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I think the theme this week is definately Bollywood. First Christiano Ronaldo and then a class video. Apparantly the AIFA awards are coming to Fordsburg. Theres some talent here man. I had my reporters out on the scene and KENTUCKY MILK BAR AND UZAYR JHETAM PRODUCTIONS got me this clip. Thanks Gentleman. First was the lity Studla and now this owe. I urge everybody to watch this VIDEO,ITS SOMETHING ELSE.
If you dont have YOU TUBE.GET IT. Amithab has requested this bloke to star in the movie DOOM 10..It about 2010 World Cup, and the Gau Train,etc.
NOW SHARUKH KHAN . EAT YOUR HEART OUT MY FRIEND,Because this owe is the next Bollywood sensation.In the ords of the BLOG it can only be Sublime……
Swoosh0018 in conjunction with Kentucky and Uzayr bring you …….. BACHAN…He has to be a Bachan

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