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My take on the Cannavaro situation, a big loss for the Azurri. Mo Cassim foned me wen he heard the news. I said Mo, What to do.Its a loss ok. The man has never missed a major tournament since 1998. But like we did with the Calciopoli and the scnadals before , Italy have been used to these sort of things. But Fabio will be missed. Then I was walking around in Fordsburg and I seen some chicks. They were all distraught, saying that they only wanted to watch the soccer because of Cannavaro. So to the female leaders of Swoosh0018.We apologise. What can we do. But we will soldier on against the Dutch

In Gigi We Trust, and bring on the Dutch
Forza Azurri


As for the rest of the teams we obviously have the threat of the Dutch and the French that we have to go through. The French have proved what they worth ,but they had a shocker in Euro 2004. The Dutch ,well they always good on paper but they never achieve what Big Things.

Make now mistake the Azurri are in a group of death and after the group phases we will see who arises. My Tip though is Italy and The French.

Killa, Remember how we f#4ked you guys up in your own back yard two years ago. I want you ba@3ards in the Semis. It will be sweet. Or even the final.
The Germans I always say are like Azaadville, A well oiled unit or machine that have been playing together for years. No fancy Catwalk owes and stuff. They come out there and do the Business.

AND YOU KNOW THE GOLDEN RULES WHEN IT COMES TO THE GERMANS…..NEVER EVER UNDERESTIMATE THE GERMANS AND NEVER EVER WRITE THEM OFF. Ask Jose Peckerman, You can be one up with 5 seconds to go and the bs#3trds will come back. You never make that mistake.

I remember clearly watching the highlights of that Semi against France in 82. The French defence was in disarray and Litbarski’s shot was unstopable, But the French were awarded a penalty and Shumacher the German Goalkeeper went the one way, the Ball the other, A perfect penalty from Platini. The game went into extra time, and France duely took control, Tracor,his volley a beauty, 2-1 to France,Then another flowing and decisive move by the French, Rounded off ny giresse.France were in control.But the Germans are fighters, they made it 2-1 and in the dying minutes of extra time, Fisher hooked in the equaliser,Penalties …….and Germany wentto the final. The game will also be remembered for perhaps the worst ever challenge in football, German goalkeeper, Tony Shumacher breaking Patric Batistons Jaw Bone with his elbow in a one on one”

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