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Eid was awesome. Spent it just relaxing and doing the odd visits here and there. Its a time when yo see most people and Well I was just getting pasted wherever I went. There were alot of Interesting developments.
The MANCS were pasting me wherever I went. And all they were saying was “YOU GUYS ARE OUT OF YOUR FAVOURITE CUP”
Yeah we lost n the Carling Cup. But in all fairness it wasnt our strongest team. Then again the ALIS will say……..strongest team or not, you guys are shite.
I must admit,To make up 9 ,10 points from Arsenal and Man Utd is no easy feat. But we just gotta be positive and see what happens. Europe will always be our Forte. But yet again we show how inconsistant we are. Trouncing teams in Europe and then embarking on a dismal domestic Run.I dont know. Credit to Arsenal and Wenger with his second string team or Carling Cup Team still have the Winning mentality.A great win over Blackburn.
As we head into the most important part of the season.The Christmas and Boxing Day Fixtures.
Regarding the MANCS Christmas party and Evans allegation of rape…….I dunno. I think these chics just wait for a break and opportunity to frame someone. We have been down this road so many times, Vilakaze,Van Persie, Christiano Ronaldo and even Sir Alex. Wait a minute ,three Man U players in this list. But it should boil over. Rumour has it there were a few drag queens at the party and the MANCS lambast us about being GAY. Go figure

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  • Anonymous
    December 21, 2007 at 9:45 am Reply

    anybody for chelsea buns ??

    kopout had two !!


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