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Like I said this blog will always be home to our owes who have excelled in Sport, gone the extra mile and been where most of us dreamed to be. It definatley requires a high level of commitment and dedication. And when our owes do that Swoosh0018 will and MUST GIVE THE LIMELITE. This week Mohammed Bhamjee is no exception. And I had to get him ONE ON ONE. Firstly here is a little profile on Mohammed “Jives”

PLAYED FOR: Moraca Swallows , SA PREMIERSHIP, (1997-99)
PLAYED FOR: Manning Rangers , SA PREMIERSHIP, (1999-01)
PLAYED FOR: Santos , SA PREMIERSHIP, (2001-02)
PLAYED FOR: Sundowns , SA PREMIERSHIP, (2002-04)
PLAYED FOR: Alexandrea Utd ,2nd Division, (2004-06)
PLAYED FOR: Victory Sports Club ,MALDIVES, (2006)
HONOURS:Earned Silver medal in BP top 8 Cup and Gold medal in Telkom Charity Cup with Sundowns FC
-Cup Winners Cup Gold medal and FA CUP bronze medal in the Maldives
Misc: SA Under 17: 18 Caps
SA Under 20: 22 Caps
SA Under 23: 1 Caps
Winning Under 17 Cup
Under 17 Qualifiers for the African Youth Championships
Under 20 African Youth Championship Runners Up
Under 20 World Youth Championship in Malaysia
So thats impressive….Lets dive straight into the Interview

Jive, I fought battles with you on and off the field…And like I always said this blog will showcase our guys that have made it to the highest level. I know you come from a footballing family. How did it all begin?
Jive: thanks del. it started at the age of 4 when i saw my 1st soweto derby chiefs vs pirates at orlando stadium from that day i decided i will give it all to be a professional footballer .
swoosh: I know its difficult for Indians to break through. When and how did the break come for you. Im sure you were thrilled.
jive: the name jive and the break came when i was selected from the wits u16 team to represent guateng province at the national u17 champs in P.E from the national champs they were going to select the national u17 team , so from 300 players they chose 20 and i was part of the 20 players . it was difficult for me because i had to play for a association that destoyed my dad but i went out there and did the job
swoosh: Not as thrilled when you got called up to the National Team. Better feeling.?
When you heard you were representing your country. You must have been in the class of Fabregaz on matchday?
jive: in first national game i was only 15years old and to sing that national anthem gave me the jitters it felt like the goal cesc scored against juve .
swoosh: You have to be super fit I pesume. Ho was it to keep up the pace and training in the National Youth teams? Also I see that you played with the likes of Delron Buckley, Stanton Fredericks, Junaid Hartley, Calvin Marlin, core of the squad representing SA today?What was it like?
jive: well it was great but back than we all just out there to make our name its not easy they were times when i did not go to school for weeks we had to go to training camps, not seeing your family but it was all worth it . back than the national teams were picked on merit .guys like junaid and stanton we played at club level together so we helped each other settle .
swoosh: I see you were part of the squad that won the Under 17 Youth Championship. How was it.tell us more?
jive: it was great because out of 300 players i was in the 1st eleven and ended up being second highest goal scorer of the championships 1 goal behind Steve Lekolaya. Thats when alot of the p.s.l clubs started looking at us .
swoosh: The Under 20 World Youth Championship in MAlaysia..Probably played against some great players from around the world. How was the atmosphere, the feeling of being in a foreign country representing your country against the rest of the world?
jive: to qualify for that was great we qualified by becoming runners up in the u20 caf cup we lost to morroco . being the 1st SA team to qualify for a world cup . we drew 1 game and lost 2 . we lost to france they had players like Henry . Trezeguet .so it was a great experience . that under 20 team was great and if kept together we were going to shock the world but you know football polotics . thats where Benni got spoted
swoosh: Have to ask you this Jive. Do the badaams(hot women) > go mad for footballers in Uniform throughout your travels?
jive: badaams all around the world go mad for footballers but they can even destoy you
i think badaams feel if they can control the ball so good imagine what they can do in bed.
swoosh: On a local front. I see you started off with Swallows. and then later Sundowns, where you were their for a while and won some honours.How were you embraced by the other players knowing that you were Indian?
jive: because i came from the u20 team players at those clubs respected you but you did find a few jealous players. at swallows I made my debut at 18 years old and till today I am one of the few players to score on debut . the goal was against cape town spurs and the golakeeper at the time was Andre Arense former bafana keeper.
Sundowns was great team to play in it had world class playerss,At Sundowns I have B.P top 8 medal I have a charity cup medal and a runners up medal CAF Champions league we lost to Al Ahly .I learnt alot under some great coaches.
swoosh: Can you tell us of some of the training regimes employed by the top clubs.? Are they strict when it comes to Discipline?
jive: at sundowns we use to train twice aday for 1and ahalf hour per session
start 9am session 1, session 2 starts at 3pm . so basically i was out of the house from 8am until 6pm .only on friday we had 1 session . but I was used to it because I was doing it all my life . at my time at SUNDOWNS in 2 years I only missed 1 week of training due to being in hospital so your discipline has to be high and remember if you miss training the club fine you R500 PER SESSION that you miss.
swoosh: And playing in front of huge crowds. Is there alot of Nerves. I know Swallows and Sundowns are a passionate Bunch?
jive: to play infront of a crowd is more exciting and it brings the best out of the a footballer nerves are, good till today I still get nerves even when i play a friendly or indoor soccer it keeps you hungry for the game .

