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Well, This Super Tuesday will be merged with Mondays Weekly Soccer round up due to the fact that Monday is a public holiday here in South Africa. But its going to be a Bumper Tuesday and probably a week of Mourning. Its about lowering yourself and kneeling before the Mancs. Something thats the worst feeling Ive ever had to do. Facing the humiliation and izzet (pride) that has befallen me. Its a f#$5king terrible feeling, let me tell you. The blog is running for almost two years now and I have never had the priviledge of slating the MANCS and tearing them apart in the JIHAD: Abus vs Alis posts. And Alas we have lost another battle in this long war. But we will fight back.

Strangely enough I found myself in the third World on Saturday Evening and Sunday. Load Shedding and power cuts disabled me from using my camera and technology to document this event. I never even had my N73 from Hazrat to take the videos and picts as I had no electricity to charge the phone. I felt like a man without weapons in a big fight.Always nice to capture the emotions. However my team did manage to get some videos on Saturday. But let the Super Tuesday continue, and this week our round up will include a brief weekly round up from me,From The Kop End By Ejaz Khan, & Theater of Dreams bt LAAL CHAVEL.
We will continue with the HEROES ARE REMEMBERED, LEGENDS NEVER DIE in the new year.


Who will be Ladbrokes’ Sportingo Author of 2007?
Sun, Dec 16, 07 08:17


My views. The f#4ken MANCS were lucky. Plain and Simple. Despite all the sms’s I recieved from the MANC MUGGS, Liverpool dominated the game.The MANCS had three chances maybe of which they scored one. In all fairness it wasnt the best of games.Torres had to bury the header early on but thats football. What was Ben Ayoun standing on the post for. He had to close Teves or move up. What was even more shocking is that Rooney was left alone on the edge of the penalty area. two cardinal mistakes and we were punished. But Come on MANCS you guys didnt deserve to win the game. Be honest. You have taken our Izzet away but You know in your hearts THAT YOU WERE LUCKY. But f#$k it as I always see 3 points is 3 points and the MANCS are one up on us again as usual.

From a tactical point of view I felt Liverpool should have started with Crouch and Babbel. Its criminal to give Crouch only 20 minutes. But I will leave more on this to Ejaz and the Chavel and Il chip in here and there with comments. But I know many of the KOP lads were shattered.

On Saturday the Swoosh0018 team comprising of Faaiz Oz,Mohamed Kaloo and myself hit the trade route mall to get a preview on the Jihad Abus vs Alis and just see what the Kop owes and the MANCS had to say before the big game. This video is also for our overseas readers who well miss the Masala deserts and SA. Check out this YOU TUBE CLIP. We started off shooting HIGH RES than dropped to low resolution due to technical reasons. And the mall was noisy so bare with us. We need to invest in a proper movie camera lol.But with the resources we have we do our best. We had to shoot Low resolution most of the time, Hence the resolution and poor quality. But we will get better, still learning the video bits you know and with the power cuts on and off we were not able to get the camera we always use.So we had to improvise. In light of the two pics below.

I cant understand how the MANCS rate Anderson. He just runs around the whole time. Stevie G and Andeson.Obviously Stevie G. And as for the lity….Why was he diving all the time. Was Penaltinho overdoing it or doing himself Over. Good point Ejaz. Penaltinho was bottled throughout the game.

I must say when I watch Arsenal I just admire the way Wengers young boys play soccer. Its pleasing to the eye and a joy to watch. In the second half alone they could have buried Chelsea. I watched the game with Faaiz Oz and the boy was happy. Credit where Credit is due, the gunners play an attractive brand of football. Jives and Zam Ram must be all smiles. From a Chel$ki perspective, minus Drogba and Essiene they looked a tad different. Again no Masala in the Degs Food here Loks.( Huge indian cooking pots). Shevchenko and Makalele are a shadow of what they were. I was shocked at Sheva. He is ……….finished. The guys I was watching the game with kept saying how dirty Terry was. But Loks I like Terry. He gives 200%.Perfect for England as Captain. Terry though suffered a break in three places and could be out for about 6 weeks.

Elsewhere in the pr

emiership there were good wins for SpurS and Newcastle and even Wigan. As we head into Christmas, The games begin.


God wins for Barcelona and Real Madrid. Barcelona returned with a 3-0 thumping of Valencia thanks to two goals from Samuel Eto. The El Classico beckons. Real will go in having a four point cushion at the top.


