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I thought this was really funny when I heard it the other day. No many people know about the kitty sysytem that is deployed when okes go on holiday.

Fortunately for me there hass never been an issue regarding our kitty when emberking on my trips with my fellow marines. But there were a few occassions where even if a man bought water or a chappy he would claim from the insurance(the kitty). But its been a flawless system nevertherless.Deployed by many in the past and the present

Now I met some toppies(old indian men) that were giving me their reports on a Cape Town Trip they embrked upon many mmons ago. Now their kitty Director was a bloke that would claim for anything. He was kaidesar (thourough) and he was honest.

So the joker of teh crew asked for the list at the end of week one. And he began reading. So he read
Food and Beverages R200
Cream R300.For obvious reasons
Petrol: R500

No he asked the BLOKES…What the f34k is KANLEKAH. They couldnt figure the damn thing out.KABLEKAH….R600 …What the hell was KABLEKAH……

They broke their heads but still no answer. Then when the kitty owe came back they asked him. What the hell was R600 for a KABLEH CAR….and then he said

“No , Remember we used R600 for the Cable Car on Saturday” ….I was ripped

Kableh KAR

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