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We are in the Perishaans (Problems) indeed. Another drab draw. And the f#4ken Arsenal MUGGS didnt help us either. I spent the weekend chilling. Met up with the Laudium owes to do a Cape Town Summary. Yes the Laudium owes have been with us from the beginning of teh Blog. In Cape Town we played some beach footie against some Argentine Tourists and then it was New Years Eve. We all met up later and took a team photo. We lost the Beach soccer game as we had to conserve some energy for the evening. Anyways on Saturday night the Laudium owes were all smiles and offered me a six course meal. Obviously I didnt accept

From Left to right.Our team that lost to the Argies on Camps Bay. Raja(machine Gunns brew) Naeem laudium, The Doc, My Bodyguard Shazo, Nabeel laudium, me, Waleed Laudium and The Swaar

What can I say,They didnt even televise. Another draw and I can say we have blew the title. No worse site than seeing smiling MANCS and dejected Kop owes. Even Cisse wasnt himself. I hear that we coudnt even move the ball around the park we were so bad. And it hurts to see the MANCS and Arsenal playing such attractive football. Then we realise how Kuck we are playing. Once again the lity Torres shone. Now can I ask my lads. Does Rafa hav to be changed. Its not like we dont have the squad. We do.We just playing plain old shite. I was at Akals. And I was just laughed at.Even when I said that this new defender is in the mould of Charagher. Jada said Ya CHaragher is very good,smiled and continued to throw masala, on me and the chips. I dunno lads. I really dunno.Please add some comments.

Putting six past a hapless and managerless toon team. Teves and Ronaldo firing. Whats worst. Returning from a place like Cape Town and greeted with a six nil Manc drubbing. Credit to the MANCS. What else can I say. Flawless and execution. They buried Newcastle. The toons arent exactly shite you know. And the f#4kers Arsenal go and draw. What a k#4k weekend. The boy Ronaldo, Well Action speak louder than words. Smile youf#4ken MANCS, Smile until Arsenal pip you to the title and you get dumped from Europe. Whats worse taking flak now or coming to the finishing line and falling. Smile on Smile On.


I spoke to Mohamed Bhamgee. I said to him Jives PLEASE DONT GO ALL THE WAY TO THE END AND PRESENT THE TITLE to the MANCS. And there the litys go and draw against Birmingham. Typical Arsenal.When you want to go to Jadas and buy a washer they give you a loaf of bread instead. The MANCS will thrive on this………

Please Gunners….Stand with the boys from the KOP and make sure the MANCS dont win the title

A successful debut by Bilal Anelka and a quiet 2-0 victory. 3 points is three points. But will Chelsea mount a title challenge. I hope so now that we slacking in the race…..

Madrid continue to be a force under Shuster and Van teh Man was on hand again to maintain Madrids momentum.

Roma win thanks to Totti, Inter win thanks to Zlatan and Finally Milan win in Serie A thanks to a crushing 5-2 victory over Napoli. With jose coming and all the talk about this 18 year old lity Pato Milan will be a force next year I presume. As for Juve Del Piero saved their blushes with a stoppage time penalty against Catania

Great to see Del Piero making the difference again. In pouring rain he saved Juve by scoring a stoppage time Penalty. That takes nerves and experience. Juve however still maintain the top four and as I always said THATS OUR GOAL. With Milan nowhere in the picture this goal should be attainable

Premiership Highlights
Ejaz Khan


Wayne Rooney, Carlos Tevez and Cristiano Ronaldo celebrate after a well taken Tevez goal against Birmingham City

Team of the month – Manchester United

Other than the surprising loss to West Ham, United have been flying. Tevez has come into his own of recent, and Ronaldo continues his consistency, and proves his vital importance to Alex Ferguson’s Lineup.Vidic and Ferdinand are as solid a backline as any in the Premiership and have been instrumental in the teams push to retain the premiership title, Patrice evra is the most hard working wing back at present, and the midfield is working in perfect unison.

Top 4 Log Table
Man Utd
Man City

Top 4 Goal Scorers
C. Ronaldo (United) 13
E. Adebayor (Arseanal) 12
N. Anelka 10
R.Keane 10

4 Leakiest Defences
Goals Conceded

Derby County 46
Reading 44
Sunderland 40
Tottenham 38

Ragged Festive season
Players have had to run themselves ragged over the Christmas/Ne

w Year Period, and the signs are telling. Players are exhausted, top clubs have been dropping points, it has all made for an exciting second half of the season to look forward to.

Players to Watch

Dimitar Berbatov – Spurs sulking striker, who managed four goals recently, even though he looked to be sulking seconds before each game.
Roque Santa Cruz – Has filled the goal scoring gap left by under performing Benni McCarthy, he is every defenders nightmare.
Cristiano Ronaldo – The boy can’t seem to put a foot wrong, even when diving. In all honesty. Antics aside, still the best player in the premiership
Fernando Torres – One of a few positives coming from Anfield this season, His individual ability to change games has seen his Kop favourite status grow tremendously, If Rafa goes , will he stay ?

Managerial Casualty of the Month – Sam Allardyce
The Magpies coach was the latest casualty to hit the premiership exit door, finding out just how difficult it really is to please the Geordie fans. Newcastle being a one team town, they decided 6 months was enough and gave him the boot, figuratively speaking. Alan Shearer has been installed as the coach, but his zero percent coaching pedigree leaves little to be desired.

Quote of the month

Alex ferguson’s comment on Old Trafford being “like a funeral”,i.e dead quiet. Home Fans are peeved at his outburst, but the natural response would be to make some noise on match day, not in the media as the United supporters spokesperson has done. The funeral quote is nostalgic of Roy Keane’s Prawn sandwich brigade jibe a few years back, but it seems the fans have yet to get the message.