Inter continue on their way.Roma were fortunate to draw against Torino.Milan did the business against Boca.Good win for them and Kaka scooped the Fifa World Player of the year award. But how was the lity Ronaldo,he didnt even shake Kakas hand. Typical MANC behaviour


What a great win for the Bianconeri. Certainly put the sparkle back into a sad weekend. What made it better was the brace from Alex Del Piero. Two sublime strikes. Del and Buffon were outstanding and Juve are just rising. But two great strikes for Alex in only his his 4th start. I cant wait for Juve to be back in the Champions League.
Forza Juve

Always a Bianconero
From The Kop End
By Ejaz Khan
Man Utd Make Anfield their fortress

The Bottom line is, on the day, Rafa Benitez got it wrong. Domination counts for nothing. Possession doesn’t show up on the score sheet. Scoring goals- that’s all that matters. And that is where Liverpool lost it yesterday.
Well done Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson, you played your cards perfectly, and the win is definitely worth more than three points for sure. United came with a plan to sit back and counter attack, and it paid off handsomely. Sir Alex Ferguson has abandoned the “Gung ho” approach when coming to Anfield, and for good reason. Rafa’s players seemed jaded at times, some feeling the effects of the midweek win at all cost Champions league encounter. And this is where the realization of the difficulty faced by Football managers in the modern game, especially a rotating coach like Benitez. Does he stick with a winning team, or does he ring the changes. Either way, the media are going to go for the kill. Now that Rafa lost with an unchanged team, does that mean the Press will give Rafa a break with regards to his rotation policy ? Of course they wont.

Lets analyze some of the flops on the day. Liverpool fans were looking for a big performance from Captain Steven Gerrard against the Mancs, and sadly, he was almost hiding from the ball. Sitting deep, it was weird seeing Javier Mascherano pushing up and Stevie G sitting deep, what was that all about? He seemed tired and uninspired and well, his lack of inspiration, seemed to reverberate through the team. Another player Pool fans were hoping would be up for it would be Fernando Torres. He seemed to be wearing Kuyt’s boots as he inherited Dirks poor first touch, and was off the mark, in every sense of the term. That header fells his way after Kewell’s shot was saved off the line, should have been put away, no qualms about that. One thing you can’t take away from Riise and Kuyt, is their consistency. They are consistely playing bad, and seemed to have mastered the art of playing so bad that it is a clear as daylight that they are not worthy of playing for Liverpool, but still escaping Rafa’s all important scorn. How can he not see how poor they are ?
If we started a petition to get rid of Kuyt and Riise, I’m sure it would be a unanimous global Liverpool decision, they simply aren’t good enough to don that famous shirt as often as they do. Harry Kewell, seems to lack BMT ( Big Match Temperament) Big Time. He somehow always manages to take fans on a high just enough to think he has made the turn and once again we start looking at him as the Harry Kewell of his Leeds days, but seems alright just to trudge around sometimes. In all honeslty if he was tired post Marseille, he should have been Man enough to dicuss this Rafa, and my goodness, imagine 70 minutes of Ryan Babel instead ? He was mesmerizing for the while he was on, and almost secured a draw with his late effort. Another Rafa shocker was his leaving Kuyt on for so long, who was back to his old useless self, eclipsing his putrid world Cup performances, and in fact, bettering it to some extend. If he is not sold, I hope he is given to Derby County on loan, as they can’t score and don’t expect much, so he will fit right in. Thanks Kuyt , but no thanks.

Yossi benayoun had a quiet game too, and will be remembered in this match up as the one who kept Tevez on-side for the one and only goal. His usual quick feet just not quick enough on the day, and that typifies Liverpool’s performance one a whole – just not quick enough to the ball, not quick enough to score, just not quick enough to ring the changes. In this matchup, our Reaction time in all aspects was proportionate to the turning circle of an 18 wheeler truck.

But, with the board meeting having proved successful for Benitez, the only positive coming out of this, is that Gillet and Hicks had the opportunity to see first hand that Liverpool are clearly lacking depth and quality in certain departments. And gathering from the statement released by the club, hopefully, some new brooms will be bought to sweep up the mess.

