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News – Alfa – For Beauty
This has to be one of the most stunning new concepts around – the Alfa 8C Competizione. It oozes style, finesse, poise, class, damn words fail. Sheer admiration for those sleek curves & silky smooth lines, superb! Alfa are to build a limited edition of this car powered by some variant of a Ferrari V8 block displacing close to 4.7 litres estimating 330Kw. The body will be constructed of carbon fibre with a space frame chassis, the final production version is expected by 2009. It debuted at the Frankfurt motor show a couple of years back and parent company Fiat look set to take it to production also intending to produce a Spider version soon.

Specs: 4.7 litre V8 330Kw = great for show boating Price: Bow Morgoo !! (Very Expensive)

Lexus LFALexus are preparing to release a supercar of their own named the LFA, a 5 litre V10 producing in the region of 375 Kw was spotted doing test laps at the Nurburg ring. The 2 seater is capapble of hitting a top speed of 320Km/h. Spotted here at the Nurburg Ring

BMW’s CS Concept made it debut at the Shanghai Motor Show. It has a controversial design which looks very bullish. Its not certain where BM execs will fit this design. Some say it will be the new 8 series to rival Merc CLS. Others, it could be the new 7 series which could feature some variant of BM’s commercial V10… interesting. Since BMW released the last 5 & 7 series looks like they hired a Korean designer.

Legend – BMW 325is (one for da blog mamoo)
You vying for a spin down da street in your 325is , vying to pick up your cherrie, as you get to the first stop street still on your street, after about 10 glares from laaities on who’s faces you can lip sink “yoh yoh aai esss”, as you slow down at the stop street 4 okes appear out of nothing with a bandook in your face you skrik lekker cos “e – hi jack”. Next thing you know u watching sabc one & sum bansula kwaito video’s playing & some oke is doing downuts in your cab. Fcuk me is it worth it being constantly afraid as you drive this Beast Most Wanted – being one of the most high risk cars to own. With that sweet sounding six pot motor, the kind of sound you will only here at track day event of group N racing maybe it is. No other standard beemer or any other car for that matter has quite matched that E30 IS engine sound/exhaust note, a legend on the street & likewise a legend wit da chorrs.

The 325i Shadowline 2 door released in 1988 – I’m no Blik expert but consider this as the first 325IS.
It had a 2.5 liter straight six M20 motor producing 126Kw also had a bit of a body kit compared to standard 325i.
The Evo I 325IS displaced 2.7liter six cylinder & made 145Kw released in1991 it was getting its ass kicked by the Opel Super Boss in group N racing so BMW released the Evo II also 2.7liter six cylinders but whipped out 155Kw released in 1992 which basically had modifications done to the motor with the help of Alpina. Alpina matched the cylinder heads to the camshafts, with longer duration cams & an Alpina Air flow meter.
Performance wise the rear wheel drive monster known for its solid feel & sharp handling climbed mercilessly through the revs when you kicked down, 0-100km/h on the Evo II is just over 7s.
Locally Alpine also released a turbo edition I S making 210kw, 0-100km/h in 6.5s as tested by Car Magazine back in the day. It featured shortened conrods with reduced compression ration of 7.6:1, a Mitsubishi turbo with FMIC & Bosch Motronic ignition system.

Local bemmers – this is one clean IS which has one a couple BMW awards. Original spec with BBS wheels also flowed & ported head.

Owes from Cape Town might recognise this EVO one – mint condition, diamond black, hows dat floppin wheel – a legend of a wheel The WORK Ewing.

IS Overkill – Big Up to “Yusuf .K” who sent me pics below of pimped out IS with M3 wheel.

Mods – Flowed Throttle Body
“Flowed” basically means smoothing out, thinning, lightening, polishing & clearing imperfections. All these actions can add up to significantly improved air flow, which will result in more power & improved throttle response The throttle body is located between the air flow sensor & intake manifold. It consists of a butterfly type opening that is controlled by acceleration, at low revs its slightly to half open at high revs its fully open. This tricky little mod is good for improving rev response as it increases air intake & allows air to flow into the intake manifold at a higher rate. Basically the throttle bore & separators are smoothed out, the throttle blades(butterfly) are thinned & smoothed out, the edges can also be knife edged. It all comes down to the type of throttle body. To take it a step further you can increase the bore size of your throttle by let say 2 to 3 mm. This will then require matching a bigger butterfly to the opening & well worth it. This mod should be done by a qualified experienced engineer & can cost around 500 bucks +. Now the real sh*t starts big power = duk zuk.

A fellow nismaniac managed to take a Infiniti V8 90mm throttle body (below) & shoved it on a 2liter Sr20 motor, turbo’d of course, the result – kicking !!

