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News – Aston’s DBS
Aston Martin’s revival over the last 5 or 6 years has led to the introduction of some of stunning supercars like the DB9. Not quite as excellent as a Ferrari in the performance department or user friendly due its flawed flappy pedal gearbox but if you’ve ever seen a DB9 in the flesh strutting its stuff you will be amazed. A beautiful car with a superb sound track. Since Aston have regained there independence just recently from Ford motor company, their latest release the DBS seems to be exactly what die hard Aston fans have been waiting for. This weight saving Aston is constructed on an aluminium chassis with extensive use of Carbon fibre on the panels boot lid & bonnet. A first is the use of carbon ceramic brakes to further reduce weight by up to 65Kg. The track orientated Aston allows you to fully disengage the stability control & together with its straight six manual gearbox that would amount to a hardcore track attack. That’s right this Aston has done away with the F1 style paddles for a manual derivative to truly engage the driver. Its hand made aluminium V12 delivers 380Kw with plenty of twist peaking out at 520Nm. Capable of 300Km/h this artwork on wheels will sprint to 100Km/h in about 4s.

Motor : 6.0 Litre V12 – 6 speed manual
Power: 380Kw 520Nm @ 5000rpm
Performance: 0-100Km/h – 4.2s Top Speed: 300Km/h

Pricing in UK equates to about 2.2mil..

Mods – How to cut a bridge in half
Load an 18 Ton earth mover on a trailer & head for the interstate
Ignore any approaching bridges, or if you under the influence the bridge might look like a dark cloud so keep moving
Run for your freakin life once you realise your trucking company just bought a bridge.

Arreh bawaaa !!

Drag Scene – Signal Auto R34 Skyline
1000HP Skylines seem to be common practice these days, this one by Signal Auto is no different, damn this thing looks stunning. Kitted with HKS 2.8 stroker kit, a pair of HKS 3240 turbos & Tomei 280 degree cams. This amazing machine is a member of the RH9 club, that’s a 9 sec quarter mile on street tyres.
Hey what can you say that’s an R34 for you.

To complete the nismo trio that’s an S15 back left & a 300zx top right.

Sent in by Rehana, nice to see we have some female readership – wicked looking golf concept for the Hulk

Hot Spots
Speed & Sound Super Sport Compact Series at Tarlton raceway 26th Aug 2007 – the local drag championship continues…
Sahara Production Car Championship at Zwartkops 1st Sep 2007- get ready for this one a chance to watch some circuit racing with 350Z’s, 330i’s & A4-3.2’s battle it out.

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