Onec again, it has to be mentioned, that Manchester United on the day, were the better team, and deserved the victory. They came with a well thought out plan, and exceuted it to the fullest. The winning mentality, it seems, plays the biggest role in winning titles. And Liverpool have got to get up and move on.
“C’mon You Reds”


Fernando Torr-tured. Dat flippin moffie never stood a chance against the likes of Ferdinand &Vidic. A simple one on one challenge against Ferdinand in the first half & the Spanish fly sprawled to the ground like a flippin sissy. Then Ferdinand shoved it to him in the face & the poor Tortured fool buggered off. Yes he does have talent & Fergie did want to sign him, but who the hell cares now that we have Tevez who’s so much stronger physically / mentally & is starting to produce the goods week in & week out. Not only that but Gerrard met his match in Anderson, who no doubt outshone Gerrard. The pair had a bit of a fracas but Anderson stood his ground & a sweet victory it was with the first nail in the Kops title coffin bolted in by Tevez.
Clever corner from Giggs laying it out to Rooney who smacked it in the path of Tevez.

PLAYED: 149 games
UNITED WON: 57 games
Fools won: 49
Drew: 43
Not some selective stat about Anfield games. Give the all time stats. I’m glad the KOP Bender keeps talking about United. We are the measuring stick for all British teams.
& just in case you wondering what the Premier League stats are it’s a grim grim story for the fools
Prem: Man Utd 17 wins, Liverpool 7 wins, Draws 7.


We are now 9 points ahead of Liverpool & SAF commented:
“It’s a long fight, a long struggle. But I’ve always said that, if we get to around Christmas and New Year’s Day and we are top or thereabouts, we’ll have an outstanding chance of retaining our title.” Rafa came out saying we were lucky which is a load of flippin hog wash!! Skrik he may lose his job!! We played the better football over the 90 our passing & attacking was much more constructive & fluid, whereas the fools were just disjointed, running out of ideas, playing long ball, kick & hope football. Rooney should have made it 2-0.
Last Champ league game– Vs Roma
A superb showing by the young players with Pique putting us in front before the equalizer by Mancini. Upto that point we were in control of the game & I was surprised at the ease of which we dominated the first half. Pique & Simpson hopefully will mature into fine defenders. The young stars had a good showing away from home namely Eagles, Evans, Pique, Simspon & Kuszczak. Not to mention Rooney captain at the age of 22 & Nani only 21 – the future looks “sublime”!!
The future of the clubs captaincy looks to be heading for the arm of Wayne Rooney. Interesting choice by Fergie as I would have liked it to have gone to Ronaldo. But I think it’s a fair decision with Rooney an Englishmen captaining an English team. Rooney no doubt had a good showing against Roma in Italy & we should have won that game with chances created by the Bulldog. SAF complemented Rooney’s persona to that of Robson & Keane stating that he has a “never give up“ attitude. Fergie joked about Rooney on the captaincy: “He has been pestering me for quite a while now, so I have given in!” and added “I just hope he doesn’t decide he wants to take the goalkicks as well!”.
Ryan Giggs received an OBE for services to football, his glittering career makes him the most decorated player in English football history with 9 league medals plus almost every other medal in the book.
Other news – SAF succumbed to an FA charge of misconduct after using abusive language against referrer Mark Clattenburg in the match vs. Bolton, the consequences: a 2 game touch line ban plus a 5K fine. But what about the ref he should be relegated to division one games after offering no protection to Evra who was virtually rugby tackled in that game.
Angolan striker Manucho Goncalves completed a trial at United. According to reports the highly rated hitman had a successful showing rubbing shoulders with Nani & Ronaldo in a training match.
Berbatov still seems to pop up on the radar for the Jan transfer window but a better prospect still would be Nicholas Anelka. Anelka indicated earlier this season he is waiting for a big club to sign him & recent rumors have it he wants to move in January. With the lure of Champions league football & the proximity of Bolton & Manchester, why not? Anelka has been in great form of late & Saha, Evra & Silvestre will make him feel right at home at OT.
Assistant coach Carlos Queroz has landed himself in a spot of bother with Sporting Lisbon after publicly declaring interest in Miguel Veloso. The Sporting president reacted by criticizing Queroz but maintained it does not affect Sporting’s relationship with Manchester United Football Club. SAF responded branding Sporting’s reaction unfair & declared there is no interest in Veloso.
Wes Brown is in contractual dispute with the club over his proposed 4 year contract extension. Brown has refused to sign the deal holding out for a better financial packet but United have insisted they will not improve the deal. Brown is a very useful defender & I hope the club can reach an agreement. If not Brown could depart in January as his current contract expires at the end of the season. As a result defender Willy Sagnol of Bayern Munich is another player rumoured to be on the transfer list…
Finally & encouragingly Paul Scholes has recovered from his knee injury & has resumed training. He should be back in a reported 6 weeks time. Gary Neville also returns to first team training next week one more injury & dis oke should retire.
NEXT GAME vs. Everton
At home to Everton, I’ve noticed our local boy Steven Pienaar doing quite well at the Toffees. He was signed on loan & hopes to make his deal permanent let’s hope he finds joy in misery side. Hopefully he makes a start at OT.
CHAVILinho – let the madness end cos the fools will be in hibernation
Well for obvious reasons I will represent all my KOP brothers and be put up as MUGG OF THE WEEK for teh second consecutive time. Do WE deserve to be made the MuggS OF THE WEEK. Even though we outplayed and dominated the game.
*In light of the Jihad, This super Tuesday post will be the last of the war. So yield your swords. Please keep the comments free from personal attacks,racism & religion. Any comments that breach these laws will be deleted.
Also after the WAR in future articles any comment that is deemed unfit,childish etc will be promptly deleted by my admin team.




