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It’s been a well documented fact that the Proteas and the Pakistani’s have been subjected to the most severe security presence ever…Not a wink goes by without a security guard or a member of the Lahore Elite Police force noticing it…If they miss it, then be sure to know that the UC’s or under cover dudes will catch it!!!
My palatial Pearl Continental hotel resembles something of a fortress…
Three electronic check points confronts anybody hoping to make it to reception…before that it’s open your bonnet of your car, lets look in the boot and your under carriage which is fast starting to irritate Hamid, my eccentric Manchester friend who’s quadrupling up as my driver/translator/co-ordinator and the fourth trait is debatable!!!

But I’m managing and it can be a real pain in the you know what, but security is security and I’d rather be safe than sorry…somehow I don’t think any security measure is going to stop a suicide bomber which brings me to my next point…How do you stop a suicide bomber…20 000 coppers couldn’t do it in Karachi and the one thousand or so who protects the Proteas and Pakistan certainly won’t…And now the news on the ground is that South Africa will travel to Karachi and will also play the rest of their tour…

Oh by the way, one always thought that the AK 47 was a weapon that had its home in South Africa…Well think again…I’ve seen more AK 47’s in Lahore than anywhere else…Every policeman has one…Imagine how our South African men in blue would love to be in that position…

Well as for the rest of the day, I got a true taste of local food and shared my first ever meal with flies…you know how people talk about India and there’s always flies, it felt like that today when I bought a burger from a street vendor in the middle of town…I must add that I’m quite impressed by my sense of adventure…I do believe I have a stomach compliant with most cities and food in the world…

The bomb has also had an effect on my financial state…the Pakistani rupee dropped significantly and I kinda felt cheated after exchanging my hundred dollars this afternoon…And to all you Grey’s Anatomy fans, I couldn’t find season 4 at all at the plethora of DVD shops but I’ll keep trying….

Oh and a quick update on the Proteas camp is that Vernon Philander is on his way back to SA. He’s not recovered from his hamstring injury… If form is anything to go by, the Proteas are likely to take a 2 nil lead in the series on Saturday….


ALTAAF KAZI for in Lahore

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