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I was in Germany about three years ago. I wont mention the man who said this piece but he has made quotes before. Anyway we were in Cologne on business ad pleasure. We boarded the train and also tried speaking a little German. Anyway a hottie passed our way and we used to say OH! YAH! WUNDERBAH!!
Anyway as we sat down we were greeted by the gorgeous French Women.We gestured to her and started speaking English.She had no clue what it was and coudnt speak a word of it
My cousin then said “Hello Lady,What Language do you speak.” She still was bemused and gestured to him I think .His reply was prompt. “I speak the Universal Language. It is called the LANGUAGE OF LOVE”
She smiled and well the we didnt take her out in all honesty but the duration of the Journey we tried to teach her the Language of Love………
It was much more hilarious in real life trust me

silhouette couple talk love in heart speech bubbles
silhouette couple talk love in heart speech bubbles

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