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Comments (39)

  • RED Langkawi
    December 18, 2007 at 2:57 am Reply

    What the hell????

    All these excuses????
    It was a Liverpool vs Man Utd game. It dont matter what the stats say or who looked more dangerous, its the result of the game that counts. That what these big derbys are about

    I knew all the excuses were going to roll. Im just waiting for your guys “TACTICAL ANALYSIS” of the game. Blame RAFA, you always do!!!!

    Wish I was at home just to see ur F%^KEN faces casue you guys thought this was the year Liverpool would F^$K us up. WELL we F&*KED you up in your own back yard.

    Where are all the big mouths who were all screaming I cant wait for United to come? United came and conquered.


    thats what you get for wishfull thinking….



  • Anonymous
    December 18, 2007 at 6:27 am Reply

    Wher is all the kopper KANTS… U assholes got ur asses kicked… now the blogg should prepare for fucken excusses like never before… you will ALWAYS walk alone…


  • Arteta
    December 18, 2007 at 7:47 am Reply

    Mr Laal Chavil

    You are dwoos, obviously Ejaz has to write about United , it was Liverpool vs United
    Get a brain, cuntilaal.
    Plus he said you guys deserved the win, good game plan,etc
    So fuck you, he just killed all the shit you mancs were going to throw, you Manc Monkeys

    Fuck Y’all, I hope Everton do us a favour and Pienaar scores the winner, after a Yakubu Hatrick !

    Go worship ur devil

  • SETH
    December 18, 2007 at 7:50 am Reply

    Swoosh, you talk sh*t.

    Your scum had chances from 2 errors by Edwin and 1 by Brown. For all the possession that you had not a single chance was created by your own making.

    The best chance fell to Shrek who should have buried your scum with 10 minutes to play.

    Where is FAHEEM VEHZARZ?

  • Anonymous
    December 18, 2007 at 8:20 am Reply

    Its official…
    Liverpool have nothing on united
    Fergie got Rafa’s number…
    Its clear for all to see…
    Rafa doesnt rotate a winning team, and still looses.. tsk tsk

    Leave the league out… its still not within reach of those scouse grubby paws.
    There is always the champions league right?

    10 points off the pace, and to play the big 3 away from home, i think its safe to say that Swoosh can enjoy another year as a bachelor.
    Anyone disagree???


  • Anonymous
    December 18, 2007 at 8:32 am Reply


    you call the lad TEVEZ a donkey ?… well then eee aww eee aww u just gor F@@$CKED by an a$$ !!!

    I cannot believe then, no comments from the scouser doooses.

    ejaz , thanks for being a man, & admitting to defeat.

    kopout ???
    moe lfc ???
    ebi j ???
    memz ???
    versharz ???
    rest of the liverpool cunts ???


