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What can I say….The Azzuri could be dumped out tonight, even if we beat France. Our fate lies in the Dutch’s hands. They didnt beat Romania, beside Romania will come out and play the biggest game of their lives.

But we have to focus on our game. As usual my superstition is always being quiet on the eve of such a big game. I remembered the pain myself and Freds endured when in Euro 2004, We beat Bulgaria but were dumped out when Sweden and Denmark drew.

From Italys perspective, I hear Donadoni is dropping Del Piero. Pirlo, De Rossi and Toni

What the f#4k ,does he want to qualify

Come on man that is ludicrous.

Ok Del I agree can come of the bench as an impact player..but the rest.I hear Gatusso and Ambrosini will come in. Ambrosini….f#4ks sake…..

Good thing is Cassano will start….But then again al could be in vain if Romania Win

Whatever the case is, Forza Azurri…..

Bring on Le Bleus…Its the game of our lives

And Remember if Romania lose Italy could still progress with a score draw

Here is a reminder of all the qualification possibilities tonight:Holland are already qualified as group winners, having obtained six points from their first two games.If Romania beat Holland they will join them in the knockouts in second place. If Romania draw or lose, the winner from the Italy-France clash will progress. France have no chance of qualifying unless they win.If Romania lose, and Italy-France ends in a score draw, Italy will go through on a three way head-to-head because they will have scored more goals in the matches involving Romania and France.If Romania lose by 1-0, 2-0 or by a three goal margin other than 3-0, and the Italy-France game finishes 0-0, then Romania will qualify ahead of Italy due to a better goal difference.If Romania lose by a four goal margin or bigger, and Italy-France finishes 0-0, Italy will progress due to a better goal difference.If Romania lose 3-0, and Italy draw 0-0, the two teams will have an identical goal difference, but the Azzurri will go through as they have a better UEFA Euro 2008 qualifying co-efficient.If Romania win (and thus qualify), and Italy and France qualify, these two teams will have to play a penalty shootout to decide who finishes third in the group.


Buffon you freakin Beauty. Eish it was nerves on Friday night. Firstly a great moment for me with Del Piero leading teh AZURRI OUT and skippering the Country. But you know what Il say it like it is. F#4K THE REFEREE AND FUCK THE CONSPIRACY……………..


First the RVN goal stood, then on Friday Toni’s legitimate goal was disallowed and Panucci was penalised for pulling a defender down.As Stefano and the Supersport panel said……..How do you defend ,Do you not even touch a guy.
People may say we crying but Come on Just Give us a fair game,thats all.

When Zambrotta of all people made an unlikely error in gifting Mutu a chance who in all fairness Mutu finished clinically.I stood at the TV in awe. I couldnt believe it

I kept on sms’ing Freds,Mo Cassim and the likes and saying Awarnoo (Its coming) But Lebont made some brillaint saves and when MUTU scored i thought we were gone.Just then Punisher and Mini Foned. As Mini was giving me stick Panucci scored…I told Mini to f#4k off…..

1-1.We breath again. Then De Rossi’s diving header was saved.It wasnt coming.Then the penalty and somehow my instincts just new that Buffon will save it and GiGI YOU BEAUTY.A tournament saving SAVE that sent the spirits soaring. It is difficult I wont lie but at least we still in the TOURNAMENT and breathing heavily.

I was satisfied with Donadonis tactics………Spot on………….NOW WE HAVE TO AND MUST BEAT THE FRENCH AND THE DUTCH MUST DO US A

Forza Azurri
We Breath till Tuesday

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Comments (2)

  • Mini
    June 17, 2008 at 9:20 am Reply

    Mark my words!

    If that stupid Frenchman does not play Benzemer Italy will definately win.How the fuck could he play Thuram against the Dutch?

    So Swoosh all should go well should Benzemer not play

    Oh where is Seths article on the classy Dutch?I am abit concerned that they are peaking too early.Seth how do you feel?

  • Anonymous
    June 17, 2008 at 10:17 am Reply

    del is shit! should be dropped!

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