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My crew & I set out on Sunday morning.Myself,Swaar,Faaiz Oz, Ebie J& Vrou,Freds & Vrou. Got there early ,Had a lekker breakfast at Baglios. One thing impressed me from the Off Set. The National Anthem of SA was played by the F1 Cars engines. Sounded Class.
The single okes then went Scouting for Badaams (Hotties) which there were plenty of. If I met a Pit babe I would have made nikkah one time. It was great being with the owes and especially with Ebie j,sincing he is a F1 Die hard.
I thought that the event dragged a bit and the F1 cars were showcased too late. It was a Long Day. At 3pm as usual the late comers tried to drux (gap) their ways to the front.Whats new. But well organised. The footage for the day was captured by Ebie J & Swaar. In the end Fisichella stopped in front of Us, Said “Howsit Swoosh,Long Time.You better put me on the Blog” and spun the F1 Car.Awesome sight. It was the first time I actually seen an F1 Car live. F#$KEN Demons. It was a great day with my crew and for POETRY IN MOTION LOL. After that we called James Gandolfini aka Tony Soprano who was in Middleburg, met some Legends and Old Faces from Campus and felt I was in 1995,meeting all the friends in Sandton. We bailed to Primi in Melrose, had some Mash and an Al Fungi Pizza and hit the freaking sack.After I updated the BADAAM of the week and P.IM. of course

But Thanks Ebie J,Vahzerz and the rest.In the words of the Blog.SUBLIME!

Myself, Faaiz Oz, Swaar, and Ebie J having a CAFE latte

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