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swoosh0018:Slmz Altaaf…good to have you on blog again and congrats on new post with PSL…. Tell us more bout it.Wat do you do?
altaaf: Thanks again…I’m the Press and PR manager at the PSL. I basically make sure that the flow of information from the PSL to the media is correct. I handle media queries. I also arrange press conferences and make sure that there’s a positive PSL image in the media. I’m also part of a team that ensures the various manuals that the CEO has introduced to the clubs are implemented. I work closely with the clubs and the broadcasters. There’s quite a bit that I do.

swoosh0018:Hows 2010 shaping up.Care to divulge some info from a PSL perspective?
altaaf: Well as we all know that the challenge of hosting the world cup is a huge one. If we all work together and work as one, we will defintely be able to pull it off.

swoosh0018:So u were at the Euros as part of the LOC media group..Tell us more …..How was the atmosphere?
altaaf: I was part of the media operations group. We travelled to Austria to get first hand experience of how things are done at this level. It’s the last chance to see media ops before the confederations cup. The atmosphere was brilliant and we learnt quite a bit, things that we can implement in the future for our league games as well.

swoosh0018:Tell us more bout Vienna and Switzerland, the people, the culture. I hear its pricy there lol ?
altaaf:I was only in Vienna…The weather was great, the city never slept as it was one big party after every game. Food was ok depending on where you ate. One meal at the Hilton hotel I was staying at cost me like 40 Euros. On the flip side, a doner kebab, 2 slices of pizza and a coke cost you 7 euros if you bought it by the Lebanese bra on the corner!!!

swoosh0018: So u watched Germany and Switzerland..Lets hear about it, the fans,stadium ,atmosphere?
altaaf: I watched the Austria-Germany match. It was a crucial game for both teams as a win secured a place in the quarters. From like 9am in the morning, people were making their way to the stadium. The atmosphere was electrifying with the German Fans having a go at the Austrian Fans before and after the game. Also inside the stadium, the fans just made so much noise and were enjoying themselves. The game itself was interesting, first time ever I saw two coaches get sent off at the same time.

swoosh0018: This I wanna hear, Italy vs Spain at the Fan Park. How was it. ?You reckon our fan parks will rock like this in 2010
altaaf: Now that was something to be at…the Fan Park is also a great place to watch the game. There was thousands of people there before and after the game. The vibe was nothing like I’ve experienced before and if the Euro Fan parks are anything to go by, well the world cup fan parks will be tremendous. So if you can’t get that ticket, the Fan park is the place to be…its a continous party and everybody is just so happy even if they lose…great place to make new friends!!!

swoosh0018: KAzi YOU the man that can give us some insight lol..2010..any FAN PARKS THAT we can bookmark?
altaaf: It’s up to the local councils to decide where they putting up the fan parks. I don’t think that’s been confirmed yet.

swoosh0018: I see you were off to the Norwegian FA afterward. Tell us more
altaaf:Well Norway was awesome, apart from the cost of food. Oslo is the 3rd most expensive city in the world. Nevertheless what i learnt there was invaluable. I spent time with the Norwegian League, one of the clubs, Valerenga, the rights holding broadcaster there as well as with the internet company who manages the new media rights for the Norwegian League.

swoosh0018: I hope you still passionate bout cricket. But working with PSL AND LOC, ARE we on par with systems and methods as opposed to EUROPE, in relation to ur visits abroad. 2010 HERE WE COME
altaaf: I still loe my cricket of course and will watch it whenever i get the chance. The Europeans are masters of being on time and making things work like clockwork…that’s our challenge. We have the human skills to be up there with them ito organisation, but we still have some work to do to get there. I’m positive we’ll get there though…

swoosh0018: WHATS this we here there iare countries on standby for 2010.Or are these just rumours
altaaf: Don’t listen to everything you hear, and believe anything you read!!

swoosh0018: THANKS MY MAN ,wel see you on the blog again soon. best of luck with PSL and LOC.Confeds cup next year. By the way our owes are in England for the cricket and Hash on form,Just two questions. You reckon Hash will make an impact on the tour and whats your opinion on the Doc(Mohamed Moosajee) as the Manager of the National Team.
altaaf: I don’t wanna jinx Hash by putting him under pressure, but with two centuries on tour already, he’s a man in form and is defintely an integral part of the Proteas line-up. By getting an extended run in the team, he has made that number 3 spot his own. In my opinion, he’s going to be the player that will make the biggest impact in the team. The runs he’ll score will set the platform for Ntini, Steyn and Morkel to rip through the English line-up. Hash has proven to the world now that he can play the sport at the highest level. Now that he’s scoring runs, suddenly his critics are quiet and nobody is questioning his technique. All the best to Hash…
As for Doc, he thouroughly deserves the accolodaes and appointment as team manager. It’s just reward for tireless work as a cricket administrator fighting for the rights of previously disadvantaged cricketers and taking a stand for transformation. I have lots of repect for him and he will make a great manager. He has all teh skills in his amoury to be successful and having been with the team for so long as a doctor knows all the players inside out which gives him the insight for the job.

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