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Drag Scene – Drift Recipe
Okay the drift is scene is starting to get serious with a few dedicated tracks around the country & a lot of enthusiastic racers willing to show their skill sideways. One of the racetracks that has just kicked up a storm goes by the name of the RockRaceway. In friggin Brakpan out of all places, the focus of the track is predominantly drifting and also short drags. Added to the mayhem they also hosting Sound Offs & Show n Shines. They have practice sessions for willing drifters weekly & a major event one a month.

The Cape Town drift usually stirs up at Killarney raceway with some serious contender taking part in very expensive Jap import machines. The MAX Power Mag featured a fully built 200sx S14 last year, a car that was possibly D1 Grand prix material. It was built by APS performance with almost every part imported starting from the Nismo GT 2 way LSD right upto the HKS GT3037 dual ball bearing turbo’s. No too mention the all important suspension setup which comprised of HKS hypermax coilovers. Well over a hundred grand was spent on this car (PIC below). The Potential – absolutely phenomenal, pumpimg out 272Kw at 1.3bar. Now that’s a great package, which brings us to the focus of this article how do you build a drift super GT?

Firstly think JAP Power, the after market quality of mods are second to none. The potential, untouchable! As only Jap cars are dominating the D1 Grand Prix. You don’t have to spend a lot cash to go sideways if you have a great standard package.

And by great I mean rear wheel drive cars that handle superbly. The contenders:
Nissan 200SX S14, S13 or S15( if you can import one). Has won D1 GP more than any other car.
Subaru WRX – although a little tricky and expensive converting this to permanent rear wheel drive.
Honda S2000 – brilliant turbo potential on the 2 litre VTec.
Mazda RX7 – the Bozza from Fast & the Furious.
Toyota Celica/Supra – not used that widely in D1 but a beast none the less.
Finally a turbo’d 350Z just sounds deadly.

Above Black Supra, Orange RX7, Gold 350, silver S2000.

Or you can transplant the heart of this beast in a 200sx & watch as all hell breaks loose. As we begin our recipe for a Jet fuelled fantasy- huh!!
Step 1 The Car – buy a second hand S13 200SX, than are many available most of which older than a decade nearing the end of their life span. No probs cos we gonna transplant the heart. A good specimen in running condition should set us back about 30 Grand.
Step 2 The Power – we looking at RB Power nothing but the best. A quick turn to one of the many importers in east rand should do the trick. Transplanting RB26DET is no mean feat so workmanship is of the finest. While we at it lets turn up the Boost with a set of HKS GT2540 twin turbo’s. Direct bolt on to make life simple. Let’s not forget we need to hold that power so a 6 Puck Competition Clutch & Flywheel should do the job nicely. Coupled with that some extra fancy bits: Greddy Profec B-Spec II Boost Controller, Walbro High-Flow Fuel Pump & Precision Turbo 680cc Fuel Injectors should keep the Air Fuel ratios burning blue.

Step 3 The Handling – Tanabe Coil Over suspension & Tanabe Sustec sway bars – made for drifters & only the best. While we at it why not just drop a 19” inch light weight VOLK racing wheel on that beast from the East. Don’t forget we need to keep the Torque evenly split so a NISMO GT full 2way LSD should stack up nicely.

Step 4 – The Cool Look – oh yes a custom body kit & sweet black spay job means you have arrived. To keep things staying cool is of utmost importance as the Nismaniac recently discovered.

So let’s go with the race proven Koyo radiator & Greddy Oil Cooler. WE IS SORTED.

The end result after a good tune on the Dyno, 358Kw on the rears. twisting at 500Nm at just 1 bar boost. That the beauty of twin turbo-ing just 0.5 bar each way.
Mr B- – want to feature a car? mail me….

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Comments (2)

  • speedy
    February 7, 2008 at 7:01 am Reply

    Mr b

    Who is the best tuner for new toyota run x ….

    or can you feature some good garage shops for maybe stage 1 and 2 conversions.

    Places that wont rip us off

  • Anonymous
    February 7, 2008 at 9:16 am Reply

    I would like to do a feature but the guys I’ve asked to adverise on this site never got to me.
    Stage 1 can be done by yourself & will save you a bit of cash instead of giving it to someone to handle everthing.

    Its fairly simple – a free flowed exhaust, using manfrel bends & wider piping diameter based on the size of the motor. For RunX RSi the guys at Viper Exhausts do a mean system or even TNT in Germiston-good workmanship. once that sorted do a cold air intake system, you could buy a kit from autostyle or just drop a better lifetime K&N flat bed filter in your airbox. Next a fuel pressure regulator & maybe a better fuel pump. Gains are upto 15Kw after dyno.

    lastly get it dyno tuned. PLaces I would go to are either Tune Tech (in bertrams)
    or AutoSpot (in JHB CBD next to standard bank superblock).
    PLaces like SAC are just overpriced & dont work on oopling!
    For stage 2 (head & cam) ask the guys Ive listed above for advice. Its complicated & requires a good enginneer.

    Mr B

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