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“Back in 1986,There were cetain individuals that were so gifted,commited,dedicated and so commanding that what they did will put them on a stage where they would certainly attain immortality”-Naseem “Swoosh” Mayet

Well,Im 31 now! 22 YEARS AGO I went to POWER LINES training ground. We talked about Unsung Heroes in the Charity Drive, And while Im so pumped up I thought Il pay homage to some special individuals in Sport. Sport in 1986 in Lenz or should I say soccer was our be all and end all. I mentioned it before on the blog. When we used to be excited in school the whole week for Sunday. Getting up at 8 am ,playing our Under 10 game,Eating that Wors Roll,going to the garadge where the Semi Pro Team played at 3.Taking out their kits, being the Boot Boys.Like it or not we wanted to emulate them. I remember how important two bricks were to make the poles. Anyway I was but 9, and remembered clearly the letter that came from Plymouth Argyle for my Uncle Zahier Mayet back then…………To have a trial in English Soccer. Its what Dreams Were made off. At the time we idolised icons like Rush, Dalglish, Maradona.But there was no opportunities for our uys like there is now. YET THE TALENT that was at our disposal if nutured correctly and proper structures put into place would have given us role models of iconic status. BUT WHERE COULD ANYONE GO. If you look at the playing fields now as opposed to yesteryear. Geez its AMAZING now. But the memmories were, coming back home with a massive grass burns from TECH Grounds.Sand,stones and if we were lucky ,blades of grass. The bigger the grass burn ,the bigger the trophy to show off about your game. We never had great training facilities. The lights we had were 10% of what we seen when we escaped the clutches of ugly politics. Now the Youth Have it.They dont realise they have gold. They have what others would have killed for back then. Take sports on TV. Back then we used to stay up on Sunday Night before School and wait for BIG LEAGUE SOCCER at 11.30pm.

Anyway at 9 I got my first pair of adidas “Scorers”. I remember the excitement when it came. Wearing it on the grass and judging the quality of Football boots by the color of the Stripes. If you had a Nike boot back then the Litys would surround you and say “EISH”. My toppie took me to POWERLINES on a Sunday. In f#4ken 1985/6. The grounds were full. I signed for Tigers. And everyday the excitement got even better. The euphoria and eagerness that befelled us when we were told at UNDER 10 that we would play at the Lenz Stadium and watched by the Big Guys. Geez owes, those were the days…………………..

Now this is where my Tribute comes in. Sports and Football backed then paved the platform to who many of us today. Why? Because we were supervised and cared for ,by perhaps some of the most dedicated and proffessional Individuals. And whats sad is that You can never replace the commitment and dedication showed by these individuals. They were the first on the field and the last to Leave. Soccer was a way of life for them and Us. They had one motto and that was to see the smiles on the litys faces. They were there early and gave 6 months of their lives every year. They did it for the YOUTH. We had tournaments , banquets etc. And there was no doubt that come the banquet every lity walked out the hall ,knowing that they achieved something.

I have put a YOU TUBE VIDEO that will perhaps serve as one of the greatest YOU TUBE VIDEOS that has ever graced this blog. Why! Because 22 years later when you watch this video YOU FEEL THE SAME ADRENELIN PUMPING THROUGH YOUR VEINS as you did back then. I remembered listning to the final of the 1986 World Cup on Radio. When the HERO video came out EVERY MORNING MYSELF AND MY BROTHER TOTTI and a few of the lads would watch it before the Twistville Combi came hooting.

In light of this video. I want to make a personal Tribute to the following Individuals . They are irreplacable in the community. And the current Soccer situation is living proof that THEY ARE SORELY MISSED. To me 21 years later their commitment and dedication have led me on a personal scale to start something I love and 21 years later still doing the same thing. We all know that our youth donot have guys like this anymore. Its a sad loss! I today dont or cant even allocate time as they did. THAT SHOWS.
In light of all this I would like to pay a TRIBUTE to the following Individuals in particular….
The Late Uncle Ismael Kola from Lesco, The late Uncle Ebrahim Adam from Tigers and DR Aboo Seedat from TIGERS. There were too many others to mention. viz,Uncle Baiks from Greyville City, Ridwaan formerly known as Ravee, Uncle Hamid from Tigers, Uncle Kaloo, and the Lesco Alipor Toppies (My toppie,The Kolas, Papis, The Mayco Mayets, Aboo Looonat…The list goes on and On. MANY OTHER CLUBS had such calibre ambassadors But the commitment of these three special Individuals WILL FOREVER BE REMEMBERED Such was the atmosphere during a Lesco Semi Pro game that the GREAT “Blikkes” Bismillah who also deserves a mention once said that “A Lesco half time was like a Alipor Wedding”. BY Me …Because they did it with a smile on their faces….WEEK IN AND WEEK OUT. Why was their role so important. More often that not, a youngster goes to play his first game. If he is broken ,he would never return. We were never broken.We were Driven………..

I leave this post with a video synonymous to the Times in 1986……When FOOTBALL WAS LIFE AND LIFE WAS FOOTBALL. Perhaps deemed as one of the most inspiring videos of all TIME and watched by Us over and over again. Its a perfect tribute to the UNSUNG HEROES mentioned above. YOU ARE INDEED SORELY MISSED. If you love soccer you will appreciate this video. And the effect is fully achieved when you watch it with Sound. This was my first intro to the World Cup. THE MUSIC SOUNDTRACK and NARRATION BY MICHEAL CAINE IS AMAZING. Its worth the download


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Comments (5)

  • Anonymous
    December 7, 2007 at 7:15 am Reply

    “The Hero”. What a video. Gives me goosebumps, watching it again. amazing. Probably The greatest ever World Cup Documentary.

  • Anonymous
    December 7, 2007 at 7:22 am Reply


    these guys had passion for the game.


  • Anonymous
    December 7, 2007 at 7:36 am Reply

    Breathtaking, and so is the tribute. You will never fine people that gave back so much. They will be difficult to emulate

  • Anonymous
    December 7, 2007 at 12:59 pm Reply

    how you could you forget the work GN NAIDOO did at Model Primary?

    The Model Warrior

  • Anonymous
    December 7, 2007 at 2:55 pm Reply

    “And Gary Liniker’s tere” but later the hand of god “punched” the three lions on a shirt right out of it….

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