  • Anonymous
    December 18, 2007 at 8:41 am Reply

    to all the POOL okes..we’ll take this on the chin..we were beaten by a team who were sound defensively, we couldn’t crack their defence..we huffed and puffed but couldn’t blow the door down..all foreplay but we couldn’t find the hole..

    having said this we also have some shitty luck against the wankers in this fixture..we never seem to get the rub of the fluke effort was all that was needed sour grapes though..united have a magic defence and it was in evidence on sunday..with a little luck we might have got a goal but was not to be..hard as it is to take losing against these wankers we’ll take defeat like men and congratulate the winners..well done yoonited(man it hurts like hell)..

    on a more positive note at least the diving CUNT didn’t win FIFA world player of the year..well deserved award for KAKA..

    now to sit back and hear the cunts gloat


  • ebi Kop End
    December 18, 2007 at 9:41 am Reply


    No excuses, you guys came with a game plan to defend and stuck to it WELL DONE!
    1 lucky break was all you guys needed! We had bulk of the possession but in the end it counts JACK SHIT!

  • ebi Kop End
    December 18, 2007 at 9:51 am Reply

    Last night I watched the awards, and Yes Ronaldo walked onto the stage and didn’t have the decency to shake KAKA’s hand and congratulate the man! The blady prick… than he thought he was second best only for MR Blatter to tell him sorry boy, please hand the Trophy back to Messi and take the Bronze 3rd place…

  • Anonymous
    December 18, 2007 at 9:56 am Reply

    “GO” u know what u know we lost its fien ,i accept defeat ,u won are u happy but u know what in your own words the season aint over yet .we still in the league ,fa cup ,champions league and league cup ,so u know what lets count the trophys come may .

    u are out of the league cup already ,id love to meet u in the fa cup or champions league quarter final then shut u up nicely .
    Tevez scored against us ,but he will remain a donkey and ugly u will remain as well .”GO” butter your mielie .


  • Anonymous
    December 18, 2007 at 10:18 am Reply


  • Anonymous
    December 18, 2007 at 10:27 am Reply

    It’s a tough pill to swallow. A draw would have been a fair result, but no use crying over spilt milk now.

    We have two chances of winning the league now, no chance and a dogs chance. Too many average players in the squad, the likes of Riise, Sissoko, Kuyt and Voronin need to be cleared out.

    Hate to admit it, but I see us battling with the likes of Man City and Everton for Champs League qualification.


  • Anonymous
    December 18, 2007 at 10:32 am Reply


  • Punisher
    December 18, 2007 at 10:51 am Reply

    i called swoosh and he refused to take my call. The sacraat set in early. I spoke to him later and all he had was this excuse and that excuse. The scoreline is what counts at the end of the day and that is all.
    Swoosh – you ar MUGG of the Week and you can also put Kopout’s pic with his newly found MTN handbag. I belive that “go” will supply that.
    Now why did Liverpool lose? All the excuses mean shit but I have some thoughts
    1) Rafa didn’t rotate his players so they didn’t know in what position to play.
    2) Liverpool have not beaten MUFC at Anfield in 6 years
    3) The Kop End is being renamed Old Trafford end as we score more than Liverpool there.


  • Shakes
    December 18, 2007 at 10:54 am Reply

    The result was all that mattered at the weekend. Going to Anfield it was going to be difficult to play attacking football. As Swoosh always says 3 points is 3 points. It wasn’t an entertaining game and for all their possesion Liverpool looked at a loss in the creativity department.

    Kopout you sound bitter. For two weeks you had verbal diarrhea. You were speaking only about this match and all we heard was something about a virus of some sort hitting Anfield on 16 December. Looks like the anti virus rendered this El Nino useless on the day?
    Now you want to talk about counting trophies in May. Sounds like you eating some humble pie there Kopout.

    Well done to Arsenal as well. A fantastic result.

    And Milan are world champs…
    Forza Milano


  • Anonymous
    December 18, 2007 at 11:01 am Reply

    Shakes do me a favour and “go” wank “go”


  • Anonymous
    December 18, 2007 at 12:19 pm Reply

    C’mon Guys

    All fights aside, lets help Ejaz get the award
    One of our guys doing well…

    I support United and good we slaan them solidly, but I like to support our people doing well too.
    Apparently you can vote every day till the 31 Dec, c’mon lets show our support.


  • Anonymous
    December 18, 2007 at 1:20 pm Reply

    KOPOUT, maybe if you start trying to understand the beautiful game of football, you’ll begin to make some intelligent comments.

