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On Sunday Night I met Vahzerz and a few of the lads outside JB’ s corner. Then we started talking whilst having smokes. Funny enough we started speaking of movies and teh quotes were flying from probably one of teh greatest movies ever, and it had to grace the blog. It just had to

“Why not take it out in trade, You know You always like Tinkerbell”
“Where did you get that Plaka little Bo Beep, Hey Cinderella, Go find yourself a fella.You on the clock b#4ch and midnight is coming”
“Paco, NO! Cruz is alive Essay, Beside the Dog is belly Up”
“Horalee Vatoo, Vatos Locos forever”
“Oralee Bonafide, Where did you get that comb, You should give it to one of my b#$ches”

No matter what, this was probably one of the greatest movies and it reved owes up, It inspired owes to get a placaso, A VL.

KENO Essay. Pinche Puta

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  • Anonymous
    April 17, 2008 at 8:27 am Reply

    Hey Swoosh

    Guess we all love stats rankings and positions right?

    Check out this website :

    Lets see where the Swoosh blog fits in.

    BTW the comments are looking much better these days. Glad to see the personal attacks have eased up.


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