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NEWS – The Tokyo Motor Show 2007

Some interesting concepts & new made there debut at he 2007 Tokyo Motor Show. The Audi A1 “metro-project” featuring a TSi motor that has both a supercharger & turbo. The supercharger to beat the turbo lag in a 1.4 liter motor producing 125Kw and a new 7 speed DSG gearbox. The BMW 1 series concept dubbed the Tii was officially unveiled. The performance compact sedan built with light weight materials was proposed to be the new M1 but decided against. The original M1 holds quite a special place in beamer’s history built in conjunction with Lamborghini back in the late 70’s & gave birth to beemers straight six. I suspect though BM have an ace up their sleeve in the near future, watch this space…
Another strange creature that crept out of the electric hybrid stable was the Nissan Pivo the worlds first revolving car, get this – you don’t have to struggle with parallel parking any more, the cabin can revolve 90 degrees to change the driving line for you to move sideways. Subaru officially unveiled the new generation WRX with hatch design & less thuggish looks, gone are the days of the hardcore bug eye. This model looks much more sophisticated, with some interesting features like dynamic chassis control ‘DC3’ for improved stability & handling aided by 18inch BBS wheels. Definitely needed for its 227Kw output twisting 400Nm! The Nissan GTR was officially unveiled with performance figures to stun, yes quarter-mile in 11.7s & the 100Km/h dash in 3.5s. Topping out at 308Km/h from its 3.8liter V6 twin turbo. Nismo have announced the GTR’s entry to the 2008 Japanese Super GT series. Finally the Mazda Taiki concept featuring the next generation renesis rotary motor named Premacy Hydrogen Hybrid an electric motor powered by hydrogen & petrol. The ultra futuristic looking Mazda focuses on low emission & performance with its FR layout.

Audi F1
Audi rumored to be entering F1? ekse don’t Bluff ‘n all !!
They’ve already won Le Man with the diesel powered R10, maybe this will be the first diesel powered F1 car, no fuel stops needed – heh heh.

LEGENDS: Subaru Impreza WRX – Colin McRae & Richard Burns
A sight most feared by big German saloons, known to scare the half daylights of cocky sport saloon drivers the Impreza WRX STi will bliksem almost anything in a straight line. Modified STi’s rule the roost at most drag events, in the recent ultimate street car challenge at Wesbank the mass of scooby’s were like a contagious desease with quarter-mile times putting Porsche GT3’s to shame. Hardcore STi freaks replacing their VF30 turbo’s for twin ball bearing GT30 units are known to klap Lambo’s. But dragging isn’t really Subaru’s game, rallying is. They won manufacturers world rally title 3 years in succession from 1995 to 97 in association with the Prodrive team. Colin McRae won his first WRX title in a Scooby back in 95 and was part of the 96 & 97 Subaru team’s constructor’s title wins. McRae sadly was recently deceased in a helicopter crash. The Scot was regarded to as one of the most talented drivers in WRX by his peers & also once held the record for the most rally wins of 25. Colin Steele McRae – MBE (5 August 1968 – 15 September 2007).
Subaru went on further to win 2 driver’s championships in 2001 & 2003 with Richard Burns & Peter Solberg. Richard Burns passed away in Nov 2005 from cancer, in honor of Burns Subaru & Prodrive have released a limited edition WRX STi model named the RB320 as in Richard Burns 320 horse power. Nice touch from Subaru. The RB320 STi features an up-rated performance boost from Prodrive with body kit & Eibach 30mil drop coupled with 18inch DARK anthracite alloys helping it rocket to 100km/h in 4.8s, maxing out at 255Km/h. RESPEK!!
McRae top left. The limited edition RB320 above in black.
Cobra 350Z – Kitted out with a striking body kit for reduced lift. Adjustable coil over suspension with lowering up to 40mm and stainless steel mufflers for an even better growl. Also sporting 20inch light weight CN6 alloy rims. Nice setup for a time attack at TSUKUBA.

F430 Math
Got this joke mailed in recently. How do you divide 3 million rand by 2? – Check it. …

Hot Spots
Saturday 24th Nov – Bridgestone production car championship concludes at Kyalami
Friday 30th Nov – Ferodo Illegal to Legal – Wesbank Raceway
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