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Just spoke to the Doc and well we got the Docs medicine of whats happening out there as South Africa prepare for the One Day Series. Moose has been in South Africa for the past week and just merged with the squad yesterday.

The one day squad has been assembling and Moose said that the welcoming of new players is like a breath of Fresh Air and good competition to the squad. Moose also said that its been a long tour and the guys want to wrap up the one day series on a positive note and head back home. Its been a long tour, two months almost

Moose also said that the weather over the past two weeks has been dreadful and tomorows Pro 20 is definately cancelled, The pitch is waterlogged and it has been raining.

The guys have been training indoors and Moose said they got some catching and fielding practise done today preparing themselves for the first one day on Friday

On Hash Moose said that the mans confidence is high and even though he is back-up for Smith, Hash has been on superb form and will relish the opportunity with open arms.Moose said he really pleased for Hashim particularly because this is where his career really started for SA, against England two years ago

At that time many people questioned Hash and his ability. But he has returned on their playground and in Mooses words , He has returned as a new man, and brand new batsman that has set the Test series alight. That will definately boost his confidence

Behind the scenes though the Doc said that they have been travelling from venue to venue. There has been really a quiet period in terms of press conferences etc.
On the locals , Moose said that most of the Asian concentration in the UK are based in London, Leeds, Birmingham.ALot of them have shown great hospitality and invited the lads over etc.

The doc mentioned that he had a very interesting experience this morning. Himself, Mickey Arthur and a few others visited Middlesbrough Football Club in Tyne side.

Moose met Gareth Southgate, the Borough Manager and the Middlesbrough Fitness coach. Moose said that he spent some time exchanging ideas and fitness strategies.Even though he plays football at home it was a great experience from a fitness point of view to integrate these strategies with Cricket. Definately an experience to cherish

The Doc and the lads plan to watch some soccer in London on the weekend of the 30th, possibly Chelsea or Arsenal and maybe a game in Nottingham.

The line was bad, So wel hear from the Doc again. He sends Salaams to all

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