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MUGG OF THE WEEK-David Beckham

MUGG OF THE WEEK-David Beckham

Look I am a Becks Fan, But I am a bigger football fan, and like I said in my earlier post from a footballing perspective Becks has did us down badly. He still had a few seasons left at the top flight and he has denied this. Some Sceptics on this blog will definately say that We wont miss anything and Good Riddens. I have opted for Beckham as the MUGG of the Week merely because he has forgot his roots and passion. He has followed his wife to Hollywood and Mark My words he Will soon become a Hollywood Actor and Hell Maybe he will even star alongside a few famous faces in the new Bollywood Blockbuster with the big B. “Qabi Swooshy Qabi Rum” starring Alex Del Pyaaro the footballer that fell in Love. (Thanks Vahzerz)
I can picture Becks alongside Ash,and Zeenath Aman. He is also rumoured to star in the Sequel of JHON JHONNY JANATHAN PARA PUM PUMPUM PUM. as The Big B’s long lost son. You see where this is going now, writing about David Beckham will sound like an article from Docky Dockrats Bollywood beat. Becks you have sold us ,You have Sold Us.


Enjoy the money,the acting and at least let your sons return to Old Trafford one day instead of being NFL Grid Iron stars,NBA basket ballers or even Bollywood actors.

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  • Anonymous
    January 17, 2007 at 2:12 pm Reply

    No doubt. I would agree with this mugg of the week. I suppose everything is about the bucks. I don’t think he can become an actor..have you heard him speak?

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