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Frankly, it just ain’t Cricket
Ejaz Khan

Having read Uncle Cutty’s cricket piece recently in one of our local lenasia newspapers I realized that Loots Bosman’s “injury” was convenient for the Protea’s – an ideal opportunity to get another white man in the team and keep the R250 000 early Christmas box in the ECPC’s (elite cricket players club) bank accounts. Talk about the Rich getting richer…The fact that Andre Nel only played ONE game, has affected Loots to such an extent that he has even decided to change his name to
Lost out Bosman…I think he should change his name to Bryan Habana or maybe JP Pietersen, he stands a better chance of playing for his country!

Let me take you on a trip down memory lane, and one of the main reasons I don’t think I will ever support South Africa on the cricket front.
I remember being asked to show my repertoire to Saqlain Mushtaq at the Varachia Stadium in Lenasia on one of Pakistan’s tours to South Africa in the 90’s. I let rip with the Chinaman, Top Spinner, Googly, and Flipper, with a curious onlooker standing close by, watching intenselyAnyway Back to my serious story… A clearly impressed Saqlain Mushtaq said to one of my coaches: ”If this youngster is NOT in the National squad infrastructure within 2 years, THERE IS SOMETHING VERY WRONG WITH YOUR SYSTEM HERE”: The curious spectator who overheard every word that “Saqy” had said started moving away from the nets….the departing onlooker was none other than a certain Mr Ali Bacher. I’ll never forget that look in his eye when he walked away, as Pakistan’s number one spinner at the time unwittingly hit the nail on the head! And obviously I was not in the squad in two years time, though I did get to make Graeme Smith dizzy when I got my chance to bowl to him, I remember after bamboozling him with a googly which he “well left” and the ball spun into his pads, I went to pick up the ball and bravely asked : Must I tell you which way I ‘m gonna spin it? I felt like a don, though eventually after a while he did pick me up for a six that was actually a “9” because it went through the rugby polls in line with Wanderers Nets at the rugby grounds! Jimmy Cook even called me “mystery Man” but I knew that my bowling skills didn’t matter.I’d have to move to Durban, where Indians do get a chance, like my good pal Hashim Amla and his brother Ahmed Amla, and of course Abdullah, Coochies bru, who used to play for Lesco when I was at Lenz United and we used to beat them week in and week out, and it was just my luck to score every time… Sorry, wrong sport, back to the cricket !
The dramatic irony is that I DID go to Durban, but that’s for another time …
Pic:Hash the cartoon character

Whatever happened to blind faith in raw ability? Remember Imraan Khan stopping to pick up a youngster off the street and taking him straight into with the national team, a certain Waqar Younis. He became one of Pakistan’s most successful bowlers, the world fastest bowler at his peak. And on the And the World’s fastest bowler at present, Shoaib Akhtar( The commentator’s just say Brett Lee because he’s white, forgetting that Shoaib STILL holds the record for the fastest bowl ever bowled 161 KM an hour) holding a shiny red hard ball for the first time only when he joined a college in Rawalpindi? Equal Opportunity even for the poorest of the poor, that’s all we ask. But not in South Africa. Only if your name is Makhaya Ntini, that is. Till today, Indian cricketing warriors of our communities continue the struggle, but as we’ve seen with Garnett Kruger, Loots Bosman ,and Goolam Bodi, there’s no hope in sight, not yet, anyhow. Maybe when our kids grow up… but Isn’t that what our parents said 20 years ago?

To end on a light note, Just a quick joke, I hear Paul Harris has a surprise ball …the one that turns!

I’m out,
Ejaz Khan

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  • Anonymous
    October 15, 2007 at 7:41 am Reply

    I agree with you completely, racism is rife in cricket and people will always be picked according to there race, fuck SA

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