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News – The Dodge Camaro – Muscle Car Reborn
It’s a stunning Muscle Car convertible concept by Dodge. Design cues & styling based on the original Camaro. This convertible concept debuted at the 2007 Detroit motor show. It came in for some rave reviews & Chevy bigwigs are planning a production release by 2009. The car will house a 6 litre small block V8 rumoured to produce a round 300Kw in its original rear wheel drive layout mated with a 6 speed gearbox & lightweight 21 inch aluminium wheels. Absolutely stunning!!

. Imagine cruising with one of these babies down mint road chewing on a Paan.

MODS – Build your own Ferrari
In theory a Ferrari is a red car with a small horse
So add one midget horse to a red car & bench*t there you go!!

Drag Scene – Top Fuel Civic
The Civic that we here in SA were robbed of, the one with the 138 Kw motor & 8200rpm rev limit, this from a 1.6litre package – the original Type R. Damn could have a have been a legend on a whole nuther playing field. Check it out it’s a B16 civic Type R turbo’d by Top Fuel. Consisting of a Blitz KKK turbo, 500cc injectors & wicked looking Buddy Club Civic aero kit. The car lashes out a respectable 230kw riding on Blitz Z1 wheels. Neat looking machine!

If I’m not mistaken this bullet appeared in Max Power’s “Beasts from the East” DVD – the flippin thing accelerated like a superbike.

Its another take on the Dino Concept and some Audi Artwork named the LOCUS

Mk1’s kitted out with Porsche wheelz – check it

Hot Spots
Sahara Production Car Championship at Zwartkops 1st Sep 2007- get ready for this one, a chance to watch some circuit racing with 350Z’s, 330i’s & A4-3.2’s battle it out.

Mr B –

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    August 29, 2007 at 5:27 pm Reply


    Keep it up.!!!

    very informative

  • Anonymous
    August 30, 2007 at 12:55 pm Reply

    nice ferrari


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