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News – Fifth Gear tests 135i v Cayman
The boys at Fifth Gear seem to be right on the money with their no frills, direct informative style of journalism. The rival British show to Top Gear airs on channel Five in the UK but if you have some connections with bandwidth, download them – heh heh!! The dudes at Fifth Gear notably have been first to feature most of the latest supercars. Impressively featuring the Nissan GTR, the Aston Martin DBS, the Maserati GT & Audi’s RS6 as part of season 13. One of the hottest dices they setup is pitting the recently launched baby bomber 135i against the Porsche Cayman . Unusual but spectacular.

The normally aspirated Cayman houses a 2.7liter straight six, whilst the 135i a 3 liter twin turbo not exactly a fair dual. The Cayman being an entry level Porsche has better track ability, handling & racing aesthetics, or does it? In a series of tests the cars were man handled to the limit.

First up was a slalom style sprint through a series of cones, the Porsche looked better equipped with its lower center of gravity as its chassis coped well with the sudden changes of direction. A lot more body roll when it came to the beemer but they finished almost in a dead heat. The blik grabbed it by just a couple of tenths. Those twin turbo’s boosting 3000cc of metal edged the Cayman. – Round 1 to the bomber!!.

The second heat – a drift contest judged by a panel of 3 judges. In this age of the drift explosion these 2 German powerhouses were smoked sideways Jap style. The mid engined Caymen oversteered, opposite locked & piled on the power just enough to create a clean enough power slide to win the smoke out.

Finally the one that matters – a track attack, winner takes all with the fastest lap. The boosted beemer always had the numbers on its side blasting 225Kw twisting 400nm, compared to the Caymans 180Kw & 275nm. The blik edged it on the track quicker than the Porsche by a couple of seconds around the Anglesey track. The Cayman S would be a different beast all together but the beemers twin turbo fall within the entry level Caymans price range.
Verdict – The styling is quite odd on the beemer, looks like its lost 2 doors. Still not to be messed with. Throw in another 100K & the Cayman S is the one to have.

Audi RS6 – big boring bruiser?
The first offering of Audi’s most powerful road car is an Avant edition meaning stupid station wagon. Why do these Germans build saloons with super car engines then pack it with weight & the aero dynamic capability of a wall? Just when you thought C63 & M3 were ousting the RS4 from its thrown here come Audi again. This time a 5 liter V10 twin turbo. That already sounds like a hell raiser but a tested 4.6s 100Km/h sprint makes it sound more like a waste of power. No doubt its quick but Jap engineers have achieved super car performance from turboing motors almost half that size. The V10 on the Porsche Carrera GT (normally aspirated) will sprint to 100 in around 3.8s. Anyways lets have a look… styling wise – the exterior is simply boring a V10 disguised as a family lorry. The interior is a little more exciting with a race bred luxury look. Audi should have debuted this motor on a 2 door coupe.
Engine: 5 liter FSI V10 twin turbo
Power: 425Kw / 620nm

Hell der must one hindian rider out der men, what kind?
The MotoGP season just got underway this season in Qatar with its first ever night race. Absolutely stunning scenes as Casey Stoner powered past Valentino Rossi on the last couple of laps. He opened up a big lead & bulleted his scarlet red Ducati to victory. Rossi looked like he was struggling a lot as both Pedrosa & Dovizioso passed him from second spot as he only managed a fifth place. Looks like his Yamaha’s just not on the pace. Is this the end of the Italians domination? The next race is in Jerez, Spain this weekend you don’t really need to know anything about bikes to enjoy this sport. Just watching these okes chase each other down is thrilling.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX 10R
A legend of a bike just recently reborn – the Ninja ZX 10R. What makes this bike spectacular is that it was built for the track then “softened” up to make it road legal. This machine comes standard with titanium racing valves, secondary fuel injectors & oval throttle bodies which quickens the acceleration for a razor sharp response. To further reduce weight & bring your Mhort closer the titanium exhaust system free flows that power like only a true track bike can. Its 147Kw limited to 12500rpm allows this ninja to move at the speed of light – 0-100KM/h in 2.7s.
Specs: 998cc -147kW & 113Nm at 8700rpm

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