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First things first I got a freakin ticket today, coming into Fordsburg. Can you believe it. I just held the cellphone up and the Metros treated my like I robbed a bank. They pulled me off and 3 of them came next to my Motor Vehicle lol. I said “Officer, Kerel I just held the phone , thats it.”

The officer was a indian guy , he said” LARNIE , Check here ritte” pulled out this blue form that said. “YOU CANNOT BRANDISH A COMMUNICATION DEVICE WITH ONE OR TWO HANDS WHILST DRIVING”. Be careful. On to Super Tuesday though.

Secondly whilst I was on my rounds for yesterday the news of the FA CUP draw became evident. I met a few MANCS. They were looking a bit worried. Joe Dindar on the other hand replicated the Ryan Giggs pulling of shirt and swirling action and said bring them on. Faaiz Oz was also looking confident. It will be a humdinger and Arsenal beat them at OT, They will lose in Europe and so they demise begins.

The Kop guys should be Happy drawing Barnsley and Chelsea should be at ease against Huddersfield


In the wrap up of the 1st group, hosts Ghana proved too strong for Morocco with goals from premiership dou, Essien and Muntari.. It means Ghana maintain their 100% record and advance as group winners.. This result however means that Guinea who drew with Namibia qualify, which also means i need to retract my statement of Guinea going home early.. Morocco threw it away against Guinea and were rightfully punished.. So this means in all probabilty Ivory Coast will have a burfee game againist Guinea, and Ghana will play either Nigeria/Mali pending on the results 2nyt..As for Bafana, i predict an early exit and hopefully i’m proven wrong..
Heres My Pick 3 for the remainder of the season..

Afcon 2008 – Ivory Coast
Premiership – Chelsea
FA Cup – Liverpool

Influence of Queiroz

The familiar swarve & cool confident character of Carlos Queiroz from his days at Bafana has had a major influence in the way football is run at OT. Being the shepherd of the “Golden Generation” of Portuguese talent which included players like Figo & Rui Costa Carlos has a lot of experience in the development of youth which is one of the main reasons SAF brought him back to OT after his season stint at Madrid. He has played a major part in the acquisition & stability of players like Ronaldo, Nani & Anderson. Queiroz runs the day to day coaching of United & mostly conducts training sessions with players while Fergie gets involved at a tactical level & man management. Queiroz also played a vital role in keeping Ronaldo at OT after the World Cup controversy with Rooney. Because of Queroz’s African roots (Mozambique born) the United net of scouting talent is starting to spread even wider with Carlos using his contacts in Mozambique & Angola to acquire potential talent. Recent signing Manucho is evidence of this. His Portuguese background has gone a long way in helping the growing number of Portuguese speaking players now at OT. Because of this United are now scouting talent in Brazil with recent acquisitions being the Brazilians twins of Fabio and Rafael Silva.
On the flip side there have been problems Keane & Giggs have clashed with Carlos on occasion. Particularly because of his 4-3-3 tactical formations adopted 2 seasons ago. Keanes comments about Queiroz made to MUTV were banned before he left United. In the end frustration got the better of him as he lashed out at Fergie for backing Queiroz & was forced to quit United. But the young talent coming through looks a class act & credit to Queiroz who has played a pivotal role.

The derby against Man city

As the Derby between United & City draws closer so does the commemoration of the Munich disaster. The game against city on 10th Feb will mark 50 years since the crash which claimed 23 lives including 8 United players & one City player who was then a journalist, former goalkeeper Frank Swift. There have been a lot of calls by City fans to call off the minutes silence which they fear will not be respected by all City fans. United have declined to switch to a minutes applause & the silence will be upheld. If the City fans can’t respect the death of one of their own let them be exposed.

New Signing Manucho has been absolutely superb so far for Angola bagging 3 goals including one against Banyana, huh. This dude looks a brilliant prospect, good physique; strong in the air & has the ability to lead the front line on his own. Can’t wait to see this guy at OT.
United have recently finalized a deal signing Brazilian brothers Fabio and Rafael Silva whom they had been scouting for quite a while. The pair were spotted at a youth tournament in Hong Kong & reportedly excelled at the under 17 World Cup for Brazil. The 17 year old identical twins are being compared to the Neville brothers operating on the left & right flanks as full backs. They have visited OT a few times on training camps & will now live in Manchester.
Madrid’s sporting director Padraig Mijatovic has come out saying they will never give up on trying to sign Ronaldo, with their recent reported £50 million pound bid turned down by United. When will these Spanish suckers sod off? Subsequently United CEO David Gill’s house was vandalized must have been those Madrid fans – b@stards!

Last Game vs. Spurs FA CUP (3-1)
An excellent all-round entertaining game. Spurs played open football & were not afraid to attack. They opened our defense up worryingly on a few occasions with Aaron Lennon causing Evra a lot of problems. Thankfully Van der Sar saved well in a one on one with Jenas. The excellent Robbie Keane put the Londoners in front but our attacking play never lacked ambition which kept us in the game. Tevez & Rooney lead the front line superbly with the Argie putting us back on level terms after good hold up play from Giggsy. Ron the DON firmly on course for player of the season yet again after his predatory double. A good cup run will do wonders for team confidence & fighting spirit. SAF has challenged the DON to hit 30 this season – too easy I say make it 40!!

