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Amidst the doom and gloom that preceded England before this weekend 6 important points were obtained. Terry and Gerard have said that the Mohabbet (Unity) in this England team has been the very best. And it showed indeed. The Owen Heskey partnership has proven Mclarens sceptics wrong and its about the only thing right he has done in a while. .I spoke to a die hard England & Aston Villa man in the week. He is the Chairman of the VILLA supporters Club Of South Africa. We will have him on the blog shortly. He is also a passionate England FAN. We chatted about Gareth Barry whom I thought was superb in Midfield. And owen had an awesome weekend as well. 6 pionter for England and the Dark days are Over. Well lets hope so. But Azee what is it with the GAFFER and Stuart Downey. Downey is not International material.He just had to bring him on in the 90th minute. Its like Ferguson & Brian Mclair

Came back from Tarawee (Ramadaan Evening Prayers) switched to RAI and Italy were 1-0 up. Thanks to De Natale. A beautiful header from a Pirlo cross. But then the nerves started as Ukraine pressured and pressured. Shevchenko and Veronin were outstanding. Why isnt SHEVA playing for Chelsea But………..Any takers.

Ukraine were outplaying us. And then the defenders failed to clear and Sheva pounced. 1-1 and fifteen minutes left. I switched to channel 27 and THE FRENCH were 1-0 done to a resolute Scotland. I sat there numb. Panicking. All of a sudden Ambrosini glided a ball to De Natale on the counter and he cool’ly finished.2-1 to Italy. Buffon was amazing and outstanding.He denied Ukraine dozens of times. With De Rossi & Gatusso missing, ITALY had no breakers in Midfield. But we held on and the French lost 1-0. Italy are now second.We beat the Scottish and we home Dry.
Forza Azurri
Bring on the Bravehearts.

Elsewhere in Euro 2008.All the results went according to plan. Portugal though blew a lead in both games and the game ended in disgrace when Portugese coach Scolari was involved in a PUNCH UP with a Serbian Player

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