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I jut spend this weekend relaxing. Too freakin cold here in JHB. Anyways I couldn’t wait for the start of the Euro 2008 Championships and a Big Week and some BIG GAMES

The opening ceremony well it epitomised Swiss and Austrian Culture. I can only imagine the atmosphere over there, and I guess one day is one day I will get the chance to see something spectacular.But Sweet and short and a perfect launchpad for what aims to be Sublime tournament. And after watching all this I can understand why Michael Owen said he wont even watch the championships because it will be too painful. And I also said it would have been great to see England but its their own f34ken fault. Mclaren the MUGG must turn in his bed for a costly campaign.


Switzerland should feel unlucky that they didn’t get a point. That lad Bahrami I thought had a good game and the Swiss should feel hard done by really, They had a string of chances and we could clearly see the quality of Petr Chech. But the Czechs are are a shadow of what they used to be in previous competitions. But in the end they got three points and well I give them quarter finals Tops.

During the Swiss game I went to Akals in the cold weather and bought a parcel of fish and chips. It was going down….Next thing teh door bell rang and it was the Jamaat members with some foreign brothers from Thailand and Malaysia. I went to the Mosque, met them and there was one lity that liked Christiano. Three of them came back with me and we watched the the game, They were supporting PORTUGAL. The Portuguese looked good and they deserved the three points. Lets be honest. They were attacking, the squad had depth, AZEE what you think of Joa Moutinho. Pepe was Big and had an outstanding game. The lity well I suppose because I made him Captain in my Fantasy Team, he didn’t score. But he was impressive. The Turks rarely threatened and did their best to disrupt the Portuguese attacks particularly with dirty tackles. A prime example being that two footed lunge on Nani. But the Portuguese are on their way and perhaps touted by many as favourites


Oh how I wish I was in Viena for the opener. Damn I spent every year in Cape Town, in luxury, spending every night at the Table Bay eating Crayfish instead of Wembley, Dining at Pigalle, strawberry picking and eating Caviar with all my girlfriends from the Cape. Shopping at Greys and buying clothes for my girlfriends at Jenny Button, spending VIP nights and blasting money at various hotspots, hiring a Ferari everyday. Oh yes those were my Cape Town holidays anonymous man that left a comment. This is indeed a stark contrast to how I could have spent my holidays, with me crew on budget, making use of a kitty, going up the “KABLEHKAR”(see previous moment that shook the blog). If you know Ive been to Cape Town every year than you probably know me well ………………Ay what am I doing…..the topic is the Euros, not personal confrontation.Sorry guys I apologise…………

Croatia ,well we expected them to get a result. I was watching Destination Vienna and they had a profile on this lad Modric. I picked him in my fanatsy team and Modric gave Croatia three points. Austria to me are just lucky they Co Hosts I guess.But Croatia should make it through with the Germans


A sound performance. The Germans have got their campaign underway in emphatic style. Il leave the round up to KILLA who Im sure was thrilled.

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Comments (4)

  • Anonymous
    June 9, 2008 at 7:05 am Reply

    I can only imagine the atmosphere over there, and I guess one day is one day I will get the chance to see something spectacular.

    Stop going to cape town every year, and go somewhere worthwhile.

  • Mini
    June 9, 2008 at 8:31 am Reply


    Why no Scweinsteiger?

  • Anonymous
    June 9, 2008 at 12:30 pm Reply

    why no ondonkor?

  • Herbly
    June 9, 2008 at 3:13 pm Reply


    What do you mean Ronaldo is your captain?

    What happened to I’ll never pick scum?????

    The fact that you picked him let alone made him your captain proves that you know deep down United have the best players.

    We rest our case

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