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Even though it was a second dtring Spanish side, they still forced a great comeback to eliminate George Clooney (Nikopolidus’s) Greece. Juves Xabi Alonso looked comfortable out there and Wel wait for them Come Sunday

Perhaps the upset of the group.The EVER RELIABLE Swedes are dumped out of the Competition.
Guus…..What can I say Azee, He is a magician he does magic. Uncle Bai Gora was spotted with Guss talking about the curent situation in SA and the loss of Santanas men to Sierra Leone. Guus told UBG. Its about Mohabbet, and making the players believe and bond. Its not about letting the Asscociation rub your balls all the time and its not about the Money.
UBG….looked quite interested. Guus reiterated that I did it with minnows Korea, Austrailia and watch me with Russia. UBG was flabbergasted.He said “I LOVE this man”
Watch Guus upset the Dutch favourites. I mean who would have expected to beat England let alone make it to the quarter finals of Euro 2008



I mentioned in the last article.. Where is the skipper.. And he duely answered.. With a screamer from 30 yards.. Michael Ballack scored one of the beauts of the tournament as zee Germans set up a quarter final with the Portuguese.

Gomez the mugg, who has been the disappointment of the tournament thus far, missed a burfee from centimetres out.. The highlight of zee first half occurred when both the coaches were summoned to the stands by the Spanish ref..

All in all, it was not a solid display as was expected of zee Germans, but was a victory nonetheless.. No one cares how u won as long as u do.. The Scwein will be back next game and I hope Friedrich starts as he did tonight.. He had a top game..

Advise to Low is to drop Gomez, put Podolski up front and play the Schwein on the left..

By Takilla


Poor Petr Chech.Youve got to feel for him…..First Champions League anguish and now a ghastly error that cost his country. What can we say. I guess at teh end of it all, Everybody is human. But what a game, Its long weekend here in South Africa and well I just chilled….

A funny thing that I just want to mention, I attended a PIM BABES Birthday and I just wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGAN, It was awesome, I alos met no 58 of the FHM 100 Most sexiest and Well, yeah…It was COOL.But anyway I came back home, as Eddie Eksteen says TURN ON THE TELLY…scrolling around and what do I see ” Fucken the Sitcom BENSON.” F#4k that took me back a long way lol,,Benson f34ken Dubous. Can you believe it.
Anyway Credit to the TURKS and heartbreak to the Czechs. In one of the greatest European comebacks Turkey booked their place in the quarter finals. It was a pulsating game, But we can say that the Chech blunder costs his side, The poor Czechs………Always unlucky. Credit to teh Turkey.They always tough to play. But what a finish by Nigat.Top Corner. And its byte to the Czech Republic. Thats Football.


Portugal vs Switzerland…Some key players rested, Some pride for the Swiss.

Well we all know the f#4ken METRO COPS. Ever ready to dish out a ticket. There are more serious crimes but NO, The f@44kn METRO COPS treat you like a rapist if you are just 0.000000009 mm above the speed limit or white line.Basically they f#4k up ur day. Now the referees in teh past couple of years are just like the f#4ken METRO’S. They just want to dish out cards at any aopportunity , and IM not saying this
because Italy are the victims. But they f34k up the game, Prime example the Champions League Final between Arsenal and Barcelona a few years ago,when Lehman got sent off. f34ked up the game. And in the EURO’S this year they have taken up METRO COP STATUS, F#4KING K23TS

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Comments (4)

  • mussolini
    June 17, 2008 at 10:19 am Reply

    your team is battling. they kak! stop blaming the refs! del is kak stop blaming every1 else. italy are in shambles!

  • Anonymous
    June 17, 2008 at 12:42 pm Reply


    Your Germans are SH*T. For tournament favourites you are pathetic!

    Gomes is in the class of Ronny Rosenthal, how do you miss from 2 yards out?

    Tonight the Adrian Mole and his Romanians dump the French and IT’s out!


  • Uncle Bhai Ghora
    June 17, 2008 at 1:03 pm Reply


    I think Killa is on his way out of the country ,maybe that is why we not getting a response,but I couldnt agree with you more.

    What confuses me even more is the blatant arrogance that Killa shows when it comes to us saying anything bad about the(for fucks sake Killa STOP using ZEE) Germans

  • Anonymous
    June 17, 2008 at 3:33 pm Reply

    I have to agree with you Uncle Bhai Gora, i think with the German talent available you would have them playing much better football then they’re currently displaying!


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