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Swoosh0018: Yusuf..glad to have you on the blog bro. and glad you in the pre lim squad for the Champions Trophy? What a small world. My Toppie (Father) was your manager for Lesco Under 10, Your were a prolific striker, moved to Dundee, next thing my toppie tells me thats Yusuf Adam. and you bowling for the Dolphins?So how did you end up playing Cricket instead of Soccer.
YA: Well alhums when I was in dundee played more cricket and just kept working at it.Not sure how but I just started bowling quicker and quicker ..guess dat came frm Allah,one of my duas got accepted:)

Swoosh0018: You in the squad for the Champions Trophy.Swoosh0018 and our owes are proud. Hard Work and Dedication?Tell us about the Dolphins Journey?
YA: Well alhums wen I was in Dundee played more cricket and just kept working at it.Not sure how but just started bowling quicker and quicker ..guess that came from Allah,one of my duas got accepted:)

Swoosh0018: SA hasnt had a left arm swing bowler since Bret Shultz. What a Thing?YOU ARE Touted to be the next Left arm sensation? And you getting there? What are your views on this lol
YA:well i just gota wait for my opportunity and at the same time make sure im ready because you’l never know wen the chnce comes ,also inshaallah, gota keep performing

Swoosh0018: So Abbers, Whats it like being a Dolphin. Is it hard Work and Dicipline. Tell our readers how you stay in shape and practise etc?
YA: Honestly during season time loose my shape lol :)OK ya well at the moment we training really hard everyday .alot of hard work with bowling and fitness but inshaallah all the hard work pays off .we have fitness standards to pass and if we dont pass fitness test you dnt play so thats why you gotta put the work in

Swoosh0018: Im sure Hash has been a great influence. What a MAN. HOW HAS his success, ambition and character influenced you and helped you prosper?
YA: Alhums me and Hash very good friends and spend alot of time of the field .To be honest we dont talk to much of cricket of the field ,at practices I mean always good to bowl to sum1 lIke Hash, always giving and taking advice which I think is one of da reasons he belongs in the SA team

Swoosh0018: How are the other slum (muslim lads) in the team. Im sure it helps playing with our owes . How has Islam and Cricket at a proffessional level intergrated at the Dolphins. Also tell us about playing in Ramadaan and the integrating Salaat and the Rozas in Cricket?
YA: YaH! always good to have a few guys reading namaaz with youu in thea changeroom.We 5 muslims in the team and all very close friends and teammates .Other players respect that we dont drink and that we gotta pray so we given that respect which is one of the good tings about the Dolphins.Ramadaan if we playing in Durban we fast no matter wat its compulsory but when we playing out of Durban we musafir .although I may have felt weak wile fasting and bowling ,alhums I bowled really well ,so strength does come from Allah and thats the only help I get and need

Swoosh0018: So have you been working hard to make the Cut for the Champions Trophy. Tough field to break, but at least you there. How did you embrace the call up.Were you thrilled?
YA: Well i was in australia when I heard .A friend of mine told me ,was very happy and shows that hard work and help of Allah gets you far in life.

Swoosh0018: Remember I wacked you out of my yard…lol..On a serious note what was the fastest balll you bowled?
YA: Fastest ball was against Titans which was 145.6km

Swoosh0018: Few quick questions. ?Who is the best batsman you bowled at?
YA: a few not sure really who well mayb U 🙂

LOL!What was your most memmorable moment and your moment you’d want to easily forget as a proffessional cricketer?
YA: THINK itwas playing in the pro20 final and alhums to bowl well going for 8 runs in 4 overs and a wicket .hmm although we lost I was really happy with my bowling that night .
a moment I’d want to forget was bowling 4 wides in an over of which 2 went for 4s

What was the worst sledging medicine you recieved. Elaborate on this lol
YA: To be honest I havent really been sledged by any one, not a top order batsmen. Ya other then that most of the fast bowlers know if u wanna give u gonna get 🙂 so they kewl

Oh and hows the banter when you feeling on the boundary?
YA: lol fielding on the boundry heard sum good ones ,that I’m Micheal Naicker, got conversions on my boots,but in Oz was the best, Thandi Tshabalala was batiing and one of the guys said he like pac man lol eating up all da dots
Did the Amla brothers ever have a speech on the field ?
YA:Nah never saw them have a speech on the field just once saw Amhed amla have it out with Dale Steyn

Swoosh0018: Lastly Abbers, Who is your favourite cricketer and Why…?And what are your long term and short term goals as a proffessional Cricketer.
YA: Shaun Pollock I think the way he played his cricket and gave advice to us in the nets and always willing to help on and off the field .Short and long term to give my best always inshaallah ,and to play for South Africa inshaallah

Sharp my man, Swoosh0018 wishes you all the success and luck and duas for the future

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Comments (4)

  • Anonymous
    August 5, 2008 at 12:29 pm Reply

    Well done Yusuf. Nice to see someone representing Lenz out there.
    Fly the flag high
    Make us proud

    May Allah grant you success

  • Anonymous
    August 5, 2008 at 2:27 pm Reply

    Well done Yusuf. May you represent your country one day Insha Allah Ameen

  • Anonymous
    August 5, 2008 at 3:45 pm Reply

    Great stuff Yusuf…
    Hope to see you make the national team soon

    Say hello to coochie

  • Anonymous
    August 6, 2008 at 12:56 pm Reply

    good luck bro


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