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Last weekend before Ramadaan (The Fasting Period). I spent it eating and with Footballers Spanish Style. Del & Fabregas. We had to go on a scouting mission. Just Scouting. But a good weekend with Sports personalities. Had to also see what badaams were available and on offer. But Sheer Class. Felt like El Mariachi or El Diablo. very Spanish with a Latin Tinge

As far as the football goes Thanks Jives and FC MAYFAIR for the Tunnel and Coat of Arms in my farewell league game before I retire next year.It was special and a the perfect Swansong to two decades of soccer. Time to pick up my tennis racket again next year.

The three lions Azee& Guvee must have been boysterous. Mclaren the MUGG finally got something right. I was impressed with the lity Micah Richards and Gareth Barry. I thought Barry was exceptional and anchored well. Good to see Owen finding the net and Big boy heskey whom I thought mad himself present. Ok lets not get carried away. Israel are not great but a sterner test awaits against the RUSSIANS. At least though England are back to winning ways. Good to see England back to winning ways.And its all about the three points.
Azee and all other England fans. this song is dedicated to you.


I have never in my life as an Italian fan seen such a atmosphere.Especially when the national Anthem was sung. 80 000 in the SAN SIRO. I was very nervous on Saturday Night. Watched the first half and a lack lustre Del Piero didnt make me happy. Rash Cassim phoned me at half time. I told him Rash. Dont Worry! We will never concede in Milan. The trip to Ukraine will be key. And a Big one it is. Canna, Zambrotta, Barzagli & Oddo were solid. I was debating with a chap about Viera having Gatusso. Gatusso was the warrior as Usual. Viera I thought fell too many times. Henry looked liek he had personal problems. His going through problems with his ex wife. And she wants half his fortune. Whats New!
Forouk looked stressed for Ramadaan. It was a predictable tactical game and now Ukraine poses a big TEST AWAY. If we lose We are finished. But the lads will come through and Its A BIG NIGHT on Wednesday. In more ways than one. I put a video which Il probably get lambasted for but WHAT the F34K. Lets revel and enjoy the special month of JULY 2006

Forza Azurri.
Ukraine Beware.

Elsewhere Iniasta rescued theSpanish who on paper are awesome.yet on the field they Not. I think Arogounis needs to be booted. the Portugese were unlucky to concede so late and The Dutch scored two belters. Wesley Shneider. Watch him. he scored a Beauty.

Lets see what happens Wednesday

And regaring Bafana…qualifying through the back door…see the post WOZA SA2010 LATER IN THE WEEK

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Comments (2)

  • Naeem
    September 10, 2007 at 2:09 pm Reply

    Well done against 3rd class team. Best display in years from the poms.Looked like a balanced team without Fat Frank in da ‘muddle’.

    But mcClown ought to be giving thx to the 3 REAL LIONS.
    Azzie, the Guv amd Mr T.
    after all, if they didnt tear the carpets on Shabe baraat, none of this wud have been possible.

  • Anonymous
    September 11, 2007 at 7:27 am Reply

    Wayne Rooney wants to play for Manchester United this weekend against Everton.
    The Sun says Rooney last night told boss Alex Ferguson he is raring to return against his old club Everton on Saturday.
    check out

    why didnt he make himself available for england than?
    fergie also has a tendency to hold onto his players at crucial times

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