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M3 Battles Begin
The new Blik on the Block just released locally has been subjected to some rigorous abuse. Will it rattle the opposition, let’s find out?

Round 1 –At the Gerotek vs. RS4
These German brutes slugged it out at highveld altitude in this month’s edition of Top Car at the Gerotek circuit. Head to Head the RS4 has a bigger V8 at 4.2 litres and as a result 30Nm more torque than the M3. Coupled with its Quattro drive you would think it should have better traction off the line but is regarded to be tricky to launch compared to the rear wheel driven M3. However the RS4 is the better handling car in the wet. But the M3 ended up being the quicker of the 2 by 0.3s in the 100Km/h sprint.
M3 posted 5,41s 0-100km/h against RS4 5.73s. 0-100km/h

Round 2 – In Colesberg vs. RS4
RS4’s revenge? Test conducted by “Cars In Action” mag, in Colesberg, cos its a one horse town where the speed traps cant read more than 100km. Altitude played a part once more at a over 1000ft. The RS4 came up trumps here in the 100Km/h sprint as well as the quarter mile.
RS4 – posted 5.4s 0-100km/h and 13.5s quarter mile &
M3 – 5.6s 0-100km/h and 13.8 quarter mile.

Round 3 – Two door coupes
This scintillating three-way clash of 2 door German coupes took place on Germany’s Autobahns & the Austrian Alps. A Porsche GT3 vs the contenders M3 and Audi R8. The M3 already with a limited top speed disability of 250Km/h, whilst the GT3 & R8 take full advantage of their power plants. The slick looking Porsche won the top end run hands down bolting to 308Km/h followed by the R8 at 300Km/h from its 4.2 litre V8. Next up – agility through the bends. The Porsche came up trumps again due to its lighter weight & super quick feet in the form of Michelin Pilot Sport Cup Tires. It weighs almost 250 Kg less than the M3 & over a 150Kg less than the R8 giving it the edge in the corners. The flat six boxer GT3 blisters to the quickest 100Km/h time at 4.1 s followed by the R8 (4.4s) & M3 (4.7s). When the rain hit the R8 showed its true capabilities. Its Quattro drive enabled with a viscous limited slip proved to be the winner in the wet, with the M3 a close second aided by its M Variable Diff Lock. The Porsche however a tricky little number in the wet more suited to skilled drivers.
Verdict – The M3 costs a whole lot less compared to the R8 & GT3 , but the Porsche is in another league.
Performance at sea level
GT3 – 4.1 s Top speed: 308Km/h(305Kw)
R8 – 4.4s Top Speed 300km/h(309Kw)
M3 – 4.7s TS: 250Km/h(309Kw)
2008 M3 Saloon
Strange from the boys in Bavaria – a down graded M3. The Beemer boys are planning to release the M3 saloon which is slightly slower than the coupe because of added weight in the form of 4 doors & no carbon roof. It features the same 309Kw V8 & is due to launch next year.
Z4 M Coupe

Check It, Mr. B without blinking twice grabbed an opportunity to test drive the Z4 M Coupe. The car belongs to a connection that’s into the classic shoe look. If you from the west rand area you might unexpectedly notice this black bull of a car chase you down from seemingly impossible distances. Put your foot down & this car will catch the wind with the accuracy of a cross bowed arrow. We started out in sport mode which sharpens up the throttle response & firms up the suspension, the car felt scary in reverse. Using the smooth open route between Azaadville & Krugersdorp as my test platform the car seemed rigid & stuck like glue with brilliant acceleration. It was as simple as point and shoot with the 7500 rpm “reef” redline. Being still fairly new the motor naturally was a bit tight. With the traction control on there was no noticeable wheel spin through quick changes of its 6 speed manual. The car felt calm & at ease no matter the abuse I dished out, a real confidence builder. It has the same motor as the E46 M3 but weighs about 80Kg less. “Slimes” tells me he took on an RS4 in a robot to robot dice for a relatively long distance & his classic shoe stuck right with him. Da oke has a beard so let’s believe him. Big Up Slimes!!
Classic Performance – had my doubts about a red interior, but it’s quite sophisticated + Brutal exhaust note.

