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Thunnie-One on One with Waseem Koor

Thunnie-One on One with Waseem Koor



This week the I caught up with a lad who I think has ranked among the best in his time. He has maaled for a while, played some Euro Champs and World Cups as well as the Champions league fixtures. I seen him personally square up to the likes of Pele’s & Maradi’s and even the Zidanes and Beckhams. I would equate him to the Platini of Thunnie. Skilled , And A controlled temprement….. Maybe winning a Euro or Champs League in his time but never the Big one. Like Platini in Midfield the lad was calm and controlled. I think him and his partner Zee Mayet deserve the Big One if it arises.Lets see what the Platini of Thunnie had to say.

Swoosh:What is your take on this Gknotts & Gminty Champions Post. Have you beaten these ba#tarsds in your time?
Waseem Koor: Super guys without a doubt, they indeed won the last official tournament. be that as it may it is definitely not a true reflection of the coveted “thunnie champs” title. lets be frank there have been two soccer worlf cups since those fellows got the title, if they want to hold on to that title they will need to square up with some serious challenge.
to answer your second question Swoosh, those two fellows were one of my biggest garaaks (customers) who felt the wrath of my prowess and finesse on a regular basis. i use to piss on those guys.

Swoosh: Who do you think was the Pele & Maradona of Thunnie IN UR TIME?
WK: it would be impossible to single out any particular greats during my time, needless to say there were many talented individuals who contributed there own personal style and approach to the beautiful game. Thunnie is an eternal learning experience Swoosh, and being the avid student of the game i would take time out to watch the so called dons as well as the lighties, with the sole objctive of bettering my game.

Swoosh:Who was the biggest hiding you dished to on Campus in ur days?
WK: There were many notable hidings on Campus. Many of the blog readers may have felt the brunt, so I don’t want to open all those old wounds.
But I can say this, and my putner (zee mayet) will bear testament to the fact that one of the most notable hidings i dished out in my time was to the current champions, gknots and gminty. my mind goes back to the lovely spring day on east campus, when my putner and i sat down with gknotts and gminty for a marathon of thunnie. it was a pre arranged best of five games, where we dished out a 5-0 drilling of the punks, which included an un precedented no call kanak, a wash as well as two twenty kanaks. those champs were left distraught with nowhere to hide there shame.

Swoosh: Did u ever wush or 20 kanack some MUGGS?
WK: Plenty of times…. Too many times to count. there are many allumni of wits who still walk around to this day carrying the scars of the 20 kanacks my putner and i dished out. i apologise that it may not look too good on their cv’s, but remember this my boys, it did’nt kill you it only made you stronger.

Swoosh: How do you think Gkotts & Gminty/ or you guys would have faired against the greats, like Shaka & Rid one, Mollies & Ballie, Nielan & Sivenesan , Saleem & kaveeer, BIG MOH & Zoobair, Bilal and LITY and the many others famous duo’s?
WK: Talk is cheap. I say we raid the old age homes, and bring out the dinosaurs. lets settle the score once and for all.

Swoosh What happened to you guys that year, Who knocked you owes out?
WK: Swooshman, I honestly dont know what happened that year, in the build up to the tournament my putner and i were deservedly the title favourites, and the only way i can some it up is that we had a bad day, as simple as that.(yes bloggers, it happens to the best of us as well)

Swoosh Those were the days u must agree. U think the lighties at Wits Today are in those leagues. What is the standard at Wits anyway. Have you heard ?Who are the f/((ken Podolskys and Ronaldinhos or they more like the Jabu Pules & BENNI’S. Do you think you will find any owes in the class of MANICH.(ALWAYS UP FOR THE BIG OCCASSION) OR the Owes like CAFU, working /and maaling for long hours down the right wing?
WK: I got no idea how the lighties will fare against us, or whether they are keeping up the tradition of Indian campus life. for all i care these lighties must been using MXIT to signal each other.
If these lighties think they got the balls and think they got what it takes, i will more than gladly show them how thunnie is played and put an end to their dillusions.