Loudest Noise in the premiership
The record is still held by Liverpool supporters at 130.7 decibels, though their team has not given them a lot to scream about on recent performances. Rafa Benitez still makes the daily headlines and rumours of his impending departure don’t seem to go away, even after he categorically stated he is going nowhere.

Club Versus Country – Country winning
Calos Alberto Parreira has shown his authority in snooping Steven Pienaar from Everton boss David Moyes hands. The Toffee’s coach was left in shock after he had told the media that he had one what he had to do to keep Pienaar long enough to play against Chelsea in the Carling Cup. But Pienaar had to obey National coach Parreira or face the bench, and has met up with the Bafana squad without facing Chelsea. Now Cameroon should phone our coach and ask exactly what it was that he said, as Eto’o is yet to be released by Barcelona.

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Comments (8)

  • Punisher
    January 14, 2008 at 7:16 am Reply

    Soosh like I told you at the beginning of the season, you won’t get married if you take stupid bets like those. For all the scousers it is now 18 years and counting. A gr8 performance by the champions to crush Newcastle and Seth I told you that Smith was kak and how lekker it was when we sold the doos.
    Mini – where’s your mouth now huh? Who are topping the table at present?
    Cisse – you are very quiet – Don’t hear the general kak about Rafa. I should come pay you a visit at the shop.
    Kopout – where’s the mouth?
    Hell I even moved up the fantasy league to 11th.

  • Anonymous
    January 14, 2008 at 7:37 am Reply


    Liverpool squad now taking art lessons…..cos they DRAW , DRAW & DRAW.

    Ha ha ha ha ha

    “go” GET A PICASSO

  • Ta^KiLLa
    January 14, 2008 at 8:01 am Reply

    Loudest Team – Wasnt it Sunderland.. Just check again.. I checked on Sky last week some time..

    in true ABU spirit… Liverpool should give arsenal and chelski the points in coming fixtures

  • Anonymous
    January 14, 2008 at 10:43 am Reply

    UTD had six chances,they scored six goals.Whats the fuss


  • Anonymous
    January 14, 2008 at 11:57 am Reply

    it could have been 12 guss? you mug!!

  • AZEE
    January 14, 2008 at 12:00 pm Reply

    swoosh at this rate you will 40+ and you wont get married. i say you keep rafa the mugg,as the longer he stays the more he will fu*K the club up.he is a souness in the making.

    all your commnets about backing arsenal once again show you no scouser u just an ABU.

  • Anonymous
    January 14, 2008 at 2:30 pm Reply

    To give credit where credit is due, well done on your brilliant joke Mr MTN.

    There can be no comeback to that one.

    I think you summed up the Liverpool season.


  • rafa must go
    January 15, 2008 at 7:29 am Reply

    Liverpool reveal Klinsmann talks

    Benitez (left) will be disappointed by Hicks’ revelations

    Liverpool co-owner Tom Hicks says he held talks with Jurgen Klinsmann in November about taking over as manager in case Rafael Benitez left the club.

    Mixed performances and a row with Hicks and co-owner George Gillett on transfer policy put Benitez’s position in doubt.

    “We attempted to negotiate an option as an insurance policy… if Rafa left for Real Madrid or other clubs rumoured, ” Hicks told the Liverpool Echo.

    He added: “Or in case our communication spiralled out of control.”

    Hicks was alluding to the criticism of Hicks and Gillett by Benitez over their transfer policy which angered the American duo and put the Spaniard’s position in jeopardy.
    The sooner we are out of the press the better because it’s not the Liverpool way
    Liverpool’s Jamie Carragher

    Klinsmann’s services have now been secured by Bayern Munich and he will take over the German club at the end of this season.

    The confirmation of talks between Klinsmann and his bosses will come as a blow to Benitez, although Hicks said the negotiations took place in November when the club were in danger of going out of the Champions League at the group stages and suffering indifferent league form.

    Liverpool needed a 4-1 win over Marseille in their final group game on 11 December to book their place in the knockout stages.

    The American owners and Benitez had clear-the-air talks after the Premier League loss to Manchester United on 16 December and Hicks now insists the Reds manager has their full support.

    “After George and I had our long and productive meeting with Rafa following the Manchester United match, we put all of our issues behind us and received Rafa’s commitment that he wanted to stay with Liverpool,” said Hicks.

    “We never reached agreement on an option with Jurgen, and we are both pleased for him that he has a great opportunity to return to Germany and coach a great club team.

    “Rafa has both of our support, and our communication has greatly improved.”

    But Liverpool’s form has not improved and they are currently 12 points off the top of the Premier League table.
    606: DEBATE
    Will Rafa Benitez survive this latest revelation?

    They were knocked out of the Carling Cup by Chelsea and have been taken to a replay by struggling Luton in the FA Cup third round.

    Defender Jamie Carragher, set to play his 500th game for the Reds on Tuesday, says it is a shame the club’s recent problems have taken up so many column inches.

    “The sooner we are out of the press the better because it’s not the Liverpool way. The quicker that happens the better,” he told BBC Radio 5 Live.

    “Maybe it is difficult when you talk about the Liverpool way as it was a lot different 20-30 years ago with the press invasion now, where things get blown out of proportion.

    “That’s something that we would like to try to get back to and that’s not just me but I’m sure everyone involved with the football club is desperate to get back to talking about football.

    “I’ve got a great relationship with the manager but as players you’ve just got to do your job and not let other things affect you.

    “You have got to be strong mentally to play for Liverpool because there is always speculation, not just regarding the manager but your own position too.”

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