325 IX
A unique 325 E30 which is apparently the only one in South Africa. The owner: Mr. Imtiaz Akbar gave me the low down on this unique left hand drive Beemer imported from the States. That’s right New Jersey to be precise back in 1996. Visually the car looks to be in immaculate condition, still in original spec with no mods except for the 17” BBS wheels & Alpina trim which accentuates the car perfectly. It houses a 2.5liter straight six M20 motor whipping out 125kw. That’s not the best part, huh? The car is actually a 4 wheel drive released to take on the might of Quattro at the time. It is for the ultimate BM enthusiast, Imtiaz still has the original receipt when the car was bought in the states. If you want more details mail me cos he’s looking for a buyer for this low mileage collector’s piece…
Pimp Master – X denotes 4 wheel drive, no the steering not missing it’s a left hand drive.

The Schnitzel
Debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show it’s the AC Schnitzer GP3. It runs off .liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). LPG emits about 20 percent less pollution & doesn’t seem to have any disadvantages, having the same octane rating as standard fuel. The schnitzel pumps out a manic 406kw from its M6 based V10 capable of 316Km/h. Even the performance guru’s are concerned about our garam doonya. (i.e. – Global warming)
Mr. B – want to feature a unique car, mail me >
Thats right Mr B, if you owes the readers and maybe even chicks have some pics etc. Email Mr B. I know the guys have some demons in their yards.
Mamoo I still want that pics of that Golf 1 Ebie jay drove that scrops M3’s. And we got a Iblees on Wheels coming soon Mr B. Maybe the owes have seen it in Lenz. THE PLATES ARE NOS 1 GP, and its JET FUEL ONLY ,TRUST ME.

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    I dig the new look


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    I dont like it… the black background is too harsh on the eyes…. but hey swoosh your content has definately improved.

    keep it up… looks like you really taking pride, and putting in some real effort into this blog.


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    well done swoosh

    u need to change the background
    its not easy on the eyes
    leave it in white

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    Swoosh ,change is good ,i say u change to a new colour every week or month ,in that way it looks diff .my suggestion for the next is to be in south african colours .


  • Swoosh
    October 17, 2007 at 12:01 pm Reply

    Thanks guys. As I always say its you okes that keep the banter going that keeps the blog alive.

    The look will stay for October. Its just to enhance the launch of our partners DiadoraSA.

    We will revert back to white in November. We only change themes to support big events and Happenings.

    So thanks for the support lads.i hope to see all of you at the Charity Fun Day on 2nd December at Zoo lake

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    leave it in black! it looks cool!
    go buy yourself glasses or chasma

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    Hey swoosh ,what u say we go green and gold for the boks tomorrow !

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    “I doubt that the springbok players will read this small note from the depths of a currently very dark London, but if these words should somehow find their way, please let them know this. We are proud of you. You have carried yourselves like gentleman. You have played outstanding rugby and lifted your game when needed. You have always spoken well of the other teams and have never taken any game for granted. You have always been humble, always pushed yourselves and have carried our hopes and dreams.

    If karma and trumpet blowing alone have anything to do with Saturday, then England should lose. But we all know that in World Cups, passes, ref decisions and cosmic forces can all go wrong on the night, and England may take the cup. But, if this final does come down to rugby, talent and pure unbridled passion; then my boys, you will once more be men.

    Keep calm heads while England lose theirs and keep the mental strength. Don’t let anger cloud your judgment, and for God’s sake, don’t let Johnny kick! Win or lose, you have a nation behind you that is proud.

    And, if you can go that last step, find it in yourselves to give that one last push … for the pride and sanity of your nation: please oh please bury their sorry English asses.”

    Our Blood is Green!

  • Anonymous
    October 18, 2007 at 1:23 pm Reply

    Good article Mr B – stick with comparisons its really good and nice articles, pleasure to read and quite interesting compared to the usual stuff you write, more normal and realistic cars i say compared to vipers.

    Swoosh black looks cool

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