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This months Top Car Magazine is excellent buy, I don’t often buy motoring magazines but I look out for the quality ones every now and again. July’s edition of Top Car definitely fills that category quite simply a great read.
I remember debating in my head whether I should buy the Max Power mag cos it had a few stunning nismo beasts, but it was nothing I didn’t read before. After looking at a few other local mags I settled for the Top Car cos it was wrapped & enclosed with a Ferrari wall poster, which details all the Ferrari models in history. The cover intrigued me enough to buy it as it detailed the S3 & R32 pitted against each other. More over I’m a sucker for motoring wall posters. All in all an excellent Ferrari edition of Top Car. It details the history of Enzo’s house, takes you through all the great Ferrari’s of old like the GTO & 288 GTB and also visits Viglieti Motors of Cape Town being the sole agents of Ferrari in SA. Still dig that wall poster it looks really cool. No I don’t work for Top Car but credit where it’s due.

Shopping around on E-Bay for some cool motoring stuff I came across some potentially good motoring DVD’s. It’s by Best Motoring & clips from there videos are splattered all over You Tube. Especially the M5/Gallardo/Skyline dice. That legendary dice actually is from Best Motoring Vol 19. It’s not only about Jap cars but a lot of testing on supercars like Porsche’s / Ferrari’s etc. Vol 17 pits the F430 against the Gallardo & Honda NSX – real world track dices, Jap, German even American muscle cars. Plus some great drifting action from the drift circuits. For all you VTec fans Hot Vol 4 looks a good buy with extensive testing on some Jap Spec VTecs like the Integra & also an NSX time attack.

I ordered a few, downloading drips & drabs from you tube is just annoying. At R140 bucks a pop (strong rand) they’re great entertainment for all drag heads. With a little bit of tact you can save on shipping cost by choening the seller not to send the plastic casing. Can’t wait for it to get here…

Audi S6/S8 – Are VW/Audi running out of ideas ?
How many models is VW’s 2 litre turbo used on, lets see the Gti, Audi sportback, S3, jetta /passat & also the TT. Same story with the normally aspirated 3.2 litre motor & 2.0 FSi motor. At what point do these cars start losing there originality? Like these two new S models recently released by Audi the S6 & S8 both with V10 motor borrowed from Lamborghini Gallardo bored out to 5.2liters and detuned producing 320Kw on the S6 & 11 kilowatt more on the S8. Sounds like a freakin joke who the hell bores out a motor to produce less power. With a 0-100Km/h claimed at 5.1s & 5.2s respectively, which is a joke from all that power & big ass motor. Unless these guys don’t have an RS model up there sleeve AMG’s 63/ 65 range will rule the roost and M power’sV10 a close second. Price wise a 200 grand diff between the two models starting at 800K. Just seems to boring to list the specs.

They both pretty much look the same spot the diff .. Salaa Lutchaaaa

Mods – The Limited Slip Diff
If you’ve made your mind up about dishing out some serious power & want to be really quick, then it’s not so much about power figures that counts but how you can actually put that power down to the wheels. There’s no point making say 200Kw on the wheels on your Mk2 GTi (2.0 16v of course) when all you get is wheel spin on take off, or a nice slide for a couple of seconds if you gear up too fast. Obviously a good set of wide tyres & big enough rim makes a difference, but the secret lies in installing a limited slip diff or LSD. Most cars have what you would call an open diff & because of this under most driving conditions it will send all of its torque to the wheel that looses traction under acceleration. This will not help if you looking for the best quarter mile time as power will be sent to the wheel with least traction. Great for burnouts & show boating but not for blitzing!!

A limited slip diff will send power to both wheels even under low traction conditions, which will help with straight line launches & powering out of corners. To install one you will have to strip your gearbox & replace the stock diff with your aftermarket LSD. A pain staking jobs indeed. While you at it you might as well gooi in the lightened flywheel which I already covered & race clutch which I’ll discuss next week
Phantom Grip LSD pictured below it’s a disc type LSD which locks both wheels under hard acceleration.

Just ordered me one of these babies from the states, some makes like Quaife can be really expensive we talking 7 to 8K just for the part, the Phantom unit is a bit more reasonable, depends on the purpose really all out track or occasional. Locally I don’t know of any company that manufactures LSD’s so it’s exclusively available on import. Not for your average Goolam robot racer but a worthwhile investment indeed for an aspiring track attack-ster…

Drag Scene – All about Muscle Cars
Nice reposnse from readers sending in some cool pics, check it …

Sent in By Johan something really unique a 13 Litre V8 Cobra built in Germany by a company called Weineck apparently blasting out 810Kw. It will blitz to 300Km/h in 10s. It has a 4 speed tranny & can pull a c

ontinent with its 1700Nm torque. Respek !!

Forwarded by Ahmed – Vintage Chevy, being built in a limited edition of 100. Its built on a Corvette C6 chassis & styling based on late 50’s chevy’s of 57’ 58’ & 59 including the Impala. Dubbed the “789” it will house the 2005 Corvette 6.0 Litre V8 motor which is capable of around 300Kw and a 6 speed manual or auto gearbox. Absolutely Stunning car !!!

Hot Spots
Coming up 27th July at Wesbank Raceway Ferodo DS Illegal 2 Legal- night racing, drifting, da works my fellow huggahs – so check it!!

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Comments (6)

  • SETH
    July 24, 2007 at 8:41 am Reply

    So who won the legendary dice between the M5/Gallardo/Skyline ?

  • Faaiz
    July 24, 2007 at 10:05 am Reply

    Mr B you make me laugh, keep up the humour.
    Awesome looking chev, not a fan of american cars but that vintage is sexy.
    As for the videos’ buy one and make copies with a handheld camera and plz whatever you do make sure someone gets up in front of you and there shadow is visible coz otherwise the okes in fordsburg wont sell it coz thats the pre-requisite

  • Naeem The Red Devil
    July 24, 2007 at 10:01 pm Reply

    Mr b,how bout a post dealing with suspensions? Lowering kits etc….which ones r the best n who is the best at doing it..

  • Anonymous
    July 25, 2007 at 7:48 am Reply

    oh my… i knew this was coming. what a special… lowered suspensions. Might as well ride a horse… its a smoother ride

  • Anonymous
    July 25, 2007 at 8:32 am Reply

    Seth the skyline dice caused alot of controversy the last time Sato mentioned it, cos Sato is a Skyline freak. PLianly put the Skyline whipped them all , its on You Tube if you willing to download the 15 min clip.
    Else order the video from E-Bay dude !!

    Naeem I mentioned dropped suspensions a couple of weeks ago but not in detail check the history on Jet Fuel. Will keep you idea in mind & work on an article so look out for it.

    Faaiz i got a DVD write so I’ll use da “ma-quera’s” in fordsburg to sell a few. Dont know if it will cause M5 sales to start dropping. Keep up the comments.

    MR B

  • Anonymous
    July 25, 2007 at 9:04 am Reply

    Mr B I’m not buying the DVD from da majimbo’s in fordsburg. those okes dont make istinja, I’ll have to give that DVD a ghusl before playing it, c’mom broo organize a copy , what kind.
    whers dat red beast of yours, haha i seen on da dyno

    Sato – Nismo nternational

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