switzerland. The founders of MATCH are Byrom PLC (Manchester, England) and Eurotech Global Services (Appenzell, Switzerland).
MATCH formed a wholly owned South African Subsidiary called MATCH Event Services PTY to operate all local services for the 2010 World Cup.
MATCH provides the following services with regards to the 2009 Confederations Cup and 2010 World Cup.

The main objective with regards to the Accommodation Service is for MATCH to get a number of hotels and accommodation rooms including guest houses, lodges, bed and breakfasts etc. for the 2010 World Cup. MATCH is working closely with the Department of Tourism and Environmental Affairs to ensure that there is enough accommodation available. For more details contact MATCH Accommodation details hotline on 011-567-2710 or email

MATCH has the responsibility to deliver an efficient and fair process for the sales of tickets for the 2009 Confederations Cup and 2010 World Cup. FIFA will be the principal in the sale of all tickets and MATCH will act is FIFA’s agent in the process of Ticket Sales. MATCH is responsible for creating a turn-key ticketing system for FIFA comprising of all ticket services including ordering, sales, printing, distribution, administration etc. Further details regarding the sale of tickets will be given in this post in February 2009 when tickets go on sale to the public.

IT Solutions
MATCH’s primary Event IT objective is to provide a complete and efficient IT Solution to cater for all events for the 2010 World Cup which include accreditation, volunteer/event staffing and transportation. Other areas also include telecommunications, Supporting of Groups like the FIFA delegation and Media. More details with regards to this can be found on MATCH Event Services web page at:

Tour Operators
FIFA has decided to appoint a number of tickets to a Tour Operator Programme. This programme will allow qualified and experienced Tour Operators the right upon accreditation to use their own Business Policies & Plans to undertake the sale of tickets, accommodation and transport to the majority of fans arriving for the 2010 World Cup. FIFA has appointed MATCH Event Services Pty to manage the FIFA 2010 Tour Operator Programme application process. If anyone is interested in this programme you can find further details with regards to registration on FIFA’s Web Page. The link to the registration form to become a Tour Operator is:


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