Drag Scene – Maybach Exelero
Something totally different this week bench*t a floppin Maybach. I found out a little more about this car after it was circulating the mails & would you believe, it was tested at the high speed circuit in Nardo Italy at 350 Km/h. The car is a one off built for tyre company Fulda to demonstrate its capability of the Exelero high performance tyre, hence the name Maybach Exelero. A pretty heavy car weighing in at 2.6 tonnes it displaces a 6.0 litre twin turbo motor blasting to 100km/h in 4.4s. With over a 1000Nm of torque you could probably use it as an earth mover.
Motor : 6.liter twin turbo
Power: 515Kw/ 1020Nm@5000 rpm
Performance: 0-100/km/h – 4.4s, Top Speed 350Km/h

To the bat mobile – Wicked!!

Hot Spots
The speed and sound birthday bash to be held at Tarlton raceway on the 17th Jul 2007.

Mr B – send them car pics to

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Comments (7)

  • Faaiz
    July 3, 2007 at 12:34 pm Reply

    Shit that maybach looks nice and i dont like merc’s but nice rims and side exhaust and looks massive, Mr B that beemer doesnt look to bad either, will definately have a big prescence on the road and im sure a even bigger engine

  • Anonymous
    July 3, 2007 at 8:37 pm Reply

    that BM CS concept looks crap Merc are quitely running away with Kilowatt battle The SL 65 now thats a machine 450Kw.
    BM dont have enough models to keep up with MERC who are in a class of their own. You right about the design of the 5 & 7 series its utterly rubbish, they had to facelift the seven cos sales were so bad. merc designers must be laughing theier socks off.

    Merc fan

  • Anonymous
    July 4, 2007 at 8:25 am Reply

    That alfa is just stunnning man. what would you say is a better conversion flowed throttle or individual throttles ?

    Supra Man

  • Anonymous
    July 5, 2007 at 5:34 am Reply

    I think the design of the 5 series is a disaster. I dont know whether Chris Bangle is high on ZOLL or what but I think BM designs should be more conservative & elegant.
    Faaiz i think that CS concept looka wierd man, if u had to put a KIA badge on it no would tell tell the differnce.
    Supra man, I would go for flowed bored out Throttle by lets say 3mm, makes a big differece to rev response. Bear in mind cost factor individual throttles could end up costing upto 10k.

    Mr B

  • Faaiz
    July 6, 2007 at 8:54 am Reply

    Merc fan thats why 1.3 million bmw’s were sold last year compared tp 1.1 million merc so even with your extended range its to bad less people buy them. 5 series outsells the e-class so are the merc designers really laughing their socks of or as usual you just misinformed. Mr B I think its got a good aggressive look yet sporty, im a fan of bangle and everyone has their preferences, those who like it will buy it and those who dont wont

  • Anonymous
    July 8, 2007 at 8:43 am Reply

    faaiz what you implying is because toyota sales dwarfs BM sales in the biggest car market in the world being the US incl premium class (lexus) toyota is the better brand. Be a bit subjective man its not like you own BMW the way you vouching for them. The new BM designs came under alot of scrutiny by the international press. Dont be a sheep vouch for an underdog.
    Lets face it Merc apeals to more more wealthy affluent individuals than BM worlwide, therefore the bigger range.

    Supra Man

  • Faaiz
    July 10, 2007 at 10:57 am Reply

    Supra man it doesnt take a brain surgeon to understand what i said, toyota’s are badged with a toyota badge and Lexus with a lexus badge even though toyota owns lexus toyota is a seperate entity completely, i dont see Aston Martins with a Ford badge or being compared to a ford coz they seperate. Yes lexus is a direct competitor of BMW and if they sold more lexus than they a better selling brand than BMW because people were willing to part with their money for a Lexus and not a BMW even though the price is exactly the same. I will vouch for BMW coz i drive one and i love my M3 and i drove the Merc equivelents but got no excitement whatsoever. Out of Merc’s overall sales i guarantee you the highest selling models are those in direct competition with BMW and for every BMW model launched their is a competitor in a Merc Badge and the fact is they dont sell as much. Maybach is not contributing volumes to their overall sales and neither is the other exclusive models they have now is it? In life their will always be critics but if you dont like BMW’s styling its simple just dont buy one and if a critic can convince you not to buy a car before you drove it than i guess you the sheep, have your own personality and if you think something is nice say it even if you criticised coz thats who you are dont justify your argument because critics criticised the car coz all of us dont follow the flock we actually individuals. Your opinion is Merc appeals to more affluent individuals and mines isnt but that does not make my argument right or wrong neither yours coz its our opinions. The only judge is sales my friend and who’s willing to part with their hard earned money. If Lambo is selling more than Ferrari its obvious people prefer Lambo more than Ferrari because its the same price bracket and the fact is those people who bought BMW’s preferred them over Merc’s because for the same money they could have bought a Merc but they didnt

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