Next games – FA CUP 4th Round v Arsenal (Feb 16th)
The Clash of the Titans, another premiership opponent but we don’t fear anyone bring those Gooners on…
This game will be fireworks. Good to see Paul Scholes making a comeback our midfield is in superb shape with plenty of attacking options. We will need it challenging on 3 fronts, dare I say it – The Treble.

Premiership – Portsmouth (30th Jan)
At home in this fixture, could be a tricky tie & we cannot afford to drop points here.

By Ejaz Khan
I got five on it
KOPics of Discussion

Liverpool’s refinancing deal has been grabbing the headlines, and some supporters have been bought over with new pictures of the proposed stadium revealed intentionally to buy over the Kop. But supporters are not fazed, even though it looks like we are stuck with these Yankee Doodles for a long time, majority of supporters are still wanting them to leave and hoping Dubai based DIC to come in and “save’” Liverpool from turning into Leeds. Time will tell, but for now lets focus on the positives. Liverpool versus Havant and Watelooville, guys, this is like Lenz United playing Kaiser Chiefs at FNB stadium, massive for the small guys! And they did themselves proud I say.
Nice of Alex Ferguson to let them train at the Old gutter, I’m sure he helped them in the game planning too!
That said, Havant scoring 2 goals at Anfield is the equivalent of the South End fisherman beating United last season.

Rafa tell his players how many goals he wants, and he gets it

Havant take a surprising lead

Brazilian Lucas Leiva scores a beauty

Benayoun scores another important Hat trick
and on a lighter note


Havant and Waterloovolle winger Alfie Potter has described how the battle for Steven Gerrard
‘s shirt was almost as tough as his side’s FA Cup tie at Anfield on Saturday.

“When he came on they got a corner straight away and I asked if anyone had his shirt, and he said no,” said Potter. “So I thought, ‘right, I’ve got that then’. “Then a couple of our other players went up to him and asked if they could have his shirt, but he said ‘the little man’s got it’.”
“The Liverpool fans were amazing, they clapped us on and off the pitch, they’re probably the best fans in the country.” Midfielder Jamie Collins has also revealed how he gave an impromptu rendition of Liverpool’s club anthem to Steven Gerrard during the game. “As the Kop was singing You’ll Never Walk Alone, I couldn’t help myself and joined in,” he said. “I was singing it at the top of my voice and he looked at me like I was a weirdo, like I was an alien. But then I don’t suppose he gets that too much in the Premier League! “Then I turned around and told him about what he did to me. I’m a West Ham fan and I was at Cardiff two years ago when he scored that 30-yard screamer in the last minute of the final. I said to him, ‘You broke my heart’. I don’t suppose I was ever going to break his! “We were just determined to enjoy it.
“Singing You’ll Never Walk Alone along with 40,000 people is something we’ll never do again and it was magical. “We were like fans coming into Anfield on the coach. We all had our video cameras out and to get clapped off by the Kop at the end of such an incredible day was unreal.”
“My little boy Jake is a Liverpool fan and got Fernando Torres‘ autograph before the game. For me the memory of coming here three months into the job, will stay with me for the rest of my life. “Rafa knocked on the door and came in to say well done at the end. I’ve got the utmost respect for him. He’s one of the world’s best managers and what he did means the world to me. I’m gutted to lose but can accept it at Anfield. “Their players also came in, signed shirts for us, we were treated magnificently.”

West Ham away on Wednesday night, Rafa under pressure, hopefully not another draw on the cards.
I’m going for a scrappy 1-0 to Liverpool.

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Comments (14)

  • Bilal
    January 29, 2008 at 8:47 am Reply

    Swoosh you tend to forget that this may be the start of the Gooners downfall!
    and Mini Mr. Wise has left Leeds. Now what do you have to say. Where is your big money that you were putting down now?

  • MINI
    January 29, 2008 at 9:21 am Reply

    Punisher did you check your email? check your email.Yeah Dennis Wise has left Leeds.Afterall it is the rockrah that everyoone is after.He did a great job though.We will get someone that will carry on doing a good job,atleast I hope.My money is still down!( I did not say I withdrew the rockrah)

  • lissing for some degg chow
    January 29, 2008 at 1:37 pm Reply

    swoosh how about it, hey the bet still on if liverpool wins fa cup or was it for the league?
    I think we can sway it the FA Cup way just to see you go down the aisle Nino brown style.

  • Anonymous
    January 29, 2008 at 2:04 pm Reply

    Laal Chaavil,

    You blogged two weeks ago:

    “On the downside for an English club the Gooners still don’t have a single regular Englishmen in their first team- very sad. For this reason United stand head & shoulders above the chasing pack”

    Looking at the latest buch of players/youngsters United have bought it seems like United are also going to become “united nations.” I always thought Ferguson was a solid Englishman (okay Scotsman) but it seems like the influence of Queiroz is beginning to play as well. It is better for the premiership, but other doubters have other feelings.

