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QUARTER FINALS are done.And Azee is still the leader. its gonna be close. Basically you have to make a call I guess. Pick your winners and go for it. The skipper will be the key. Will Azee handle the pressure or will he choke. Like Spain he has been destined for big things but has never delivered. This could be his year. Toby is up there, so too Butcher Boys. The runner up of teh Premier League Mohsin Seth is there and we can never write off our AFCON Winner, Riyad Loonat. All to play for. Afew dark horses in the TOP ten like MR Gani, Shameer Bhika. Lets see who has teh bottle for it. im gonna make a push for it. I find myself in teh Top 10. Do I go Russia or Spain…..That is the question

1 PORN STARS azhar moola 40 214
2 butcherboys toba ademosu 43 210
3 FC Toby Irshad Latiff 41 210
4 Uncle Bhai Gora’s XI Mohsin Seth 45 206 5 Real Champions
Riyad Loonat 47 203
6 Goodfella’s Muhammed Riaz Gani 48 199
7 shammy’s Oranje shameer Bhika 54 195
8 Swoosh’s Azurri Nas Mayet 44 193
9 No Kaka zubair kaka 49 193
10 FC Ammarah Aadila Latiff 51 189

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