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Just released the Audi S3, according to Audi powered by a modified version of the same motor as the GTI to produce 188Kw plus Quattro would put the car right up against the Scooby WRX Sti.
No doubt that dice would cause major damaal. Early indications are that the Scooby will blitz the S3. According to Audi stats the S3 will sprint o 100Km/h in 5.9s – very disappointing!! That’s no where near Scooby territory. Coupled with sport suspension & 18” alloys it should hit 250km/h, so let’s wait & see…
Audi S3
Motor: 2 litre FSI turbo, Quattro, straight six manual (nice)
Power: 188Kw / 350Nm @6000rpm
Performance Top speed: 250Km\h, 0-100Kmh:5.9s (like your average goolam will hit 5.9s every time)

Those Bavarian Maestro’s on de udder hand are cooking one hot & spicy terkhari. Spy shots of a supposed 135 Ti have emerged. Rumoured to be powered by a 3 litre turbo motor pushing out 225Kw. Insider info state that this model could be called the 135i M Coupe with the same motor as the 335i.Should take on the Scooby quite nicely.

Maybe not cos the scooby looks like its one step ahead of the game The 2008 Subaru STi sporting a much better design than previous models looks sure to take the game to a whole new level. The tweaked 2.5 litre flat four (boxer) motor will punch out about 235Kw twisting at 430Nm. That would be sure to leave the germans playing amongst themselves. Cos the only real contender for this black belt is the Mitsubishi Evo X (6th den), which looks a hell of a lot better. Looks like Mitsubishi are sticking with the straight 2 litre motor that has killed off Subaru many times before. Word has it the Evo will belt out about 230kw, but anythings possible here cos the Evo 9 FQ400 easily made 298kw huh huh. I remember those Top Gear fundi’s chasing down a Murcielago on the track with it. That was floppin unbelievable.
The Evo Looks sorted

Scooby looks much better than previous bug eye models, anyone’s guess which design will finalize

Product News – EVC Boost Controller
For all you turbo hazrits HKS who released the original electronic boost controller & revolutionised the turbo aftermarket, have released the new EVC Boost Controller. It “has improved boost stability for maintaining pressure at high RPMs providing increased top-end power” and “if over boosting occurs, boost pressure can be programmed to drop to a user preset level”. It has an LCD display & three button interface for easy setup. Sounds lekker, probably only available from da import sellers like NX Gen & import parts = dik Zuk!

Legend – Mitsubishi Evo FQ400
That’s right this sledge hammer out manoeuvred a lambo on the Top Gear track. Built to celebrate Mitsu’s 30th anniversary the FQ400 churns out 298Kw from a turbocharged 2.0 motor. The car was built as a limited edition of just 100 in the UK by Mitsubishi’s motorsport division Ralliart in partnership with a few other tuners. This weapon of mass destruction will bullet to 100Km/h in 3.5s, purely super car territory The scud has been built with some high tech sh*t including a Motec ECU, HKS conrods & 680cc injectors, Iridium spark plugs & carbon fibre trimmings. It was sold with all the normal warrantees & service plans which make it the fastest AWD production saloon car ever built by a major manufacturer. When it passes you at 280 Kmh with those lightweight black Team Dynamics alloys you’ll think its airborne – nuff respek to that!!

Mitsubishi MR FQ400
Motor: 2 litre turbo (Custom Garret GT twin ball bearing), AWD, 6 speed manual
Power: 298Kw / 480 Nm @7400rpm
Performance Top speed: 280Km\h, 0-100Kmh:3.5s. Arreh Bapojeee

Mods – Stage 2 think about it …
You’ve completed all the stage one mods your cars giving you great fuel consumption, brilliant power, excellent response & best of all you whipping most other cars. Lekker !! leave it that way, do not fiddle any more bhai.
The need for speed is intoxicating so for all da okes who have the urge for more power & want to seriously compete on the track its time to move on to some stage 2 mods. There’s no definite boundaries between these stages they are just classified in a way that’s progressive & makes sense. So over the next couple of weeks we checking out performance throttles, race clutches, lightened flywheels, gas flowed heads, cut cams & the list freakin goes on man. This is where some serious money is spent. The mods here are by no means cheap, mistakes can cost you dearly. Quality of workmanship could mean second best. So be sure to check out mekies reputations before dealing with them. In most cases mekies will deal with some type of engineer, find out who they are what work they’ve done & talk to some of their customers.
Time to break into the 14’s respected elders & brudders

Drag Scene – Ferroli’s Double Trouble
Robbie Ferroli’s twin engined Mk1, heres one for da Golf Boyz, this little bandook has 2 motors one driving each set of wheels it takes all wheel drive to a whole new level. A 2 litre 16v in the front & a 1.8 in the back both motors boosted to produce around 200Kw per motor makes this 400kw scalpel unleash a top speed of 280Km/h. Heard this car recently retired not sure how true, should be flippin expensive running 2 of everything including 2 VR6 gearboxes, 2 x KKK K26/27 hybrid turbos & 2 sets of 550cc injectors.
Performance: 0-100km/h in 4s, Top speed 280Km/h, ¼ mile in 13.5s

Trick question: how fast will it go in reverse?

Some dude sent me these pics – deadly E30 euro spec check dem deep dish rims & Schnitzer 335i…

Mr B – If you have any cool car pics send them to

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Comments (7)

  • Anonymous
    June 27, 2007 at 9:48 am Reply

    I have been fortunate enough to sit in one of these new S3s that has been tweaked by Audi themselves. Trust me when I say its far from disappointing. Be sure that a couple of anti Audi people are going to be in for a surprise when they come up against one at the robots.

  • Anonymous
    June 27, 2007 at 10:19 am Reply

    How Abt adding the prices to the cars. I wanna check if i can afford it. Thanks. Nice write up btw

  • Faaiz
    June 27, 2007 at 11:39 am Reply

    Mr B please include prices, it will allow us to see just how much money its going to cost for extra kilowatts. Have to disagree with you i think the new and old scooby factory standard is not so appealing to the eyes but fantastic engine, in Aus its pitted against 350z coz they cost exactly the same and the Z is beautiful, GM can surely make it a little more sporty and sexier. Shit that dish is stunning on the E30, nice looking car and thanks for the updates and pics

  • Anonymous
    June 27, 2007 at 1:21 pm Reply

    Liverpool players and fans are only good at sucking cock


  • Anonymous
    June 27, 2007 at 1:22 pm Reply

    Liverpool players and fans are only good at sucking cock


  • Anonymous
    June 28, 2007 at 6:11 am Reply

    I went to one an Audi dealer to check out an R32, the car just didn’t have any appeal, from the front it looks like a Jetta 5, unless you squint you’ll notice the R32 badge. The side & back look like a fancy 2.0 FSI with tail pipes by power flo fordsburg.
    I expected this car to be extraordinary. The S3 looks alot better will cost 344K compared to R32 336K. Sports seats cost about 20k more but are really uncomfortable. For car value between 330 to 400k I would personally negotiate a good deal on a Mitsubishi Evo 8. Great handling, flippin quick & sharp looks.

    Good suggestion about pricing, I will list if available.

    Mr B

  • Anonymous
    June 29, 2007 at 10:18 pm Reply

    who da hell is this fcuking clown writing about liverpool fans, take your issues & suck on it u prick. How do u know what they good at have u been watching u freak.

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