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The French Grand Prix provided another Ferrari one-two with Toyota taking the other podium position. Ferrari are starting to pull away in the constructor’s championship and Massa now leads the driver’s championship by a slender two point margin. Lewis Hamilton had a weekend to forget and will be looking forward to the next race at Silverstone.

It was close at the podium but Killa and Ebi J share the points and Killa edges through by a Fin. Yusuf Ali was in third

1.Mohammed MayetTa^KiLLa 202 1129
2. Ebrahim AhmedTeam Schumi 202 1115

3. Yusuf Alli The Drunken Masters 183 1080

Shakes is still in the lead and I see the man thats really making his mark in Best of the Best Fanatasy, Riyaad Loonat is in second 24 points away. But watch out all you Muggs Ebie Kop end ,Our in 4th and climbing. I tip him to win this Competition


1. Mohammed Shakir LaherThe Master Senna 1174
2.Riyad LoonatReal Champions 1150
3. Mohammed Mayet Ta^KiLLa 1129

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