swoosh: What were some of your highs during your career Jives?
jive: in football my highs were playing for my country from u17 to u23
playing for some great teams and playiing under some good coaches
winning jnr CAF cups
starting my own club called F.C.mayfair that is a achievment because what ever I experienced I would like to pass it on to the up and coming players.
and playing in the P.S.L
but in my in my life i have 2 great achievments . 1/ the day i married my wife [ shereen] 2/ the birth of my kids .

swoosh: And the Lows?
jive: I have alot of lows . 1/ not staying at Crystal Palace in England when I was offered a contract . 2 / my lowest point is not achieving more in the game
3/ the day I almost quit football after i was suppose to sign a contract at Chiefs and i was told becuase of polotics they can not sign me and the coach Ted Dimituru wanted me , but thats life in south africa.

swoosh: Are you close friends with any of the top players past and present at the moment?Must have had many and met many? HOW ARE THEY OFF THE PITCH?
jive: ya players will always be intouch . i talk alot to stanton , tebogo moloi . shakes kugwane, junaid . myself and benni were room mates at the jnr national team ,but i never spoke to him in a while .

swoosh: How was the Maldives.I see you got some honours there. Is football passionate down there. Tell us about the people,the pressure ,atmosphere etc?
jive: maldives was great it came at a time in my life when I wanted to quit football and going there and playing and wiining cups for the club gave me the hunger and beleive to go on. football in Maldives is the biggest sport and english football is shown everywhere. but people are down to earth i guess all people that are come from hard backgrounds are very good and friendly people .
swoosh: What was the most memorable goal you ever scored Jives.?
jive: the goal I scored in the arican youth semi final against Zambia it was the winning goal a bicycle kick .
but every goal I score till today I enjoy it becuase as player you must enjoy and celebrate every goal it keeps you hungry for more.

swoosh: DO you know the phrase AI AH CHICA CHICA, or do you know about the balck audi leaving the …… How did you feel when Thabo the boy became a man and cried to the Block park faithful.?
jive: you have to ask my wing man about that . about thabo and every f.c.mayfair player they are not only good players but good friends and as a coach when you develop players and see improvement in them it brings you great joy.

swoosh: Im f#$ing around?. What was the best venue you played at?Why
swoosh: Jive you an Arsenal Fan..Cesc Fabregaz???.
With the loss of Ti Ti. Can you forcast the season ahead?
jive: TITI was graet for the gunners and it will be difficult to replace him but i think with all the talk about Ti Ti the other players will give extra effort and i think last season they learned to play without him. the big thing for arsenal to do is make sure MR WENGER stays because his a magical man he can even make larry and naeem fakir super stars .
swoosh: Did I ever tell you Wenger is my uncle.His married in my family: Where too from here my man..I believe you playing a season in India?.Tell Kamal Dev Daz, to hook u up there. He organized Bipasha Basu for Ronaldo..Whats in store in India.?Hows the soccer sitiation there..I know you will be Bigger than Sharukh Khan. Bring me back a Bollywood Badaam?
jive: the india thing is in the pipe line myself and the club jist need to finalise personal terms . for you and hazrat i will bring back any bollywood star you want , but the question to you and hazrat is will you take her back……….
swoosh: Remember the TV progra
m Give Heh anuder chance. Of Course Il take Pamela Anderson back. Dont know bout Hazrat. Shave a Swoosh sign on the head.Any chance of making a comeback to the local PSL,at any stage? I mean when do you ever get a chance to speak to Pamela Anderson & Keely Hazel in SUN CITY,having a cocktail at the Cascades. and ask her on a date.
jive: in south africa you never know but unless the teams start picking players on merit we gonna have a problem . but i will keep playing and doing my best and if local club gives me a chance i will take it but at the moment if i have to leave the country to prove myself then so be it.I love challenges.
swoosh: thanks Jives?All the best for the future Bro. Any advise for any lities reading the Blog on how to get where you are. Training Disipline etc?
Get an autograph from Ashwarya Rai for me
jive: ya firstly thanks to you for giving me this oppurtunity and lets hope all goes well for you, please if i am not around you have to send me a invite if you or the wing man get hooked .

to the younger footballers
train hard, relax on the nice times, be humble
and never give up on your dream always believe in yourself and ability.



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Comments (8)

  • Anonymous
    July 17, 2007 at 5:53 pm Reply

    What a chap!!!

    All the best for the future Bro
    Good to see our guys out there!

  • Anonymous
    July 17, 2007 at 5:54 pm Reply

    Seen him play…class…good luck on the future!!!


  • Anonymous
    July 18, 2007 at 8:46 am Reply

    Great interview.We need more owes like this.All the best for the future.

  • Anonymous
    July 18, 2007 at 8:59 am Reply

    Good luck in India and bring those two Zeenat Aman for Swoosh and Shilpa Chetty for Hazrat…

    Good luck with the ball though

  • Punisher
    July 18, 2007 at 12:46 pm Reply

    Well done jives. I mean your skills on the field are clearly better than the one in your brain – How can you support the Gunners? And to top it all your bro is a scouser….ay ay ay.
    May you shine on the field in India and defintely do some importing for Swoosh and Hazrat

  • Anonymous
    July 18, 2007 at 3:59 pm Reply

    class act!


  • Anonymous
    July 19, 2007 at 3:24 pm Reply

    thanks for the great interview. hope our lighties can learn from this.

    good luck for the future

    listen, if you need an MTN contract or maybe the PSL needs, gimme a call. ;-))

    details on the blogspot.


  • Anonymous
    July 19, 2007 at 9:50 pm Reply

    Top Guy… A gentleman off the field. Well done Swoosh…Our guys were there…and will get there.

    Good Luck for the Future

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