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News – Renault F1 Showcase
Sundays F1 expo at Sandton City, if you missed it, you probably not a F1 or Renault fan. I had a birds eye view of the proceedings, if you had a good enough roadside spot it could have been really thrilling. I figured the okes up against the fences were there from the floppin mornin. We rocked up there at about 3 bells seen okes climbing up trees to get a view & decided to climb up a building to get ours. All in all a decent blisteringly cold F1 experience as the Renault road show hit S.A, with Alonso & Piquet charging down West Street from the Michelangelo’s.
Check it…

Big up to Mo for the 1st class seats… (AKA Louis)

en hull der wus too much fella’s der men.

Challenge Stradalia-Ferrari F430 CS
The F360 CS was released to challenge Porsche’s GT3 RS. I remember those 2 thoroughbreds do battle on the Top Gear track with the 360 straddling ahead. The CS models from Ferrari are light weight track tuned stallions capable of out manoeuvring & out pacing many a race competitor. On the books at Maranello is a F430 CS which will make around 20 more horses than the standard model but lightened & track tuned for a better power to weight ratio. Weight saving program will include plexi-glass, light weight bucket seats & extensive use of carbon fibre to reduce overall weight to around 1200 Kg which is much lighter than Gallardo’s latest offering. As standard it will feature a set of semi slick tyres. Also an interesting feature called an F1 track system will allow the traction control to be turned off whilst still enabling the stability control. This basically means you could drift it without losing control. The F1 Superfast tranny system will allow gear changes in 60ms which is faster than the Enzo’s system. Damn looks like the F430 CS will own all V8’s.

Motor 4.3Liter V8 – F1 Gearbox – 375Kw
Performance : 3.7s 0-100Km/h (expected) Top Speed around 320Km/h

Price ? HUH its more about Taqdeer respected brudders let not doonya sway us…

Mazda 3 MPS – King of the Hot Hatches?
Just launched the Mazda 3 MPS is living up to that “zoom zoom” Mazda slogan. Its just stepped into the ring with the recently launched Audi S3, Civic Type R & new Mini Turbo. Also amongst the contenders from the Volksie stable is the R32 & another German in the form of Opel’s OPC to make this battle one intense Royal Rumble. So what will set the Mazda apart? Check it – it has a limited slip diff, a boosted 2.3liter DISI turbo motor & a close ratio 6 speed gearbox to always keep you in the power band with a fantastic 380Nm of torque. The power doesn’t disappoint either with 190Kw on tap it weighs in at around 1400Kg letting it blister to 100Km.h in 6.1s. Added to that its lightweight package makes a healthy 160Kw at the wheels according a dyno test from down under. Pricing a little steep at 259K.

Motor: 2.3Litre Turbocharged 6 speed manual FWD
Power: 190Kw@5500rpm & 380Nm @3000rpm
Performance : 0-100Km/h 6.1s. Top speed 250Km/h

18 inchers as standard. Sooping up potential looks good

Mods – The Racing Clutch
This is the last of the mods which I will be covering relating to the drive train. After this manoeuvre you car will be setup quite nicely & capable of handling some serious power whether aspirated or forced induction. Just to recap I’ve already covered the flywheel & LSD, if you really want to go all the way a strengthened clutch will help hold that power & make life easier for your gear box. If you’ve already completed all the stage 1 mods then the drive train enhancements will be a great compliment to the way your car delivers that power.
Drag clutches pictured below a 6 puck Exedy & a 4 puck JGY drag clutch.

Basically a Clutch system consists of a clutch disk & pressure plate. An up rated pressure plate will be able to hold more torque as it will be able to exert more pressure when locking the transmission to the motor. If you’ve boosted your jammie to make 300kw on the wheels with a standard clutch your pressure plate won’t have enough pressure to hold that power & your clutch disk will slip against the flywheel, which wears out your clutch & could break your gearbox.

The compromise with a racing clutch is that it will affect drivability depending on the clutch plate / pressure plate combination you opt for as it gets harder to play with your clutch in bumper to bumper traffic with say a 6 puck disk, trust me I’ve tried it. For street use I would not recommend a 6 or 4 puck disk. An up rated pressure plate with standard type disk is great for street use & can handle most turbo mods. Your calves will get a better workout though.

Drag Scene
The Ferrari 599 GTB tuned by Hamann
I’m not a fan of black rims but on this cab it just adds to the deadly potential. Hamann have revised the exhaust system & designed a customized kit. The car produces around 508Kw from its Enzo based V12. Truly Wicked!!

A concept for a hatch based Subaru STi – evil.

Mr B – – what kind send sum cabs bru

Just a small anouncement to MR B and other car fanatics. I have an advertiser coming on board next week. get this ,Customise your own MAG’S. Like American Chopper. I was at teh store yesterday. Sublime.Class Rims and Big Dishes. You can customise and

have your own Unique designs. If you want the details email me so long.

See the Rim on the Haman Ferari. Get my drift. He is a buddy of mine. You okes will be impressed. His got the technolgy and the RIMS. You will be imressed. I was. felt like I was in the US.

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