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Well, it was like something out of a bollywood movie, even a guest appearance by Shah Rukh Khan, disguised as Michael Jackson (sunglasses and all).
Some of the Indian players like Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni were started going on like they were acting in Lagaan. It was too much pomp and show, and I’m only talking about the warm up before the game ! I was hoping the Pakistani’s came up tops. After all that they had been through since the World Cup tragedies both on and off the field, it would be a fitting tribute of turning their own fortunes… but it was not to be.

Pro 20 is a batman’s game, that’s what the “experts” predicted, but it is indeed the bowlers that have set up victories against the trigger happy batsman, ready to beat
Yuvraj’s 119 meter Boundary, I still feel Misbahal Haq’s one was bigger than Yuvraj’s, but finding out if there is really a poor oke tasked with measuring where it landed in the parking lot outside the grounds remains the biggest mystery of Pro 20.

The Grand finale: Pakistan versus India

Neighbors in arms (Firearms, missiles, whatever…!)The kind you “just smile and wave” to, but maliciously want to thump with your baseball bat whenever you’re back in your house, Pakistan and India entered the bullring aka Wanderers, Pakistan lead by Shoaib “the Fox” Malik, India by Mahendra “The Lion of Bombay” Dhoni, fresh out of Masumi Hair Salon, he and Shah Rukh having went for a quick blow and dry, and then they went to the Hairdresser.

For the old school grandfathers of cricket, sorry to say but Fast Food cricket is here to stay. I can’t wait for the test series to start, surely the Pakistani’s and maybe the Souf Effricans will still be stuck in the Pro 20 mode and Clober there way through 5 days of runs galore… or it could be over in 4o overs, and then the old geezers at Lords will spill their tea, and cricket will have been officially raped of the gentlemans game reputation it has built for centuries.

India batted, Pakistan batted, Shah Rukh appeared , Lagaan happened , India won.
And thats the way it all ended. If you thought “Body on Tap” Dhoni and Yuvraj “I look like Eric Bana” Singh, were arrogant and self obsessed before the victory, guess what, its only going to get worse… for us
Sreesanth can take a catch with his nostrils but that doesn’ stop him from “telling himself his the cutest’ , Harbhajan looks like Horrible or Terrible of Ajoodha’s bottle store fame but he goes on like his Aamir Khan in Lagaan, I can go on and on…
But they CAN play cricket and that’s all that counts…damn !

Great ambassadors for the game, Pepsi, Bollywood, and all and all

No Match report – the whole world saw the game …>

Joke of the day : Ramiz Raja saying what a great find Misbah al Haq has been, he’’ serve them well for the future
he’s retiring soon he’s 33 yeards old !But boy can the old man hit
Next time, there is no next time, Geoff Lawson out, Mickey Arthur in …never !!
If he was Pakistani Coach they would kill him and tell the cops they did it


What a day. Myself & Faaiz Oz got to the BULL Ring at about 13.30pm. With the faint hope of getting tickets.No chance. Guys were offering R1000. WMD.WHAT MUST DO. So we decided to go on a foot patrol. We got the pre match tension. The Celebrations etc Unfortunately we had to reduce the quality of our videos to get them all in. If we shot at a high resolution we would have only managed to upload a few. Although we missed out inside the stadium the streets were just as good. These videos are a MUST SEE. Look we not professional cameramen so bare with us.We had to podcast and streaming can be a tad bit troublesome.We could only accomodate these vids at 215kb per second for all of them as we shot them at low res
The fast didnt even get us.

I must admit I was dissapointed that the Paki’s lost.We watched the second innings at a nearby resturant. The Pakis were cruising and I thought Nazir’s run out was the turning point. Then the PAKIS started throwing it away. When Afridi went for a first baller I told Faaiz Oz lets hit the streets.Then a late onslaught by Misbah Ul Haq and Tanweer left us in AWE. Then I cant talk about it. 3 balls to hit a boundary and Misbah goes for the Dink.Why Misbah,Why? We met a irate Hazrat Yusuf Rasool a die hard Paki Fan. Youl see him in the third video. And the man was shattered.So close. From the dead. Alas we braced ourselves for the India Fans and the Videos tell it all .

Also there were moments where I had to do my closing line just like Altaf Kazee and other reporters. After this experience I just wanna send a message to Altaf and the rest of the journalists. I take my hat of to you okes. You guys make journalism look easy and to be infront of a camera for millions of viewers is no easy feat.

Keep up the good work and I wish you okes well in your careers.

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Comments (3)

  • Anonymous
    September 25, 2007 at 6:53 am Reply

    Misbah how could you play a shot like that? Great game though and cricket was the winner, electrifying atmosphere

  • Anonymous
    September 26, 2007 at 6:01 am Reply

    well done swoosh! good stuff.

  • Anonymous
    September 26, 2007 at 6:22 am Reply

    ekse ejaz where you from ? durban and all

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