    Right now, your are proving your iq’s worth….BELOW PAR !!!

    you spoke about “COME DECEMBER 16TH”….it came & u eating humple pie.

    you spoke about some stupid speed traps at anfield, you spoke about some virus, you even spoke about some fergie being afraid.

    those speed traps didnt work , your virus didnt was k@k, & fergie has beaten rafa 6 times & drawn 1.

    now do us all a favour in the future, this is for united & liverpool supporters on the blog…take all your shit talk & shove it where the sun dont shine.

    you are a mugg, & as the “MAN” you claim to be, i’d be expecting you to take the picture with the united top & mtn handbag.

    “KOPOUT” for doofus of the year.


  • Anonymous
    December 18, 2007 at 1:42 pm Reply




  • Anonymous
    December 18, 2007 at 2:12 pm Reply

    Mr MTN why are you pumping your mouth now?

    You were too afraid to take Kopouts challenge last week.

    Now you wanna see kopout wearing a handbag.

    Maybe you right in that Kopout has a low IQ, but lets be honest at least his balls are bigger than yours (I expect YOUR low IQ to twist this statement, like only a lighty could)

    go learn to be a man


  • Anonymous
    December 18, 2007 at 4:52 pm Reply

    abr, please shut up, your comments dont count anymore !!!

    THE BLOG AWAITS YOU TO TELL US WHICH TEAM YOU SUPPORT before we take you seriously.

    how can i accept a challenge if he didnt accept mines in return…oh i forgot, your low iq doesnt understand what im saying.

    i knew you a gaylord, checking guys penis sizes.

    “go” BE A MAN

  • Anonymous
    December 18, 2007 at 5:56 pm Reply

    Arteta , you claim to be a man why hide under a nickname, swear me I can take, it dont matter!! Theres only one idiot on this blog thats used the word ” Y’all ” before
    How do you expect people to support you when even some of the liverpool fans admit you talk crap.


  • Anonymous
    December 18, 2007 at 6:17 pm Reply

    “GO” had i accepted my challenge i would have gladly kept up to the deal and held a mtn bag and a scum t shirt ,oh i meant held it then taken a video flushing it down the toilet .u were the one who was afraid to acpet the challenge ,and all those man enough on the blog were witness to that ,how can i stoop so low when u refused to accept .had u done so ,then it would have been a diff situation .

    As for the scum that have no name dont waste your time on the blog cause we dont give a shit as to what u have to say .

    “Go” im trying to make some money man ,leave me the f*#k alone .

    all of us dont have the time like u to give your gaylord friends a walk to the car .

  • Anonymous
    December 18, 2007 at 6:18 pm Reply


    Mr MTN how did i know you would respond with such a weak childish comment???

    Damn…. its too easy…. you too predictable…


  • Anonymous
    December 18, 2007 at 6:30 pm Reply

    Yes thats right Kopout
    you DID in fact accept his challenge.

    KOPOUT SAID : “GO” i would accept any challenge u want to put on the table ,i will draft up a letter and even put it on the blog if u like but be warned im going to change a few things from what i said and make it more exciting ,just for u .if u lose u will get a flight from jhb to cape town and u will spend the entire night at club 55 & a two pin plug sticker on your back ? do you accept ?

    Moffie replied : KOPOUT, why have stoopid bets ?
    Is it cos ur brain is still the size of a peanut ?
    i told u, u the dumbest football fan i know.

    We all saw that. And we all saw what a moffie Mr MTN is.
    Now its clear to see HIS IQ, cos he pretends that Kopout didnt offer any challenge.

    go put your money where your non existent bolls are.



  • Punisher
    December 18, 2007 at 8:21 pm Reply

    I am still awaiting a retraction of the daftest comments that I had heard at the beginning of the season. Something to the tune that Ferdi & Vidic are the weakest pairing at the back. I reminded you of this over the past 2 months. The best defensive record lies with this pairing for this season.
    BTW…Kopout & his El Nino Virus – I think that the virus attacked the Liverpool players cause I didn’t see much of an effect on the MUFC players.

  • Shakes
    December 19, 2007 at 6:20 am Reply

    Very true Punisher. We heard about what the likes of Totti and Mancini were going to do in the champs league against United’s weak defence. Totti came and went and scored no goals and Mancini one in two games. Also what the likes of Chelsea and Liverpool would do to the defense yet Arsenal are the only team from those 3 to score goals against us.

    And all these comments made with Swoosh saying “I’m not being biased”. Swoosh you got it wrong on all counts. United have the best defensive record, Arsenal are up there challenging for the title after you wrote them off and United top their group in Europe.

