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“Ok, we back in businness. Swoosh0018 just wants to make an ailing appeal.Please guys dont be Nasty. We got a good thing going here. We built it ourselves, We have renouned people and sportsman reading my site. Help me grow it. I always say that its you the readers that make my site.Its your support that counts. Let 2008 be the year where we take the blog to gigantic proportions. Leave structured comments and unite us. Sports unites people. And I say We will grow it.We will unite the clans.”

First up before the footie we must hail the two great knocks by our man….Hash.MUST

HASHIM BHAI during the second TEST at Newlands against the West indies
By Swoosh

Hash stayed in the same hotel as us and being a close friend of mines I got to spend alot of time with Hashim Amla. Let me tell you to see one of our own play TEST Cricket for South AFRICA is a plateaux where we all desire to be. On and Off the field Hashim Amla is a great ambassador for our community. He is the most down to earth guy and indeed a lad with a tremendous amount of talent. He embraces fans with warmth and has the makings of a great Cricketer. Whats even better is that off the field he is one of the owes. Speaking to a few cricket pundits it was unanimously decided that Hash boasts an extraordinary mental span and level of concentration. I tell you it was amazing for me to be in his company when he recieved compliment after compliment. I felt proud. And HASH Swoosh0018 is proud of you. During Chaai (tea) at the hotel after the 2nd test a renouned and great Cricketer of the past walked up to Hash and shook his hands. He commended Hash on what he termed as the greatest knock he has ever seen Hash play. Baring n mind Hash didnt reach his fifty and on and outfield that was extremely spongy making runs often tedious.

On New Years day I was up at 10 am at watching the Proteas Net Practise. I seen Hash during practise. What a feeling. Hash was calm and cool, facing up to fired up teammates Andre Nel,Pollock, Ntini and Dale Steyn.He looked ready to face the cauldron and pressure of SA wiining the second Test at all costs. With Gibbs hinted at being dropped by the media,Hash’s role was indeed gonna be an important one.

While I was watching my nerves were shot. I cant bear the tension when Hash bats, But the crowd around Newlands love Hashim Amla. Theres gonna be great things in the future from our man and will be there to pay homage and tributes to this outstanding cricketer both on and off the field.

CONGRATULATIONS HASHIM AMLA on helping SA win the second test.We support you all the way my man. You make us PROUD

On holiday, it was obviously difficult to blog. I was fortunate enough to meet celebs like Fire the former MTN Gladiator, Sasha Jungshlager, FHM Top Ten Honey a few PIM babes here and there, seen Kerry McGregor wo was with Mckenzie.All of the down to Earth and extraordinary personalities. So obviously blogging was difficult.
Before my Pundits Ejaz and Chavel take the floor I had to endure a Vis Kopout that was in Dire Straits. Particularly with liverpool shockingly unable to make up points post Christmas. I can sadly say that our Title Challenge is fading. Fading ….Im not giving up yet. I watched the Liverpool vs Man City game at Cafe Caprice. Awesome experience. There were some British lads that watched the last ten minutes with me , nodded their heads and wanted some Badaams, (nuts to have with their beers) TO DROWN THEIR SORROWS. There was even a Kop Fan that chatted to me and Swore Ferguson and Man Utd to Smitherines. Later the Laudium owes led by Naeem Red Devil were ready to assault the lad and look for him lol.

Apart from the MANCS being hammered by West ham and the Laudium owes recieving a battering from me the MANCS and Arsenal rolled on. Liverpool seem intent to star in the next Bollywood movie. PERISHAANS YA PERISHAANS (PROBLEMS O PROBLEMS).

So what do the Abus and Alis have to say. …………………….

In Europe despite the Winter Break in Italy Real Madrid or should I say the two R’S reign supreme ,Robinho and Van n ROY give Madrid a classy 7 pint cushion. With Chelsea the only team that seem to be severely dented by the CAF CUP, we have 6 months of footie.The only Sour point being England missing from the EURO CHAMPS.

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