  • Punisher
    January 29, 2008 at 2:13 pm Reply

    momo is gone to Juve mr. swoosh

  • swoosh0018
    January 29, 2008 at 2:25 pm Reply

    Punisher you know I always eat my words but I dont know what Ranieri is thinking really…..

    Sisoko has been putrid for Liverpool. Putrid…

    I dunno, maybe with Zanetti he can reestablish himself…I dunno

    I would have prefered Macherano.

  • Anonymous
    January 29, 2008 at 2:32 pm Reply

    dont blame sissoko. he was just playing for a k@k club.


  • Anonymous
    January 29, 2008 at 3:53 pm Reply

    Jan 29 2008 by Tony Barrett, Liverpool Echo

    * WHAT do you think about the current situation at Anfield? Have your say on our LFC forum here

    LIVERPOOL Football Club will have to come up with around £30m a year to pay the interest on loans taken out by its American owners.

    In an astonishing announcement that confirms the worst fears of many Reds fans, a spokesman for Tom Hicks admitted for the first time that the club will be responsible for servicing the £350m loan package.

    The loan taken out with the Royal Bank of Scotland and Wachovia was divided in two. with £105m being loaded onto the club’s book, and the remaining £245m going on to the books of Kop Holdings, the parent company set up by Hicks and George Gillett when they bought Liverpool last February.

    But today’s bombshell news that it is the club, and not Hicks and Gillett, which will have to meet interest payments on both sections of the loan will put huge financial pressure on Liverpool to qualify for the lucrative Champions League every season.

    A spokesman from Financial Dynamics, the City PR company representing Hicks, said: “The holding company debt is supported by the assets it acquired and should there ever be any shortfall in cash flow at the club or anywhere else in Kop in any given year, Kop’s ownership, under the terms of the financing package, is prepared to fund whatever is required.

    “The debt is being handled exactly as it is handled at the vast majority of professional sports teams.”

    John Mackin, of fans group Reclaim The Kop, admitted he now feared for the future of the club if Hicks and Gillett remain as owners.

    He said: “We are looking at a level of debt, or the interest payments at the very least, which could sink the club if we have a couple of bad seasons.

    “I’m just hoping that this admission by Hicks is part of an exit strategy which would allow him to sell the club because of the outrage this announcement will cause.

    “A meeting has been called for Liverpool fans at the Sandon pub on Thursday night, and I’ve got no doubt that these interest payments will be one of the main talking points.”

    Anfield sources today indicated that Liverpool chief executive Rick Parry and life president David Moores would continue their opposition to the club having to make any interest payments on the acquisition debt.

    But such opposition could ultimately lead to the pair being removed from the club’s board.

    Liverpool FC writer Tony Barrett says . . .

    THEY arrived at Anfield in a blaze of glory, claiming they would restore Liverpool Football Club to its former glory.

    Insisting they would not mimic Malcolm Glazer at Manchester United by loading their club with debt, Tom Hicks and George Gillett made all the right noises and assured fans the club they love would be safe in their hands.

    But today such grand promises seem all too hollow, following Hicks’ admission that Liverpool FC will have to come up with around £30m a year to meet interest payments on loans taken out by the club’s owners.

    If former chairman David Moores was not already regretting selling up to the American duo, he certainly will be now.

  • Anonymous
    January 29, 2008 at 3:54 pm Reply

    Wise to Newcastle as a Director,
    Sorry Mini.

    The Alipors in Leeds will be upset

  • Anonymous
    January 29, 2008 at 5:53 pm Reply

    I see your point but no other top club in England club can boast 7 maybe 8 regular british home grown players in their 1st team.
    United have scouted foreign talent but they’ve maintained a balance.

    Rooney, Carrick, Hargreaves, Ferdinand, Brown, Simpson, Neville – English
    Giggs, Fletcher – British.

    Foreign talent is important to boost the revenue of the premier league but not at the expense of the national team. England out of Euro – no depth.

    MUFC at least staying true to their British roots.


  • Anonymous
    January 30, 2008 at 8:41 am Reply

    **** Pablo Aimar to LIVERPOOL ***

  • MINI
    January 30, 2008 at 9:34 am Reply

    Apology accepted.Suppose the Alipurs in Leeds are crying…..As for you other guys…..Remember its all about the rockrah.That is why there is no local talent.I admire the Gaffer for atleast bringing many local lads from the youth programme at old trafford,most notably Ryan Giggs.Other teams and countries should learn from this.All about the grass roots guys.As for Dennis Wise leaving Leeds, I will still support my team.I say bring back OOH AAH CANTONA!

  • Anonymous
    January 30, 2008 at 9:52 am Reply

    bring the whole fucking world to liverpool and theyll still be shit

    January 30, 2008 at 10:07 am Reply

    Dead right Mr anonymous.

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