    I nominate Swoosh as a football pundit on E-TV, you speak as much crap as the guys they have on there.


  • Anonymous
    December 19, 2007 at 8:37 am Reply

    Shakes stop pumping your filthy mouth! if you dont like whats put on this blog than F@#k off

  • Anonymous
    December 19, 2007 at 8:39 am Reply

    ABR, what about me saying thatthe season doesnt depend on 2 games, & that i’ll accept if liverpool win the league, & koput would have to do the same in return WHEN united win the league at the end of may ?

    u seem to have limited memory or maybe you hitting on my buddy kopout.

    KOPOUT, i think ABR wants you. how can a man have all the time to retract & see comments posted previously….THIS DUDE HAS ISSUES.

    be careful KOPOUT !!!


  • 69
    December 19, 2007 at 8:45 am Reply


  • 69
    December 19, 2007 at 8:58 am Reply

    you guys are muggs for 2007! and should be disgraceful and ashamed for publicly displaying your stupid ignorant behaviour.

  • Anonymous
    December 19, 2007 at 9:20 am Reply

    69, u should be ashamed of your ugly alias !!!


  • Anonymous
    December 19, 2007 at 9:21 am Reply

    Swoosh bloggers

    Thanks for the support, I’m doing alright so far in the standings.

    Chavil , I am not Arteta,good player, but not my favourite..
    Go be jealous elsewhere…

    I have close friends who are Manc Supporters and we get along fine.

    Mutual respect

    You are one of those immature Manc Supporters..
    I’ll be bitter too if I chose a stupid ass name like Laal Chavil to represent when writing for my team.

    You deserve mugg of the century with that crap “Name”

    Why not be Man enough to write under your own name. What you scared of ?

    Whether its Laal Chavil or anonymous, whats the difference ?
    No one knows who’s writing


  • Swoosh
    December 19, 2007 at 10:44 am Reply

    Shakes, Punisher

    Its plain to see I have got it wrong But come End of the Season I will get it right. Fine, Utd have proved me wrong yet again BUT they will not win the premiership and they WILL BE DUMPED OUT IN EUROPE.

    Remember this comment and paste it somewhere because when I throw it in you Muggs Faces you better be prepared to hang your head in Shame.

    But so far credit to you Muggs.
    Faaiz Oz & jIVES gave me the same pasting as you lads ,saying I talk s#4t and look at Arsenal.But will they win the PREMIER LEAGUE? I say again?


  • Anonymous
    December 19, 2007 at 11:15 am Reply

    Liverscum 0 – Man united 1

    ha ha ha ha ha


  • Anonymous
    December 19, 2007 at 6:04 pm Reply

    Mr “Clarinet” how did my response automatically get your attention.
    I touched a nerve.
    Like I said swear me insult me, It dont matter!! You’re an immature lity thats got a lot to learn.

    I’m here to promote United not myself.


  • Anonymous
    December 21, 2007 at 6:16 am Reply

    Mr Laal Chevroh
    Daal Chavil(whatever)

    I’ve got to learn?
    I think you the one that is in serious need of an education. Learn:to choose proper names, a name that isn’t so stupid that if you go to a United game at Old Trafford and say “Hey I’m Laal Chavil” your fellow Devils won’t beat you to a pulp.
    Learn:That whether you call me Mr Clarinet or not, it only further implicates you as the “anonymous” idiot with the childish gay comments ( a common united default, when they run out of any meaningful debate points)

    Obviously,I’m here to promote Liverpool.
    Just because my writing is aknowledged doesn’t mean that I’m promoting myself.
    You truly suffer from Lobster Syndrome,go find out what that means.

    Hate the team, not the player

    Here, take my clarinet and sit on it

    “You’re an immature lity thats got a lot to learn”
    That like Lampard saying Fabregas has got a lot to learn because he is young!

    Just because you may be old and cold, doesn’t mean a younger writer can’t show you up.
    Remember, you are the United writer by default

    Here, why don’t you take my clarinet and sit on it


  • Anonymous
    December 21, 2007 at 6:45 pm Reply

    Whatever man.
    Let stop the hate & work together.
    Eid Mubarak.


  • Anonymous
    December 24, 2007 at 10:36 am Reply

    Work Together ?
    You mean you are going to support Liverpool ?
    I knew you will come around..

    Welcome Boet

    Eid Mubarak


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