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What a try by January. And my criticism of the funny voiced De Villiers has turned against me. Azee, Seth and Co were boysterous .Blokes were sending me messages.. Thats teh first victory in the f#4ken house of pain they said.

Azee will provide me with more…..

Boks Win in House of Pain

After a tough week where he was getting it from all quarters, Pieter De Villiers put all his detractors in their place in the best way possible with a win few would have predicted. He achieved something even Jake White never did that being a win on NZ soil. Added to this a 1st win at Dunedin’s notorious House of Pain. Even UBG would have struggled to achieve this.

The foundation was laid by a scrum that was solid. Last week we were slaughtered in the scrum and he sorted it out with some masterful tactics of accusing the NZ of cheating and drawing the ref’s attention to it. Brilliant stroke on his part. For the rest it was just awesome defense as the all blacks put us under huge pressure. We did score 2 tries to 1 which is not done to the all blacks too often. Under pressure trailing with 14 men and 10 minutes to go, Januarie was massive. A moment of individual brilliance!

A point worth noting is that he is now playing at least 5 guys of colour and at times 6 or 7. Transformation has not compromised on quality and a guy like Adi Jacobs has shown his class. To the likes of Swoosh stop talking shit and give the guy his due respect!
By Azee

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  • SETH
    July 14, 2008 at 11:50 am Reply

    Div has achieved what no Bok coach has ever done- winning at the House of Pain! The boys were huge on Sat morning and to pull off the win with 14 men on the park was massive!

    Hopefully we can bring consistency into our game and go on from here!

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