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Well the battle grounds are drawn and every team has one ambition… DESTINATION VIENNA.. And in lieu of Swoosh’s mediocre article of the Azzuri , the time has come to preview the GREATEST, MOST SUCCESSFUL EUROPEAN NATION.. The ever consistent, ever reliable GERMAN machine.

Speculation may have reported that i was gutted at Liverpool’s exit in the Champ League and that i was in perishaans after Bayerns shock exit at the hands of Zenith.. But this is different.. This is passion at its highest level.. When Klinsmann resigned after the World Cup many thought zee Germans were gonna go through a rough spell and would need a revamp.. Up stepped Joachim Low.. A no-name in a sense that no one expected him to do wonders, yet he glided zee GERMANS as zee 1st team to qualify..
And there was no re-vamp either..
Squad list
· 1 Jens Lehmann »
· 12 Robert Enke »
· 23 René Adler »

· 2 Marcell Jansen »
· 3 Arne Friedrich »
· 4 Clemens Fritz »
· 5 Heiko Westermann »
· 16 Philipp Lahm »
· 17 Per Mertesacker »
· 21 Christoph Metzelder »
· 6 Simon Rolfes »
· 7 Bastian Schweinsteiger »
· 8 Torsten Frings »
· 13 Michael Ballack »
· 14 Piotr Trochowski »
· 15 Thomas Hitzlsperger »
· 18 Tim Borowski »
· 9 Mario Gómez »
· 10 Oliver Neuville »
· 11 Miroslav Klose »
· 19 David Odonkor »
· 20 Lukas Podolski »
· 22 Kevin Kuranyi »

With “abdul” Lehmann in poles there should be no concern apart from the fact of his lack of game time. But his a experienced veteran and will produce the goods as he did in World Cup 2006. The ever solid defence will pair Metzelder and Metersecker with Man Utd target Philip Lahm on the flank with Friedrich..
To win a major tourney u need a stable midfield.. And who better to be the heart then the “CAPITANO’ ,zee legend, zee master tactician, zee number one talisman and ZEE greatest header of a ball MICHAEL BALLACK..

And with Schweinsteiger , Frings, Borowski and Trochowski next to him, they have all the quality to kill any team that comes in our way to European glory..
The attack will be once again spearheaded by Klose, Whom i see many have as captain on their Fantasy teams..So thats enough said about him.. And the new litie Mario Gomez.. WATCH THIS SPACE..
All in all, we have what it takes.. U know it, the bookies know it and the rest of Europe also knows it.. Anything less than a semi for zee Germans and Low will be sacked..
On a personal note and due to the malice and hatred for the F*%*&# Azzuri, i want them in the semis and a final with whoever the hell dares to come there..
Opener against Poland – Which ill preview closer to the time..
I leave you with 2 most beautiful sights you’ll see this summer…


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Comments (4)

  • Shakes
    June 3, 2008 at 10:34 am Reply

    Killa I think you might find Marcell Jansen is forcing his way into the back four. Rumour has it that after his performances for Bayern the past season, Low can’t ignore him and the unfortunate party would be Friedrich with Lahm swapping to left back.

    Other than that I feel the main threat is Klose, he always seems to perform in these type of tournaments. But I don’t think the Germans will win it.

    As for the Azzuri, no Canavaro and they even left Nesta out. Their defence is looking a bit thin.


  • SETH
    June 3, 2008 at 11:24 am Reply

    Pity the greatest header of a football couldn’t find his range in the CL final.

    The sight of Ze German being on the losing end of a penalty shootout was almost as good as Terry’s wailing!

    The loss of Cannavaro is huge, a massive blow to the Azurri!

  • Ta^KiLLa
    June 3, 2008 at 11:46 am Reply

    Shakes – Jansen is a top player.. I saw a lot of him this seasom.. But Low smaks okes with experience and Friedrich is tried and tested at International level.. Im hoping though Jansen starts as Friedrich is slow compared to him..

    Watch Mario Gomez.. Litie is class.. Ppl are gonna worry about Klose and will end up paying the price..

    Seth – Whats done is done.. Ze German will bounce back and who knows.. Might just end up putting one past Van Der Sar after all..

    As for zee Azzuri.. They won the Wc thru bribery and a scandal.. WHat are the chances of this Cannavaro thing being a scandal after all.. There SWOOSH.. Theres ur excuse.. Ur okes defence was weak..


  • Anonymous
    June 3, 2008 at 2:53 pm Reply

    we won the double who gives a shit about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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