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Thank you Legend for this wonderful biography of our man

South African sport is in disarray at the moment.. Lets take a quick recap of the current situation.. Our cricket team has been ranked in the Top 3 throughout the decade yet has not managed to produce a trophy of note..

Our rugby team on the contrary were well guided up until Jake White left and now we looking in shambles again.. And as for our soccer team.. Theres no hope..

Up steps UNCLE BHAI GORA..UBG is a man that is the difference between a good team and a GREAT team.. From a world cup winning team to a WORLD DOMINATING team and has the ability to take Bafana to the quaters at least in 2010..

So myself, along with fellow bloggers and in conjunction with SWOOSH (creator)have come up with a concept of making UBG our next NATIONAL SPORTS SAVIOUR..

Vist the concept @

So below are some interesting facts about UBG that will familiarise viewers/readers worldwide of the LEGEND that is.. Uncle Bhai Gora..

UBG called Nadal yesterday… Nadal bt Federer on grass..
UBG sings the Italian national anthem in German..
UBG threatened Sepp Blatter during the 2010 bid..
Jose Mourinho calls UBG “The Chosen One”..
Sir Alex was knighted by UBG..
UBG can give flat and accurate through balls with a rugby ball..
UBG is the only man that faced Curtly Ambrose and Waqar Younis with no ball protector.
.UBG won the Tour de France on his tricycle..
UBG is the ONLY man to ask Kapil Dev “Hows ur mudder in law”..
UBG kicked a stone once.. Soccer was invented..
Michael Schumacher was UBG’s chauffeur..
Naas Botha could kick a drop goal from 60m..
UBG could do that with champals (sandals) on..
UBG beat Sampras and Agassi using a table tennis bat..
The Williams sisters should go trick or treat by UBG back in the day..
Bruce Fordyce should play “stuck in the mud” and chasinkies with UBG..
UBG’s cat won the Durban July..
Eric Cantona says ” OOH AAH BHAI GORA” before he sleeps..
UBG can walk alone at Anfield.. Cos he can..UBG slept over once at Old Trafford in his sleeping bag.. Thus the “Theatre Of Dreams..
Tiger Woods can drive a ball 280 yds.. UBG can do it with his walking stick..

For these and many more facts on UBG be sure to visit the group on Facebook and feel free to leave YOUR VERY OWN fact on UBG.. The BEST fact will be awarded a prize by the creator SWOOSH..Also note.. UBG is a regd patent of Swoosh0018.. And his affiliates (such as myself).. So go on.. HELP MAKE UNCLE BHAI GORA OUR NEXT SPORTS SAVIOUR..(would also like to thank Takilla for assisting with this post)

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