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I heard something very interesting and hilarious the other day. I was at a wedding and these toppies were talking

This Liverpool supporter who is in his late twenties said that he can’t stand all these Man Utd litys who follow football these days. The only reason they support United is because United won the league almost every year during the past decade. They just support them because they winnning. He was really going on about them and ended his point by saying

“They know nothing bout the game. They so boring!!!!”

Just then and this is where the table couldn’t stop laughing, this quiet grey haired toppie who is in his 50s told him,

“I agree, they just like the litys who were born in the 70s, they only support Liverpool cause they were winning everything in the 80s, they no nothing bout the game, they so boring!!!!!”

The guys face was as red as Anfield

Now that is a story I will tell 4ever. It was said at a wedding.

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