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Proteas player in racism row

Proteas player in racism row


Centurion – One of the South African players could be in hot water as a result of an incident during the first Test against Pakistan at Centurion Park on Sunday.
It resembled a Wild West movie as spectators swore at players who retaliated with remarks of their own. In the end, seven spectators were removed from the stadium.
One of the spectators was taken to Lyttelton police station and charged with involvement in a fist fight with an off-duty policeman.
“Alcohol played a major role in what happened,” said Terence Jacobs, head of security for the Test.
South African spinner Paul Harris was sworn at by supporters of the Pakistan team and three of them were removed by security staff.
The incident may result in disciplinary steps against an as-yet-unidentified South African player, said to be a middle-order batsman.
“Like bloody animals”
It is believed that remarks he made after the swearing incident by Pakistani supporters, were picked up by the stumps microphones.
It is alleged the player said the supporters were behaving “like bloody animals” and that he said something about “fucking Pakistanis”.
Members of the SA team’s management later listened to a recording of the incident, said to have taken place between overs, to determine exactly what had been said.
Convener of selectors Haroon Lorgat, coach Mickey Arthur and media liaison officer Gordon Templeton, were involved in the process.
Gerald Majola, CEO of Cricket SA, is expected to release a statement on Monday.
SuperSport, who televised the action, received a number of calls from viewers who expressed their dissatisfaction about what the player had said. Reaction was received even from Pakistan.
Infringement of privacy
Arthur said on Sunday night he felt the use of stumps microphones was an infringement on the privacy of the players.
“I believe what is said on the field should stay on the field and should not be broadcast to everyone in their television lounges.
“It was something that was said to other players between overs and should not have been heard across the whole world.”
Templeton said it was the task of the TV production staff to turn off the sound after every ball had been bowled.
“The sound on the stumps microphone is meant only to help determine whether the batsman has touched the ball.”
The SA players are said to have complained to their security staff about the way the large group of Pakistan supporters had sworn at and abused them.
Harris took much of the abuse where he was fielding on the boundary, but Jacobs emphasised that the remarks had not been of a racist nature.
Arthur added that the way their opponents had been supported during the series against India, and in this match, had made it feel as if the South Africans were playing away from home.
“One can understand it if you have to deal with remarks from spectators in Australia, but in your own country it’s not pleasant,” he said.
Jacobs said 10 spectators had been removed from the ground so far during the match and that one spectator had been reprimanded four times because of his behaviour.
“Some people just can’t handle their liquor,” he added.


So what do you owes make of this. Azee,Mombhai, Hoosain Mayet,Ebie Jay I want to hear you owes view on this incident. Are the Paki supporters at fault here. Is the sledging gone too far and personnal again. Was this a racist comment. Should the player be fined and dealt with appropriately”


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Comments (7)

  • Biggy
    January 15, 2007 at 9:58 am Reply

    i was at the stadium yesterday hoping to catch a classy innings from Inzi. But a great catch meant it wasn’t to be. With regard to the Paki support, it was amazing. half a stand of paki’s made more noise then the rest of the ground. they backed there team thorugh testing times. So what if they had a go at Harris. Our fans attack opposing players all the time. The pakis showed great support and were out there having fun. All credit to them for making much more noise then the local crowd

  • Anonymous
    January 15, 2007 at 10:47 am Reply

    I feel at that level its all about BMT… so hush hush Harris be a big boy about it

  • Azee
    January 15, 2007 at 11:58 am Reply

    it was gibbs who made the comments!

    i recall a few yaers back Merv Hughes at the Wanderers got into shit for waving his bat and threatening to hit SA fans who were taunting him. It happens everywhere, Harris must learn to cope with it.

    Regarding Gibbs comments i doubt it was racist. it was said probably because the crowd were getting under there skins. Mind you those okes must have said some serious shit to be taken out of the ground. i think they making too much of the whole thing.

    On the pitch Hash is doing the business which is great!

  • SETH
    January 15, 2007 at 7:40 pm Reply

    Awesome performance by Hash. Mubarak to the lad.

    Swoosh how about some detailed cricket and psl updates, some of us are freezing our asses off halfway across the world without any real sports news.

    At international level the SA boys need to handle the abuse. I was at Centurion when the Dutchmen used to abuse the Aussies, their mothers and their sheep.

    Supporters can abuse the oppositon a long as its not racial or derogatory.

  • Muhammed Carim
    January 16, 2007 at 3:19 pm Reply

    Well done Hashim Bhai… you did us proud my boy !!! Although I am a Paki supporter… I was very very Happy for Hashim…

    I think Gibbs deserved the sentence that he got… the paki fans were probably out of line and thats why they were removed from the ground… but as an international cricketer, Gibbs should abide by the ICC rules and regulations… he let the crowd get to him, made a stupid comment, pleaded guilty and got what he deserved…. they should just leave it now… all parties concerned (paki fans and gibbs) were punished accordingly…

    Looking to the next test, I think pakis will be alot tougher… they acclimatised abit now, plus the ball will swing more in PE… PE is probably the closest to a sub-continent pitch you will find in SA… plus with Shoaib, Gul and Yusuf back… they will be alot stronger…. I think provided Paki batsmen don’t throw their wickets away (which is very likely!!!) pakistan will level the series in PE… and with talk of SA resting either Polly or Ntini… and with Gibbs also probably out (pending the appeal) after eventually finding some form…. who knows !!

  • azee
    January 16, 2007 at 4:14 pm Reply

    i dont think the guy should have been banned!

  • Anonymous
    January 17, 2007 at 9:30 am Reply

    Im happy so HASH he played very well.I still feel theres racism in the South African crickets camp.Look at Gibbs remarks they professionals they must learn to handle critism.All over the world sportsman hnadle critism when it comes to a few players in the proteas they weaklinks.Well gibbs got caught for dagga then he was caught in the hansie saga what more his a good player but no discipline.then Graeme Smit backs him another blind idiot.He cant keep his mouth shut and after he chirped the Aussies and they got a 3-0 DRUBBING in South Africa he should have learnt to keep quiet.The you get Fanie De Villiers who says the pakis are the worst.The on 702 he says pakis are muslims and they drink.Why make it a religious issue.We dont say after a streaker runs on the pitch his a christian.The pakis enjoy they time at the cricket make noise have fun,slanders at players are all over the world aus/india/pak/england our players are babies can handle the pressure even in Sri-Lanka they ran away like chickens.I was a out and out South African fan im starting to have my doubts about supporting them.
    Amien Rajah

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