Swoosh I know East Campus was considered as THE EUROPE of Thunnie and West more like the South America.Was there a big Comparison?
WK: Not really, we left behind sulky moods, battered egos and wet faces everywhere we played, so I cant really say that one side of campus was better than the other.

Swoosh The greats say that The East Campus Canteen was like Wembley. AND WHEN WALKING to the Canteen from the Steps was like making the trip toward the Twin Towers. How was this Arena.Was it Special as its made out to be. Talk us through some memories and dishings there?
WK: truth be told Swoosh it was definitely an experience to play in the old east campus canteen, that is before they turned it into fordsburg square. my first campus experiences of thunnie took place over there, i earned my stripes in that canteen.

Swoosh: Owes are calling for the big one. Who will u take into battle with you and u think the owes should get together and host the Mother? The f&*ken World Cup OF THUNNIE? I MEAN KABEER GOOR WANTS TO ORGANISE DEGS & SHIT AND MAYBE PUT THIS GKNOTTS & GMINTY CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE RIF RAF TO REST?
WK: I will definitely take my man zee mayet into battle with me. i say lets quit the banter, phone the cook and start the fire. LETS PUT IT TOP BED ONCE AND FOR ALL

Swoosh What is your suggestions on staging the World Cup in Thunnie..I hear Kabeer Goor wants to bring Degs and stuff like that…..You think a competitive field of greats and Legends can be assembled….
WK: Swooshman its plain to see that your blog has become the forum for thunnie claims, previously I could four bowl the basta%*$, but now we resort to comments on a blog (sad to say we gone soft). you need to create a link for interested and worthy challengers to confirm their interest and commitment to staging the world cup.


THANKS Waseem….U were indeed a legend in ur time. Lets see what happens and Im sure some B#$TARDS will get Punished soon. Look there is talk of a MASSIVE SWOOSH 0018 “Bring & Braai” After Ramadaan. Everyone will be invited… The Fantasy Trophy, Blog Prizes, And Blog awards has to be given Out……So Im sure there will the Re-Uniting of old friends & Foes… As for the Big One. Lets see what happens. But I say Kabeer Bring the Dhegs….

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Comments (9)

  • Anonymous
    June 12, 2007 at 9:19 am Reply

    question off the topic, is wasim koor married or seeing anyone? i know some people who are interested

  • Anonymous
    June 12, 2007 at 6:03 pm Reply

    I watched these owes in the day.
    Remember the Swoosh & Louie tournament. The crowd that assembled on teh grass to watch them against Zakiya & Ayesha Ghani

    I would back them for the Cup. They have the Pedigree

    Anonymous Maaler

  • Anonymous
    June 12, 2007 at 6:05 pm Reply

    Azee & Dajee

    Its like Cruyf & Johan Neeskens

    25 passes for the Dutch and the opposition hardly got a look

    As Swoosh said, Amed lite the guaai

    JACK of all Trades

  • Anonymous
    June 13, 2007 at 10:20 am Reply

    everyone is claiming to be the best. the tourni will only put an end to this shit

  • Kamikaze Warrior
    June 13, 2007 at 10:40 am Reply

    dear mr waseem koor. it would highly interesting to find out what mr gani thinks about you spending your work time doing these interviews. I guess if you billed Swoosh for the consult might make him happy but mr Gani is trying to run a practice. Surely you should be in court or something.

  • waseem
    June 13, 2007 at 11:22 am Reply

    dear kamikaze warrior. i dont need anybodys permission to do an interview, im my own boss remember that.

    ps. the courts are in recess, there is a public service strike if you have not heard. and swoosh man the bill is in the post 🙂

  • Anonymous
    June 13, 2007 at 12:35 pm Reply

    so waseem about my earlier question about you being married or seeing anyone, i’m serious, at least answer the question please

  • Anonymous
    June 15, 2007 at 5:34 pm Reply

    What about Taneem & Zakiya. I know they punished lots in their time on East? Didnt they beat top seeds in the Gnkotts & Gminty tourny

  • Anonymous
    June 19, 2007 at 3:20 pm Reply

    Since when did you lenz ous manage to master the game. Anyways I see you quite a hit on the site.

    Your old buddy Kresan Moodley who spent his entire Primary school life with you.Please mail me at

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