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Well As I said.Swoosh0018 made a promise that they will return to the Crescent haven orphanage in Lenasia to drop of some Chocolates and a EURO 2008 Adidas matchball for the boys. As I always said the mission of the Swoosh0018 CHARITY FOUNDATION is to make and inch of a difference and by just putting that smile on a kids face is “Mission Accomplished”. Here is a picture of a few girls that remained behind at the orphange due to the school holidays. We gave each of them a small box of chocolates branded in Swoosh colors and for teh girls roses made out of chocolates

Here I am on behalf of the Swoosh0018 Charity Foundation and presenting an official Euro 2008 Matchball to the young lads. Most of them were not there because during the holidays families from othere areas take them away, just to get a break from the orohanage.They were thrilled

The chocolate boxes and roses in the Swoosh colors of Pinka nd black that we would be giving to little kids

Ok, Now this is what I mean when I say that the Swoosh0018 Charity Foundation will do everything to put a smile ,even if it is for a moment on a little kids face. This young boy has featured before and is my litle cousin Mohamed Tamim. He has Cerebral Palsy. And he was overjoyed upon recieving a chocolate and a ball. I must say for me personally its the most awesome feeling in the world when I know that the foundation is growing and making crossroads. To see these kids smile, you realise the input and support from every person past and present that have contributed to our foundation and without their input it wouldnt be possible for us to make little kids dreams come true

Mohamed Tamim attends a school in Parktown that specifically caters for kids with these types of conditions. I have made the contact and we have recieved the green light to go ahead and execute OPERATION YUM YUM. This operation will entail giving kids like this Sweets and Candy hampers, chocolates etc….To put a smile on their faces and make them forget for that moment of the hardships and sadness

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